Alan Wake 2: How To Find The Screwdriver

Discover the location of the Screwdriver in Alan Wake 2 as part of the main story in order to get past locks and collect many rewards.

The screwdriver in Alan Wake 2 is used to access many areas that might initially be unavailable due to a lock. It can help you acquire many collectibles such as Cult Stashes, Lunchboxes, and much more. However, it is not initially available and must be found.

Key Takeaways
  • You can find the screwdriver in Return 3: Local Girl of Alan Wake 2 during the main story.
  • Collect a clue near the Gift Shop door to learn about the screwdriver’s location.
  • Open Saga’s Mind Place to piece together the clues and find the screwdriver’s exact location.
  • Head southeast of the Gift Shop to the Percolator, defeating enemies along the way.
  • Defeat enemies at the Percolator to obtain the screwdriver on a circuit box.
  • The screwdriver allows you to unlock various doors and access collectibles in Alan Wake 2.

Want some hands-on experience? Check out this easy-to-follow YouTube guide by eXputer on the screwdriver’s location in Alan Wake 2:

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The screwdriver is needed to get past many locked doors but must be first acquired. It can be found during Return 3: Local Girl while you try to get inside the gift shop as part of the main story. While trying to get inside, Saga Anderson runs into a locked door and gets the idea of using a screwdriver to get in.

Clue Collection

alan wake screwdriver
Screwdriver Clue [screenshot by me]
Before attempting to look for the locked door, you need first to collect the clue that makes Saga Anderson aware of the existence of the screwdriver in the first place. At the Gift Shop once you’ve attempted to open the door once, look right at the Gift Shop door. You will find a note stuck on the wall. Read the note and collect the clue to learn about the whereabouts of the Screwdriver. 

Open The Mind Place

screwdriver alan wake 2
Piecing the Clues together [captured by me]
Once you’ve collected the clues from sticky notes, open up Saga’s Mind Place.

  1. Over there, a new case thread will be available.
  2. Line up all the clues to learn about the possible location of the screwdriver.
  3. Hovering over the clue that states the last location of the screwdriver will read: “Percolator…? The name of a ride, maybe?”
  4. If you look at the map, it will be located southeast of the Gift Shop on the map.

Head To The Percolator

Alan Wake 2 Screwdriver Percolator Location [captured by me]
As shown in the image above, the Percolator is southeast from the starting spot.

  1. Start walking towards the location.
  2. Beware, you will run into multiple enemies along the way.
  3. Make sure your shotgun is loaded.
  4. If you haven’t acquired it yet, check out the general store shotgun code.
  5. Along the way, you can also collect crossbow arrows, which you’ll need for the enemies at the Percolator. 

Defeat The Enemies At Percolator

alan wake 2 how to get the screwdriver
Alan Wake 2 Screwdriver – Enemies at Percolator [image by me]
As soon as you reach the Percolator, the rides will initially stop.

  1. Once you step into the ring, two Taken will spawn.
  2. One will be in the center, inside the cup.
  3. The second will come running at you with a crowbar.
  4. This is a great time to get the In One Go trophy, which requires you to get a headshot on an enemy with the Crossbow.
  5. One of the Taken will be mostly idle in the cup; you can easily aim and take him down.

Get The Screwdriver

circuit board
Screwdriver location [screenshot by me]
After defeating all the enemies, head towards the north side of the ride (left from the entrance), and you’ll find the screwdriver on top of a circuit box, as shown in the image above. With the screwdriver in hand, you can head back and get inside the Gift Shop to continue the story. You can also open up any other locks in the different regions, which will unveil all sorts of collectibles. 

My Experience 

Finding the Screwdriver was quite easy for me. That is because if you read my Alan Wake 2 best tips, I knew to keep in mind the different icons that appear at the bottom left. They indicated that I needed to open up the Mind Place to reveal the location of the Screwdriver. After I knew where to go, all I had to do was get rid of any enemies that crossed my path and pick up the Screwdriver.

With that, you know everything there is to know about the Screwdriver in Alan Wake 2 and how to acquire it. It is required as part of the main story but also opens up all sorts of locations in the different regions. The screwdriver will give you access to many Manuscript Fragments, which are used for upgrades. You can learn more by reading how to upgrade weapons in Alan Wake 2.

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