Alan Wake 2’s NG+ Mode Will Feature An “Alternative Narrative”

It won't be available at launch, though.

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  • Alan Wake 2 is finally releasing tomorrow after a 13-year wait following the first game.
  • The game won’t have the usual NG+ mode when it launches, similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.
  • When the feature does arrive, it will bring a new difficulty and an alternative narrative to play.

Alan Wake 2 is currently making rounds across the internet, being one of the most anticipated releases all year round. The title is coming forth 13 years after the first game in the series, and the way it’s been shown off so far, the hype is due for a title of this stature. In a new post on X (previously Twitter), it’s been declared that the upcoming survival horror won’t have an NG+ mode at first, but it will come post-launch.

Alongside the announcement, the post has given an insight into what to expect from some of the game’s post-launch content. Apparently, a new difficulty level will haunt players, titled “Nightmare” mode, while allowing gamers to retain all of the equipment that they’ve acquired on their first playthrough, including unlocked weapons and upgrades

What’s even more interesting here, is the inclusion of an “alternative narrative” in the New Game+ mode that will evidently sport “new Manuscript pages and new video content.” This does hint at more replayability for the game, and, of course, an enticing new incentive to start the game afresh after beating it for the first time. 

For those not in the know, NG+ is a game mode, found typically in most single-player, story-driven games, that allows players to keep their gear along with all other acquired weapons, skills, upgrades, and other unlockables as they play the relevant title all the way from the beginning. This offers a unique experience, and the ability to make the most out of your purchase. 

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In other news, Xbox just uploaded Alan Wake 2’s launch trailer ahead of the game’s upcoming release, giving us yet another glimpse into the existential crisis that the Dark Presence brings for the titular writer Alan Wake, and new protagonist Saga Anderson. Considering how Remedy has teased its Connected Universe previously, namely in Control and one of Alan Wake 2’s trailers, there’s a lot left waiting to be unfolded. 

In other news, following fans’ concerns over the game’s optimization, specifically after gauging the title’s PC system requirements, Remedy’s Communication Director has spoken up, saying that players need not worry about Alan Wake 2’s performance on consoles and ensuring that the survival horror sequel runs well on these systems. On PC, however, things will largely depend on the hardware of the player. 

Especially as a console player, I’m really happy how good Alan Wake 2 is on console platforms. We had a lot of focus on them throughout development ensuring the game would run well and look as incredible as it does. Focused on all platforms to be fair, as well as we could.”

Alan Wake 2 will be released on October 27, 2023, for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, while effectively skipping old-gen platforms. The game has a sub-80 GB file size that players will have to download by connecting their system to the internet, considering how the title will be digital-only. Expect a smooth 60 FPS performance mode with the third-person shooter on consoles as well.

On a side note, eXputer recently held an interview with Remedy’s Creative Director Sam Lake, going over some of the things fans can expect in Alan Wake 2, such as on-the-fly character switching, and a possible relation of Saga Anderson to the Anderson Brothers from the original Alan Wake. Better check that out for more details. 

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