Alan Wake 2: All Weapons And Their Locations [Alan + Saga]

Learn about all weapons in Alan Wake 2, including the individual weapons for Alan and Saga, along with each weapon's location and chapter.

In a survival horror game like Alan Wake 2, all weapons play a very important role. Most of the powerful weapons are hidden all around the map. Some of these weapons can be collected only by Saga Anderson, and some can be collected only by Alan. Saga Anderson starts off with a handgun and a flashlight, while Alan starts off with a revolver and a flashlight. Both of them can upgrade their arsenal by finding more powerful weapons.

Key Takeaways
  • Different weapons play different roles in Alan Wake 2.
  • Saga Anderson and Alan have distinctive weapons that can be acquired.
  • These weapons are found in unique locations and chapters.
  • Often, acquiring a weapon in Alan Wake 2 requires you to solve a puzzle and sometimes take down an enemy.

Complete Weapon List In Alan Wake 2

The First Weapon You Find (Saga’s Shotgun) [Screengrab Taken By Me]
There are a total of 8 weapons in Alan Wake 2. Five of them can be utilized by Saga Anderson, while Alan uses the remaining three.

The weapons are:

  1. Pistol (Saga Anderson)
  2. Crossbow (Saga Anderson)
  3. Hunting Rifle (Saga Anderson)
  4. Pump Action Shotgun (Saga Anderson)
  5. Sawed Off Shotgun (Saga Anderson)
  6. Flashlight and Revolver (Alan)
  7. Flare Gun (Alan)
  8. Double Barreled Shotgun (Alan)

Here are complete details for all the weapons: 

WeaponChapter Effect Max AmmoAchievementLocation
RevolverInitiation 2- Casey Can destroy Taken if their shield has been destroyed
42 (6 rounds)
The Six-Gun Scribe - 20GDark place in an alley
Flare GunInitiation 4- We singStuns and kills Taken with lethal efficiency 12 (1 at a time)Come one, Come all - 10G, What Light Through Yonder Window- 20 GTalk Show Studio
Double Barreled ShotgunInitiation 5- Room 665It does three times more damage per shot than the revolver32 (2 rounds)Two for the Prince of One- 10 GOceanview Hotel's rooftop
PistolReturn 1- DescriptionLow stopping power but larger ammo capacity--Received automatically
Sawed Off ShotgunReturn 2- The heartRapid rate of fire2 per clip-Cauldron Lake's General Goods Store
CrossbowReturn 3- Local GirlCan bypass shadows protecting taken25 (1 arrow)-Old and broken-down cabin in the way of Coffee World
Hunting RifleReturn 5- Old GodsCan destroy Taken with very few bullets
5 (25 rounds)
-Wellness Center's Security Room
Pump Action ShotgunReturn 5- Old GodsDeals out serious punishment at a steady, if unspectacular rate32 (8 rounds)Two for the Prince of One- 10 GBright Falls Sheriff's Station

Alan’s Weapons And Their Locations 

Flashlight And Revolver
The Place Where Alan Gets The Flashlight And Revolver [Image Taken By Me]
Let’s kick things off by listing the unique set of weapons that are exclusive to Alan. There are a total of 3 weapons for Alan that are scattered throughout each of his chapters in Alan Wake 2.

All of Alan’s Weapons are as the following:

1. Revolver

  • Chapter: Initiation 2- Casey 
  • Description: The revolver is quite a strong weapon and can be upgraded after you find words of power in Alan Wale 2.

Location: The flashlight and revolver are found early in the game. Right after you come to the dark place, head right into the alleyway, and you will see these weapons right after a cut scene.

2. Flare Gun

  • Chapter: Initiation 4- We sing
  • Description: The flare gun is great at clearing crowds of fade-outs, but remember that its ammunition is limited; therefore, it should be used when necessary. 

Location: You will eventually get to see the weapon at the end of this chapter. You have to make your way to the talk show studio and solve a set of puzzles. You will find the flare gun on a wooden desk with a red table top.

3. Double Barreled Shotgun

  • Chapter: Initiation 5- Room 665
  • Description: A double-barreled shotgun is extremely useful for one-shot enemies, but beware since it can be extremely loud to use.

Location: After reaching the Skydeck of the ocean-view hotel, you will notice a bar, and you might think it is closed. But as you get closer, you notice that it is open. Using your angel lamp, you will be able to spot the Double Barreled Shotgun on a rack. 

Be sure to take a look at eXputer’s video tutorial on obtaining the Double Barrel Shotgun as well:

YouTube video

Saga Anderson’s Weapons And Their Locations

Saga’s Default Pistol [Screenshot Taken By Me]
Now for Saga’s weapons. Saga has a total of 5 weapons that make up for her unique set of weapons. These weapons are scattered all around each of Saga’s chapters.

All of Saga’s weapons are as the following:

1. Pistol

  • Chapter: Return 1- Description
  • Description:  The damage done by the weapon is pretty low, but it fires quickly and is easy to aim with. You can upgrade the magazine in the weapon to store more ammunition. 

Location: As Saga Anderson begins her journey, she already has the pistol in her arsenal.

2. Sawed Off Shotgun

  • Chapter: Return 2- The heart
  • Description: Like all shotguns, the sawed-off shotgun does amazing damage but takes a lot of time to reload.

Location: When you head back to Cauldron Lake to find Agent Nightingale’s missing heart, you will see a general store in the area. The shotgun is in the backroom of the general store in Alan Wake 2.

3. Crossbow 

  • Chapter: Return 3- Local Girl
  • Description: The crossbow is a powerful weapon that is mostly used for long-range. However, the reload time takes ages. 

Location: On the way to Coffee World, watch for an old, broken-down cabin at the first break in the road. Here, you will solve a puzzle, and then you can collect the crossbow in Alan Wake 2.

4. Hunting Rifle

  • Chapter: Return 5- Old Gods
  • Description: It does wonders when used at long range, and if upgraded correctly, it is a force to be reckoned with.

Location: The hunting rifle is pretty hard to find if you don’t know where to look. All you have to do is go to the room near the wellness Centre security office. The gun can be found in the room.

5. Pump Action Shotgun

  • Chapter: Return 6- Scratch 
  • Description: Pump Action Shotgun is definitely the strongest weapon of the lot, and it can be found near the end of Alan Wake 2. However, one should definitely give it a go.

Location: The pump action shotgun can be found in Sheriff Tim Beckers’ office. The office can be opened using the key you find in the morgue

My Experience Using All Of The Weapons

After playing and completing Alan Wake 2, I can confidently say that all the weapons are extremely fun to use. Each weapon is different from the other. Be long-range or short-range, there is a weapon available for each.

My favorite weapon, however, is the hunting rifle in Alan Wake 2. It is extremely fun to use and does a wonderful job from long range. The weapons can be hard to find without knowing where exactly to look.

Here, you were informed on every weapon in Alan Wake 2, including the chapters they can be found in and their location. Other than that, if you have something to add, you can do so through the comment section down below.

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