Alan Wake 2: Rock Rock Tree Puzzle Code [Full Solution]

Discover the solution for the Rock Rock Tree Puzzle code in Alan Wake 2.

There are all sorts of puzzles in Alan Wake 2 that lead to different rewards, such as gear, upgrade points, and much more. The Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree puzzle is related to a cult stash in Cauldron Lake and requires you to look for different markings in order to acquire the code for a lock.

Key Takeaways
  • The code for the Alan Wake 2 Rock rock tree puzzle is 658.
  • It unlocks a stash in Cauldron Lake, located next to the Private Cabin.
  • The solution is found by shining your flashlight on two rocks and a tree to reveal the digits of the code in Alan Wake 2.
  • Inside the stash, you will find a Hand flare, Propane Canister, and First aid kit.

Video guide from our YouTube Channel explaining the Rock Rock Tree Puzzle in 54 seconds!

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Where Is The Rock Rock Tree Puzzle 

rock rock tree alan wake 2 location
Rock Rock Tree Stash location [image by me]
The Rock Rock Tree puzzle can be found near the Private Cabin in Cauldron Lake, as shown in the image above. The area will only be accessible to you after you defeat Nightingale in Return 2: The Heart. Once you’re free to roam Cauldron Lake fully, you will be able to visit this area. 

alan wake 2 rock rock tree stash
In-game location of the stash [screenshot by me]
When in the area, look for a rock with some markings. Below it, you will find the stash. The stash will have a note on top of it saying, “Rock, rock, tree. Are you bright enough?”

Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree Puzzle Code Solution

Lock for the puzzle [screenshot by me]
The solution for the Rock, rock, tree puzzle is 658.

You can enter the above-given code to open up the lock directly. But if you’re interested in how to come about this solution, then the further sections are for you. The Rock Rock Tree puzzle isn’t as complex once you know what you’re looking for. The note on top indicates the three main places where you should be looking for the solution, with the first location directly above the stash.

Rock 1

rock rock tree solution in alan wake 2
Rock 1 code showcase [captured by me]
Here’s how to figure out the first digit:

  1. The first mentioned “rock” is right above the stash.
  2. If you flash your light at it, you will notice “3+3.”
  3. That gives you the first digit of the lock, 6.

Rock 2

second marking
Rock 2 markings [taken by me]
For the other rock:

  1. Turn around completely and go beyond the small stream of water.
  2. You will notice a boulder with a path behind it.
  3. Go into the path to find the markings.
  4. Although hard to make out, the markings will read out “7-2.”
  5. Meaning 5 is the second digit.

Be careful, as there will be two enemies lurking in the area. If you want to take them out easily, I’d recommend getting the shotgun using the general store shotgun code


third mark
Tree markings [photo taken by me]
The tree part of the puzzle can actually be found on the way to the second rock.

  1. From the stash, head west and in the direction of the stream.
  2. Along the way, you will spot only one tall tree
  3. Point your flash at it to reveal “6+2.”
  4. That makes the third digit 8.

With all three of the codes, you can enter it in the stash to unlock it.


alan wake 2 rock rock tree rewards
Rewards for the Rock Tree stash [photo by me]
After you open up the stash, you will see a note saying, “Are you one of us? Or are you one of THEM?” You will also be able to collect:

  • Hand flare
  • Propane Tank
  • First aid kit

I found the Rock, rock, tree stash while randomly exploring the newly opened areas after defeating Nightingale. If you haven’t already, check out how to figure out where Nightingale went. The first two clues, Rock 1 and the Tree, were easy to spot as they were next to each other. But I didn’t imagine the third digit being much further from the stash and behind a boulder. But with a bit of searching and following where the enemies were, I was able to find it.

With that, you know all about the Alan Wake 2 rock, rock, tree puzzle. It provides you with the code needed to open up a cult stash in Cauldron Lake that holds useful rewards. If you’re looking to actually use these rewards, check out how to upgrade weapons in Alan Wake 2.

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