Alan Wake 2: 10 Best Tips And Tricks

Learn how to make the most of Alan Wake 2 by applying these useful tips and tricks

Alan Wake 2 is quite an intricate game with many mechanics which can often get confusing. It also offers many collectibles and has certain mechanics that are worth leveraging. By applying the Alan Wake 2 best tips and tricks, you’ll be able to make the most of your run.

Key Takeaways
  • The Alan Wake 2 best tips and tricks are a great way to enhance your experience and make the most out of your playthrough.
  • These tips include ways of progressing the story with ease using the Case Boards and being able to manage your resources properly.
  • It also details ways to not miss out on collectibles by acquiring different maps and avoiding losing progress using manual saves.
  • My personal favorite tip is knowing how to return to older areas in Alan Wake 2 to collect anything you might’ve missed. 

We’ve summarized all the best tips for you below: 

Tip and TricksWhat It Offers
Return To Older AreasGo back to areas visited before, to collect items that might've been missed
Collect The MapsCollect maps to reveal hidden collectibles and to aid navigation
Don’t HoardAvoid hoarding resources since they are generated based on what you already possess
Create Manual Save FilesTo avoid significant autosave gaps use Manual Saves in the Break Room to bridge them
Be Careful While UpgradingTo obtain upgrades, collect Manuscript Fragments for Saga and Words of Power for Alan Wake
Clues At Bottom LeftSymbols at the bottom left of the side screen give tips on what to do next and help locating connectibles
Use The Street LampsThe points where street lights shine light down are safe from enemies
False EnemiesNot all shadows are hostile, shine the flashlight to make some vanish while saving up the battery
Use The Crime Board OftenRegularly checking the Case Board is essential for tracking progress and staying focused
Inventory UpgradesExpand your inventory by finding upgrades throughout the game and use the Shoebox to manage it

1. Return To Older Areas

alan wake 2 best tips and tricks
Returning to older areas for collectibles [captured by eXputer]
The thing with many non-open-world games is that, usually, you cannot go back to the older areas. That means if you miss some sort of collectible or upgrade, you often can’t get back to it unless you have an old save file. Luckily, in Alan Wake 2, that is not the case.

  • As you progress through Alan Wake 2, you will unlock more areas.
  • But you will also get the option to go back to these areas at any time by walking up to your car.

Therefore, don’t worry about collecting every single item in an area, as you’ll get the chance to come back later (before the point of no return).

  • Additionally, Alan Wake 2 makes it easier later down the road when you can freely switch between Alan and Saga

2. Collect The Maps

Collecting the maps in Alan Wake 2 [image by us]
Whenever you visit a new area, you won’t immediately have its map available. Although it can be tedious to hunt for the map, ensure that you collect the map of every place you visit as they sometimes tend to show hidden collectibles or areas and overall make it easy to navigate through the regions.

  • Usually, the maps can be found pinned up on boards
  • You can completely miss the map of every single area you visit if you don’t go out of your way to collect them.

3. Don’t Hoard

best tips and tricks in alan wake 2
Stash in Alan Wake 2 [captured by eXputer]
Although Alan Wake 2 is a survival-styled game, it is better if you don’t hoard all of your resources. That is because many resources you’ll find in different crates or stashes will be randomly generated based on what you already have.

  • If you already have a good amount of ammo for a particular gun, you likely won’t receive it in the next crate you open up.
  • That is why ensure you use anything that is helpful, as you’ll eventually get more of it later down the road with ease. 

4. Create Manual Save Files

Alan Wake 2 best tips and tricks – Creating manual saves [image by us]
Although Alan Wake 2 has its own autosave option, there are times when there is a huge space between two significant autosave checkpoints. In such cases, you need to utilize the manual save option in Alan Wake 2.

  • Manual saves can only be created in Break Rooms.
  • The first one gets unlocked almost an hour into Alan Wake 2.
  • These Break Rooms because extremely handy in situations where you need to defeat an annoying set of enemies.
  • After defeating them, ensure you create a save to avoid the hassle. 

To learn more about this, read my guide on how to do manual save in Alan Wake 2.

5. Be Careful While Upgrading 

best tips and tricks in alan wake 2
Upgrades [photo by us]
Whenever there is a sort of skill tree or any set of upgrades, our first desire is to be able to unlock everything that the upgrades offer eventually. Unfortunately, like many survival games, you cannot purchase every single weapon or ability upgrade in Alan Wake 2.

  • To get upgrades, you need to get Manuscript Fragments for Saga and Words of Power for Alan Wake.
  • These require you to go into obscure areas in Alan Wake 2.
  • But once you get enough of them, ensure you only spend them on upgrades that actually matter to you. 

6. Clues At Bottom Left

alan wake 2 best tips and tricks
Clues at the bottom left corner [image by me]
There are many indicators that you need to be mindful of in Alan Wake 2. One of the more useful ones is the different symbols that appear on the bottom left side of the screen. These symbols represent different things, such as tips on what to do next or even the location of nearby collectibles. Here is the meaning of a few of the symbols:

  • Egg-like stones represent Alex Casey’s Lunchboxes nearby.
  • Twin Triangle symbols mean nearby Cult Stashes.
  • Radio Noises mean a Nursery Rhyme Puzzle is within the vicinity.
  • Reflective Yellow Arrows point towards Words of Power
  • Spirally circle tends to mean you need to Profile someone to move on.
  • Report file means that you need to visit the Case Board

7. Use The Street Lamps 

street lamps
Using the street lamps in Alan Wake 2 [image by eXputer]
A lot of areas in Alan Wake 2 will tend to have street lamps that shine light down.

  • Alan Wake 2 does earlier tell you that these are points where you are safe from the enemies and can also heal for a bit.
  • But what you might notice is that you’ll usually be able to spot these lit-up areas before actual enemies.
  • My recommendation is first to enter that area and assess the situation of the enemies rather than directly skipping past the safe area.
  • That way, you’ll be able to get enough health for a new encounter and also have a good idea of the enemies’ pattern. 

8. False Enemies

false enemies
Alan Wake 2’s Best Tips and Tricks – False Enemies [captured by eXputer]

In the Dark Place, not all shadowy figures are hostile or solid. As Alan, when these adversaries emerge, approach cautiously and shine your flashlight briefly on them.

  • Many will vanish without depleting your battery.
  • However, some might attack or try to grab you and must be dealt with like regular opponents.
  • When surrounded by numerous shadows, use a Hand Flare to quickly disperse them, allowing you to focus on genuine threats.

9. Use The Crime Board Often

alan wake 2 best tips and tricks
The case board [screenshot by eXputer]
Saga Anderson’s journey in Alan Wake 2 is guided by the Case Board, a tool located in the Mind Place for monitoring missions. From the onset, starting with the Alan Wake 2 incident, this feature becomes integral. As you gather relevant data, ranging from insights about the Dark Place updates on investigations to tracking side missions and items, it can be logged onto the Case Board, unlocking further explorative possibilities.

Make sure you visit this board often, as it gives you a good perspective of the progress and keeps you aligned with your objectives.

10. Inventory Upgrades 

inventory upgrades
Inventory Upgrades in Alan Wake 2 [captured by eXputer]
There are many types of upgrades in Alan Wake 2. But the most important one is the inventory upgrades. There are a few ways to get more inventory in Alan Wake 2, by collecting the upgrades spread across Alan Wake 2. But, what you should also utilize is the Shoebox in the Break Rooms to clear up your inventory while you look for the mentioned upgrades. 

With that, you know all about the Alan Wake 2 best tips and tricks. There are many tricks to make your life easier in Alan Wake 2. But of course, as you play, you’ll find your own mini hacks to make life easier in the mysterious world of Alan Wake 2. If you’re just getting started, check out my guide on the best difficulty for the smoothest experience. 

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