Alan Wake 2 Crossbow [Location, Code, Upgrades]

Destroy any Taken with ease by unlocking the Crossbow in Alan Wake 2 by figuring out the solution for its code.

Out of the many weapons in Alan Wake 2, the Crossbow is one of the most damage-dealing one, but without its code, you won’t be able to access it. Furthermore, the weapon can be made more efficient by utilizing the best upgrades for it.

Key Takeaways
  • To unlock the Crossbow in Alan Wake 2, head to Watery during Return 3: Local Girl.
  • Find the Cult Stash containing the weapon near a Break Room with a generator.
  • The code for the Cult Stash is 527, determined by the number of bolts stuck to specific targets nearby.
  • After obtaining the the weapon, you can upgrade it for improved efficiency with upgrades like “Two Shots” and “Magnetic Pull.”
  • The Crossbow is effective for long-range combat in Alan Wake 2 and conserves ammo in certain situations.

If you want a video guide on this topic, here is a 48-second walkthrough from our YouTube Channel on Crossbow:

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Crossbow Location In Alan Wake 2

Acquiring the weapon isn’t too complicated and can be accessed mid-game, specifically during Return 3: Local Girl

alan wake 2 crossbow location
Location for the Crossbow in Alan Wake 2 [screenshot by me]
The Crossbow can be found in Watery during Return 3: Local Girl. After learning about the location of your trailer, you can head towards the marked location (in red) to find the Cult Stash that holds it. 

alan wake 2 crossbow stash location
Crossbow Stash in-game [screenshot by me]
Once you reach the marked location, you will be able to spot a hut with a generator next to it.

  1. Use the generator to turn on the power in the hut, and it will turn into a Break Room.
  2. You can learn more about Break Rooms in my guide on how to manual save.
  3. Step out of the Break Room, and you’ll spot the Cult Stash right in front, under a small shed. 

Crossbow Code

crossbow code in alan wake 2
Solution for the Alan Wake 2 Crossbow Code [photo by me]
The code for the Cult Stash that holds the Crossbow is 527 in Alan Wake 2.

You can directly open the Cult Stash by inputting the code. But if you’re interested in how to figure out the code for yourself, do the following:

  1. Look for the shooting range-like setup to the right of the crossbow stash.
  2. There will be multiple numbered targets laid out, with some having Crossbow bolts stuck to them.
  3. The targets with Crossbow bolts stuck to them are the numbers for the combination.
  4. The number of arrows stuck to the number indicates its position in the code.
  5. Following this pattern, you will arrive at 527, which is the code for the stash. 
Crossbow stash [image by us]
Once you open up the stash with the code, Saga Anderson will pick up the Crossbow. The stash will also have a note saying, “If you aren’t wearing the mask, this does not belong to you.” Make sure to collect the arrows on the different digits as well to stock yourself up with enough ammo. 

Crossbow Upgrades

Crossbow Upgrades [image by me]
After you acquire the Crossbow using its code, you can actually upgrade it to make it more effective.

Here is an overview of its upgrades:




Pull The String

15 Manuscript Fragments

Hold the fire button to draw the crossbow further to increase damage and a straighter arc.

Two Shots

18 Manuscript Fragments

Fires two bolts before needing to be reloaded.

Magnetic Pull

12 Manuscript Fragments

Bolts lodged into enemies will attract bullets fired near them.

  • The reload time for the Crossbow is quite long.
  • That is why Two Shots is a great starting upgrade, allowing you to use it as frequently as the Sawed-Off Shotgun, which you can get through the general store shotgun code in Alan Wake 2.
  • Magnetic Pull makes combat against bosses even more efficient as you can use it to lower their health and then use other weapons like the pistol for further damage with more accuracy. 

In case you don’t know about the Manuscript Fragments and how upgrades work, you can read about how to upgrade weapons in Alan Wake 2.

My Tips For The Crossbow

After playing Alan Wake 2 for 20+ hours, I highly recommend always having the Crossbow in one of your quick slots and using it as a way to start any combat situation. It is extremely effective against the long-range Taken that throw axes at you.

After using the Flashlight Boost, the first attack that I always use is a shot with it. It makes it easier to preserve the ammo of my other guns. The fact that I can retrieve the bolts most of the time after killing an enemy makes the Crossbow even better. 

With that, you know all about the Alan Wake 2 Crossbow and how you can acquire it using its code. It is an extremely useful weapon for long-range and almost acts like a sniper for Saga Anderson. To make sure you’re getting a good challenge, check out the best difficulty settings in Alan Wake 2.

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