Alan Wake 2: Stuck In Morgue [How To Exit]

If you are stuck in the morgue in Alan Wake 2, then follow our in-depth guide which gives step-by-step instructions on how to exit with ease.

In Alan Wake 2, after a chilling encounter with Nightingale’s reanimated corpse, players find themselves in a dilemma inside a morgue. Escaping this grim place is essential to progression, and it revolves around interaction with clues and dialogues within the environment. Initially, you might feel trapped, as the main exit remains unresponsive and other doors are securely locked, leaving you in a seemingly inescapable situation. But, if you’re stuck in the morgue in Alan Wake 2, worry not, as there is a way out.

Key Takeaways
  • To get out of the Morgue in Alan Wake 2, initiate interactions with Casey and explore all available dialogue options.
  • Collect a Manuscript page located near a deceased officer in the Morgue.
  • Utilize the Mind Place by interacting with the Case Board to examine evidence, line up clues, and progress the investigation.
  • Engage in new dialogue options with Casey once the evidence is correctly placed, unlocking the exit and allowing you to continue in Alan Wake 2.
stuck in morgue in alan wake 2
Alan Wake 2 stuck in morgue [image by eXputer]
After the encounter with Nightingale, you will notice that the exit door is completely locked, with no way to open it. But, getting out of the Morgue is not too complex if you simply follow the goals given to you.

Talking To Casey

Talking to Casey [captured by eXputer]
To navigate out of the Morgue, interactions need to be initiated with Casey, a key character who is also in the Morgue with you. Every available dialogue option with Casey must be explored and exhausted. There will be two different dialogue options; once you’re done going through both of them, the goal will be checked off, and you can move on to the next one.

Collecting The Manuscript

stuck in morgue alan wake 2
Alan Wake 2 stuck in the morgue – Getting the Manuscript [captured by me]
The second objective you must complete before moving on is collecting a Manuscript page. After your conversation with Casey, if you turn around, you’ll notice a deceased officer. Exactly to the right of the officer, you should notice a Manuscript page. Pick it up and go through the dialogue to move on to the next step.

The Mind Place

alan wake 2 stuck in the morgue
Alan Wake 2 Stuck in Morgue – Nightingale Attacked us case point [image by us]
A crucial aspect of maneuvering out of the morgue involves the utilization of the Mind Place. Once you’ve talked to Casey and also acquired the Manuscript pages, interact with the Case Board.

  1. A new piece of evidence should appear.
  2. It’ll start up a thread that investigates the whereabouts of Nightingale.
  3. Line up the evidence from the Manuscripts by selecting the appropriate pieces of evidence, such as “Nightingale Attacked Us” and manuscript pages.
  4. These selected pieces should be strategically placed on the case board, following a defined order that contributes towards unlocking new segments of the case.
  5. Lining up the cards will eventually reveal the question, “Where Did Nightingale Go?”

Talking With Casey Again

is another dialogue option with Casey [image by us]
Once the necessary evidence has been correctly positioned within the case board and the relevant dialogues have been exhausted, you’ll be one step closer to getting out of the Morgue. A new interaction opportunity with Casey becomes available, marked by new dialogue options that will indicate progression. Following this interaction, the exit from the morgue becomes accessible, as the police officers present will uncover the exit by unlocking the doors, allowing you to progress towards the next parts of Alan Wake 2. 

My Experience 

When playing through this segment of Alan Wake 2, I also found myself feeling stuck in the morgue.

Although I was able to gather all of the clues in the real world quickly, I completely forgot about the Mind Place. But after lining up the clues in the Mind Place, everything else became straightforward.

With that, you know everything about how to leave the Morgue in Alan Wake 2. And if you want to ensure you don’t lose your progress, you should learn how to manually save in Alan Wake 2.

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