Alan Wake 2: Oceanview Hotel [How To Solve Plot Board]

Oceanview Hotel is one of the major locations in The Dark Place, and here is how you can complete its plot.

In Alan Wake 2, Oceanview Hotel is one of the major locations in Alan Wake’s chapters. You need to go to the hotel to meet up with the Mystery Caller. It is a place where you need to find another murder site to be able to contact Saga Anderson

Before You Start: You must finish Initiation 4, “We Sing,” before going to Oceanview Hotel.

Key Takeaways
  • In Alan Wake 2, Oceanview Hotel is the place where the mystery caller is staying.
  • You need to get the password from the Mirror Peak Bar to open the gate.
  • There are four scenes in total, Entrance, Ballroom, Rehearsal Room, Final Scene.
  • There are four plot elements, Preshow ritual, Haunted, The Devil, and Climax.
  • The Preshow Ritual goes to the Rehearsal room, Haunted to the Ballroom, The Devil to the Entrance, and Climax to the Final Scene in Alan Wake 2.

How To Enter Oceanview Hotel

Oceanview Hotel gate password [Image by me]
You need to find the password in the Mirror Peak Bar next to the hotel to open the gate.

Once you have reached the back door of Oceanview Hotel, you need a password to unlock it. Luckily it is not that far away.

  1. Go to the right side of the Hotel entrance, where you can see the bar. 
  2. The bar has a broken lamp, so you need to use your Angel Lamp to light it up. 
  3. Once you do, the path to the inside of the bar will open.
  4. Take the light back into the Angel lamp to get the Shotgun for Alan.
  5. Light the bar again and look at the Menu
  6. Read the price of the Oceanview cocktail, which says $25.50.
  7. Get out of the bar and insert 2550 to open the door to the Oceanview Hotel.
  8. Once you are inside the Hotel, go inside Room 665 and watch the cutscene.

Oceanview Hotel Plot Puzzle

The Oceanview Hotel works the same way Caldera Station works. It serves as a plot for Alan to write a new story. Finding Echoes will give you plot elements, and then you can use them in different scenes to find a murder site. There are four scenes in total.

  • The Entrance 
  • Rehearsal Room
  • Ballroom
  • The Final Scene

The Entrance

Preshow ritual entrance and final scene [Image by me]
Once you leave the room, take the elevators to reach the entrance. When you reach the Entrance, you will find an Echo and receive the “Preshow Ritual” plot element.

  1. Use the plot board and use the Preshow ritual to change the Entrance. 
  2. Changing the scene will summon a lot of props and items.
  3. Now go towards the right, facing the counter. 
  4. Then go right again to find the rooms from 107 to 113.
  5. Go straight forward to find a wall in front of room 108 and find the “Final Scene.”
  6. Enter the plot element Preshow ritual to the scene to find keys to room 104.
  7. Room 104 has a bathroom connected to the other side of the hotel. 
  8. Here, you will find a safe room as well. 
  9. Get out of the safe room to find a new corridor at the end of which you will find the Ballroom.

Rehearsal Room

alan wake 2 oceanview hotel rehearsal room
Oceanview Hotel Rehearsal Room [Image by me]
The Rehearsal Room is a hidden scene that you need to find to progress the Plot board.

  1. Use the Preshow Ritual at the Ballroom and see the whiteboard and the bottom left side of the room.
  2. Here, you will see that room 219 is connected to another room.
  3. Go to room 219 and use the Angel Lamp to open your path to the Rehearsal room
  4. Add the Preshow ritual to the plot board and unlock a new echo.
  5. The echo will give you a new plot element, “Haunted.

The Ballroom

“Haunted” Ballroom [Image by me]
  1. Go back to the ballroom and change the plot element to Haunted
  2. When you do that, there will be an echo at the top of the stage. 
  3. The echo will give you The Devil plot element.
  4. As soon as you get down, you will be attacked by a horde of enemies
  5. Kill all the enemies and make your way back to the Entrance scene.
  6. Once you get there, use The Devil plot element and reveal a staircase leading to a new room. 

The Final Scene

final scene
“The Climax” Final Scene [Image by me]
  1. Once you reach the top of the staircase, there you will see two corridors leading to room 666.
  2. The room is empty, with just a single echo in it, which will give you The Climax plot element.
  3. When you get the echo, the dark presence will attack you, and now you must run.
  4. No matter which corridor you go to, the dark presence will catch up, so change your path to the other corridor using the intersection between them.
  5. Keep running forward, and you will see a new safe room soon. 
  6. The safe room is connected to the entrance, and now you go back to the final scene
  7. When you get to the final scene, just add The Climax to the plot board to open the path to room 108.
  8. Enter the room and go to the bathroom, where you will find the murder site.

In Alan Wake 2, Oceanview Hotel is a very complex and intriguing place in the Dark Place. It has a lot of enemies and has very difficult puzzles that might take you quite some time to figure out. You can also find a weapon outside the hotel and find some words of power inside and on your way to the hotel, too. The area is filled with secrets that will make you use different plot elements to find them as well.

Also, for more about the game, I suggest you go through the Alan Wake 2 review by Huzaifa Durrani.


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