Alan Wake 2: All Editions Comparison + Best Edition

Without an actual physical disc release, the number of different editions for Alan Wake 2 can only be bought digitally.

Alan Wake 2 currently offers only 2 different editions that can only be purchased from digital stores. Yes! Remedy’s latest release does not launch with a physical disc edition. Nevertheless, the digital editions do offer good bonuses, especially if you pre-order them.

Key Takeaways
  • Currently, there are two different variants of Alan Wake 2 that you can purchase or pre-order.
  • Both of these editions are available on digital stores, and there is no physical disc release.
  • The Standard Edition only comes with the digital license of Alan Wake 2.
  • You can get pre-order bonuses by pre-ordering the standard edition additionally.
  • The Digital Deluxe Edition not only comes with a DLC Expansion Pass but also extra suits for characters and skins for weapons.
  • The edition that I recommend is the Digital Deluxe Edition for the DLC Expansion Pass and extra skins.
Important: There is no physical disc release of Alan Wake 2, and the digital version on PC can only be bought through Epic Games Store.

Alan Wake 2 All Editions Comparison

Here is a list of all the editions and what you get by purchasing them;

FeaturesDigital Standard EditionDigital Deluxe Edition
Price On Consoles59.99$79.99$
Price On PC45.49$63.69$
Pre-Order BonusesIf bought before release date.If bought before release date.
DLC Expansion Pass
Crimson Windbreaker For Saga
Celebrity Suit For Alan
Nordic Shotgun Skin for Saga
Parliament Shotgun Skin for Alan
Lantern Charm For Saga

Digital Standard Edition

alan wake 2 editions
The Digital Standard Edition Price On PlayStation (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Surprisingly, the price of the Standard Edition of Alan Wake 2 is actually 59.99$ on Consoles and 45.49$ on PC, in an era where most Triple-A games start at 70$. Maybe this is due to the fact that the developers don’t have to push a physical release and can use that to reduce the price of the digital edition.

The standard edition only comes with a digital license of Alan Wake 2, but you can still get some pre-order bonuses.

  • Pre-order bonuses for the standard edition include the Ornate Revolver Skin for Alan.
  • You will also get an Oh Deer Diner Sweater for Saga, which can be used as a different costume.
  • A Survival Resources Pack for Saga is also included in the pre-order bonuses, which will help you out in the early game.
  • The resources pack includes a Rocket Flare, First Aid Kit, Painkillers, and a Coffee Mug Charm.
  • This Coffee Mug Charm can actually protect Saga from that final deadly hit, but it does break upon use.

Digital Deluxe Edition

alan wake 2 editions
The Digital Deluxe Edition Price On PlayStation (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Starting at twenty dollars more expensive than the standard edition, the Digital Deluxe Edition can be purchased for a price of 79.99$ on Consoles and 63.69$ on PC. It should be noted that Alan Wake 2 can only be bought using the Epic Games Store on PC. The pre-order bonuses are the same for the standard and deluxe editions, but there are extra goods that you get here for paying a premium.

alan wake 2 editions
The Bonuses Included In Digital Deluxe Edition (Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment)
  • In addition to the digital license of Alan Wake 2, you will receive the DLC Expansion Pass.
  • The Night Springs Expansion and Lake House Expansion have been planned as post-launch content, and you’ll have access to those whenever they are released.
  • New Skins, including Crimson Windbreaker for Saga and the Celebrity Suit for Alan Wake, are unlocked.
  • The Parliament Shotgun Skin for Alan and Nordic Shotgun Skin for Saga also become available.
  • Saga will also get a Lantern Charm as a bonus included in the deluxe edition.
  • This charm will allow you to carry an additional battery that can be used for the flashlight.
  • The Pre-Order bonuses are the same as the standard edition, but you will still need to pre-order before the release date.

The Best Alan Wake 2 Edition In My Opinion

variation of the game
My Purchase of The Digital Deluxe Edition (Image Captured by Us)

I think you should really spend the extra 20 bucks and get the Digital Deluxe Edition of Alan Wake 2. The additional skins are cool, and you’ll also get the DLC Expansion Pass. The DLCs might be priced at a higher price-point later, so getting the expansion pass early means you’ll have access to all of the goods Remedy adds to Alan Wake 2 day 1.

It is also really sad to see no physical disc edition launch of Alan Wake 2, which is really going to have an impact on the overall sales. I really hope that Remedy decides to release a disc version later, which comes bundled with the DLCs as well.

That does it for my guide on the different editions of Remedy’s latest Triple-A release. The Voice Actors and Cast list of Alan Wake 2 is really exciting. It shows some amazing actors from Remedy’s other big projects making a return for Alan Wake 2.

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