Alan Wake 2: How To Figure Out Where Nightingale Went

Learn how to complete the Figure Out Where Nightingale Went objective in Alan Wake 2 to leave the morgue and progress further.

The first few hours of Alan Wake 2 throw many plot points and different twists in your face. One of the major shocking points is when a presumably dead man, Nightingale, comes to life in a morgue and then completely disappears. Then, in Alan Wake 2, you must figure out where Nightingale went, with little to no clues.

Key Takeaways
  • In Alan Wake 2, after Nightingale unexpectedly comes back to life and attacks, you must figure out his whereabouts.
  • Start by collecting a Manuscript page located near a deceased officer, which provides clues about Nightingale’s next move.
  • Engage in dialogue with Casey to discuss the unnatural events and exhaust all available dialogue options.
  • Utilize the Mind Place to analyze collected clues, place them under the “Nightingale Attacked Us” investigation point, and pose the question, “Where did Nightingale go?”
  • Return to the real world, talk to Casey again, and head back to Cauldron Lake to progress the investigation.
  • Once these steps are completed, the morgue’s exit doors will open, allowing you to continue chasing Nightingale and advancing the story in Alan Wake 2.

How To Figure Out Where Nightingale Went In Alan Wake 2

Nightingale Attacking in the Morgue [photo by eXputer]
As part of the main story, Saga Anderson and Casey visit the morgue in order to inspect Nightingale’s dead body. But during the procedure, he somehow comes back to life and begins attacking all of the officers present in the morgue.

With her quick thinking, Saga Anderson manages to damage Nightingale, but he ends up disappearing. It is then up to you to figure out where Nightingale went in Alan Wake 2 in order to further progress in the story. 

Collect The Manuscript Page

stuck in morgue alan wake 2
Getting the Manuscript [captured by me]
Your first course of action after the incident should be to look towards the corpse of a deceased officer. To his immediate right, you will notice a Manuscript page that Saga Anderson can pick up. As you interact with it, you will get dialogue from Alan Wake discussing the next whereabouts of Nightingale. 

Talk To Casey

Talking to Casey [captured by eXputer]
After picking up the Manuscript, your next step should be to talk to Casey about the events that just took place. Casey will exclaim that what they witnessed was definitely not natural and that the case just got a lot trickier. Exhaust all dialogue options with Casey before moving on. 

Enter The Mind Place

alan wake 2 how to figure out where nightingale went
Alan Wake figured out where the nightingale went by using the Mind Place [image by me]
After you’ve got the two different clues in the real world, it is time to analyze all of them in the Mind Place.

  1. Open up the Mind Place and head over to the Case Board.
  2. A new investigation point will open up by the name of “Nightingale Attacked Us.”
  3. Bring up your clues, which should be the pages of the Manuscript, and place them under this investigation point.
  4. A new question, “Where did Nightingale go?” will arise. 

Talk To Casey Again

how to figure out where nightingale went in alan wake 2
The second set of dialogue with Casey in Alan Wake 2 [image by eXputer]
 After you’ve exhausted everything in the Mind Place regarding Nightingale’s attack, head back to the actual world, where another dialogue option with Casey will be available. Talking with him will reveal that you need to head back to Cauldron Lake to progress the investigation further.

Exit The Morgue 

alan wake 2 figure out where nightingale went
Exiting the morgue in Alan Wake 2 [captured by eXputer]
Once you complete the laid-out steps, you will successfully complete the “figure out where Nightingale went” goal in Alan Wake 2. The exit doors to the Morgue will be opened up by the two remaining officers who are part of the investigation. Exit the morgue and head towards your car to further progress through the story and chase after Nightingale. 

My Thoughts

Considering how early on this section was in Alan Wake 2, I was definitely in awe with the twist of Nightingale coming back to life in order to try and kill us.

Figuring out where he went was fairly simple; the only part where I got stuck was going into the Mind Place in order to analyze all of the clues. But, it was a good point to learn that you need to take both the Mind Place and the in-game clues side-by-side to progress.

With that, you know all about the Alan Wake 2 Figure out where Nightingale Went objective. It is quite early on in the game and is required to progress the story further. If you’re looking for a challenge or are new to the survival game genre, check out my guide on the best difficulty in Alan Wake 2 to know what you should be playing.

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