Alan Wake 2: General Store Shotgun Code [Full Solution]

Discover the solution for finding the code in the General Store for the Shotgun

In Alan Wake 2, the General Store Code can be discovered while playing through the main storyline as Saga Anderson. The code gives access to one of Saga’s many weapons, the sawed-off shotgun in Alan Wake 2. However, solving the puzzle for the code can be quite confusing.

Key Takeaways
  • The General Store Code in Alan Wake 2 is 739.
  • The code used for unlocking the Sawed-Off Shotgun in Alan Wake 2.
  • The solution for the code is found at the cashier’s counter
  • The code in Alan Wake 2 can be cracked by comparing the lottery ticket numbers and the previous codes written in the notebook.

If you want to view a full playthrough, here’s a video by eXputer on how to get the Saga’s Shotgun Code in Alan Wake 2:

YouTube video

General Store Code 

general store code
The Lock for the General Store Code [image by Me]
The General Store Code in Alan Wake 2 is 739 and is used to unlock the Sawed-Off Shotgun in Cauldron Lake. 

When playing as Saga Anderson in Cauldron Lake during Return 2: The Heart, you will have to visit the General Store in order to find Nightingale’s heart in the freezer.

  • After being introduced to the flashlight boost and defeating one of the cult members, you can access one of the backrooms of the general store.
  • On the opposite end of the freezer with the heart, you’ll notice the Shotgun displayed on the wall.
  • But, it will be locked by a three-digit lock.
  • You will be given a hint to check the cash counter to learn the code, where you must solve a small puzzle to discover the code.

If you’re uninterested in the solution to the puzzle, you can directly input 739 in the lock to unlock the shotgun. 

Solution For The General Store Code 

alan wake 2 general store code
Figuring out the code [captured by Me]
If you’re interested in discovering how the General Store code comes down to 739, then this section is for you. As mentioned, on the lock, there is a hint stating to check the cash counter for the code.

Here are the steps for figuring out the code:

  1. The cash counter is on the opposite side of the general store.
  2. When you reach there, you will notice a notebook with a bunch of codes.
  3. The codes have been crossed out, and there is a note saying, “Remember to update the codes.”
  4. To the right of the notebook, there is a lottery ticket with multiple pairs of digits.
  5. Notice that the first four pairs are the same as the first four codes on the notebook, with the addition of a “7” at the start.
  6. That is the main trick for solving the puzzle.
  7. The fifth pair is “39.”
  8. Combine that with 7, and you get 739.
  9. Inputting that into the lock will unlock the shotgun.


Reward for the General Store Code [picture by us]
As a reward for finding and using the General Store code, you will be given the Sawed-Off Shotgun. The Shotgun can fire off twice before needing to reload. It packs quite a punch and will be extremely useful for the boss fight with Nightingale that comes only a few minutes after this point in Alan Wake 2.


Figuring out the Alan Wake 2 General Store code was slightly tricky at first because I kept looking at just the codes written in the notebook. But, if you hover over the dialogue options for both the notebook and the lottery ticket, Saga Anderson herself makes a remark about combining both pieces of information together. With this new perspective, I eventually saw the pattern between the codes and the lottery ticket, allowing me to crack open the lock. 

With that, you know everything there is to know about the Alan Wake 2 General Store code. It is worth spending the time to figure out the code as the reward for it pays off quite well in the Nightingale boss fight. Also, make sure to learn how to manual save in Alan Wake 2 because from this point in the game, checkpoints will start becoming rarer. I also recommend checking out Ayyoun Ali’s guide on Best PC settings for Alan Wake 2 for a smooth and stable framerate.

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