Alan Wake 2: How To Find & Beat Nightingale

Learn the best strategies on defeating Nightingale, the first boss fight in Alan Wake 2

Your first major boss fight in Alan Wake 2 will be against Nightingale. He will come at you hard with his bruting attacks, and there won’t be a huge margin for errors in the fight. That is why you need to be properly prepared in order to defeat Nightingale with ease.

Key Takeaways
  • Nightingale is the first boss fight in Alan Wake 2.
  • You can find Nightingale by unlocking and going through the Overlap.
  • Make sure to collect the Sawed-Off Shotgun from the General Store and other supplies for an easier fight.
  • Use the flashlight boost to make Nightingale vulnerable and shoot the red glowing points for additional damage.
  • Take advantage of the changing environment by running around and collecting ammo and health supplies from newly spawning crates.

Finding Nightingale

nightingale fight alan wake 2
nightingale bossfight start [image by eXputer]
Before tackling Nightingale, you need to locate him in the woods of The Overlap. To do this, you must follow a series of tasks, including retrieving Nightingale’s preserved heart from the Cauldron Lake general store’s freezer. After that, you need to go through the various loops inside the Overlap before finally coming across Nightingale. 

Getting The Shotgun

Reward for the General Store Code [picture by us]
Before even trying to attempt the boss fight, ensure that you acquire the Sawed-off Shotgun from the General Store.

  • The Shotgun is capable of completing each of Nightingale’s phases in 2-3 shots, so it is vital to have.
  • To get the shotgun, you need to enter a code, 739, to unlock it’s case. 

Inventory Management

fighting against nightingale in alan wake 2
Managing your inventory against nightingale [screenshot by eXputer]
Here’s how you can effectively organize your inventory for the Alan Wake 2 Nightingale Fight:

  • Equip both the sawed-off shotgun and your pistol in your quick-select slots for easier access.
  • Make sure to have medical supplies, such as first aid kits, bandages, or painkillers, ready in your quick-select slots.
  • Just before the Nightingale fight, there will be a small section with lots of supplies; ensure that you loot that before heading in for the fight to be fully prepared.

How To Beat Nightingale In Alan Wake 2

how to beat nightingale in alan wake 2
Fighting against Nightingale in Alan Wake 2 [captured by eXputer]
Once you’ve got all your supplies ready, you can face off against Nightingale. The fight can be quite tricky due to the limited health and ammo, but with the right strategy, you should be able to overcome it.

Understanding Nightingale’s Attacks

Nightingale’s Grabbing Attack [captured by me]
Nightingale doesn’t have a complex set of attacks. But it is important to understand his arsenal so you know what you’re up against.

  • Nightingale wields a tree trunk as his weapon of choice, dealing substantial damage if he manages to strike you.
  • It’s crucial to avoid his melee range by dodging his attacks or, better yet, maintaining a safe distance.
  • Nightingale’s grab attack poses another threat, rapidly draining your health if he seizes you by the throat.
  • If he grabs you, mash the designated button to break free, but remember that this consumes your flashlight battery.
  • Dodge to evade his attacks whenever possible.


Strategy on how to beat the Nightingale Fight in Alan Wake 2 [photo by eXputer]
Now, let’s delve into the strategy to defeat Nightingale:

  1. Exposing the Darkness: As the battle commences, your first task is to eliminate the darkness shrouding Nightingale. Use your flashlight to burn away this darkness, a technique you should be familiar with from previous encounters with the Taken.
  2. Targeting the Source Point: After dispelling the darkness, you’ll notice red glowing areas on Nightingale’s body—these are the Source Points, his vulnerable spots. Focus your fire on Nightingale’s chest, where his primary Source Point is located. Shooting it will stun him, creating an opening for further attacks.
  3. Aim for the Head: After damaging the Source Point, it will disappear. Switch your aim to Nightingale’s head. Be aware that the ever-changing environment of The Overlap and Nightingale’s quick movements can make landing shots challenging.
  4. Dealing with Nightingale’s Transformations: As you inflict more damage, Nightingale’s attack patterns will intensify. He becomes faster and turns into a dark, elusive figure with only his Source Point glowing red. During this phase, it’s best to evade his attacks by running and dodging, as engaging directly is not something that I’d recommend.
  5. Utilizing the Environment: Throughout the battle, the landscape of The Overlap changes continuously. This can work to your advantage by creating opportunities to find coolers and crates containing valuable supplies, such as ammo. However, exercise caution and stay vigilant as Nightingale closes in quickly.
  6. Healing in between phases: Each time you heavily damage Nightingale, he will disappear for a bit. Use this time to heal.

Additional Tips

Nightingale Fight Jumpscare Alan Wake 2 [captured by eXputer]
To triumph over Nightingale in Alan Wake 2, you must carefully balance offense and defense.

  • Lower his darkness shield with your flashlight to expose his Source Point, then focus your fire on it.
  • Remember to switch between your sawed-off shotgun and pistol based on your proximity to Nightingale.
  • Dodge his attacks, especially the lethal grab move, and stay aware of your surroundings as the environment constantly shifts.

My Experience 

The Nightingale Fight in Alan Wake 2 was extremely brutal for me.

Initially, I could not figure out the attack pattern for Nightingale, as no matter how much distance I created, he’d eventually dash right next to me.

Eventually, I realized dodging his attacks and shooting in between was my best option. For the fight, I personally put aside the pistol and only used the sawed-off shotgun. Whenever I’d run out of ammo, I’d just run around looking for more crates before going back to the fight.

With that, you now know everything about how to overcome the Nightingale Fight in Alan Wake 2. If you’re struggling with or finding the fight easy, then you should check out the best difficulty in Alan Wake 2 to ensure you’re playing at the right settings.

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