Alan Wake 2: All Alex Casey Lunchboxes Locations

Having completed Alan Wake 2, here is how to discover all the Alex Casey Lunchboxes.

In Alan Wake 2, you’ll come across 21 Alex Casey Lunchboxes. These valuable items can be located while playing as Saga, particularly in the Return chapters of Alan Wake 2. When you’re in the vicinity of one of these lunch boxes, keep an eye out for colorful ornamental decorations and rocks arranged along a pathway.

Additionally, Saga herself will give you a heads-up when you’re close to these objects, making them easier to spot during your gameplay. Collecting these lunchboxes contributes to both enhancing your weaponry and deepening Saga’s involvement in the Cauldron Lake murder case.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 21 Alex Casey Lunchboxes to find in Alan Wake 2.
  • You can discover the first five lunchboxes while playing as Saga in the early chapters of Cauldron Lake.
  • After defeating the Overlap boss in Return 2: The Heart, you can claim two more lunchboxes in the same area.
  • To obtain the final lunchbox in Cauldron Lake, you’ll need Bolt Cutters, which become available in Return 5: Old Gods.
  • In Bright Falls, you can access the first lunchbox early, with the others accessible as you progress in Saga’s Return 5: Old Gods.
  • Most of Watery’s lunchboxes are conveniently located during the primary objectives in Return 3: Local Girl, except for the Lighthouse area.
  • These Alex Casey Lunchboxes in Alan Wake 2 play a crucial role in enhancing your gear.
Alan Wake 2 Lunchboxes
Alan Wake 2 Lunchboxes (image by me)

Lunchboxes In Cauldron Lake Area

Alan Wake 2 Lunchboxes - Cauldron Lake
Cauldron Lake in Alan Wake 2 (image captured by me)

The Lunchboxes around Cauldron Lake have been divided into 2 different tables to make things more straightforward. Some of them are accessible early in the campaign, while others become available as you progress.

The first 5 lunchboxes in Alan Wake 2 can be collected in Saga’s initial chapter, Return 1: Invitation, and throughout subsequent chapters when you revisit Cauldron Lake.

Lunchbox Location Description
1 Found near the Mortar Falls signboard.
2 Located at the campsite near the Witch’s Hut.
3 Located at the end of a path adjacent to the General Store.
4 Positioned below a ledge beside a small cabin.
5 Found on a ledge behind the control tower.

The first 2 are obtainable after defeating the boss in the Overlap during Return 2: The Heart, as the flooding recedes and opens up new areas. The last lunchbox requires the Bolt Cutters in Alan Wake 2, available much later in Return 5: Old Gods, well into the campaign.

Lunchbox Location Description
1 Discovered along the winding river after defeating the boss in the Overlap.
2 Located at the edge of the copse east of Witchfinder’s Station after defeating the boss in the Overlap.
3 Use the Bolt Cutters to unlock the gate leading to the Rental Cabins. Inside the first accessible cabin.

Lunchboxes In Bright Falls Area

Bright Falls
Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2 (screen grab by me)

The locations of Alex Casey Lunchboxes in Bright Falls are relatively easy to navigate. The first one becomes accessible early in Alan Wake 2, while the remaining lunchboxes can be acquired as you progress through Saga’s Return 5: Old Gods chapter.

Lunchbox Location Description
1 Next to a sizable tree in the park, accessible during your initial visit to Bright Falls and thereafter.
2 Close to a crossroads with a signpost indicating the Valhalla Nursing Home and the Ranger Cabin.
3 Found along the trail leading to the Ranger Cabin, obtainable during Return 4: No Chance. You’ll need to wait due to flooding to venture further into the woods.
4 Inside Valhalla Nursing Home, which you’ll visit in Return 5: Old Gods. You’ll spot it on a shelf in the office, the first room to your right, upon entering the facility.
5 Located in the woods southwest of Valhalla Nursing Home and the Wellness Center.
6 On the beach area, initially submerged, you can access it after defeating the boss in the Overlap.
7 The spot after the waters recede, in front of the wooden gate, leading to Billie’s Boat Yard, with a Manuscript Page nearby.

Lunchboxes In Watery Area

Watery in Alan Wake 2 (screen grab by me)

The Alex Casey Lunchboxes in Watery are refreshingly straightforward to find. Just stick to the primary objectives in Return 3: Local Girl, and you’ll naturally come across most of these locations while progressing through Alan Wake 2. The only exception is the Lighthouse, a distinct landmark not tied to any primary objective.

Lunchbox Location Description
1 Perched at the edge of cliffs near the Radio Tower.
2 Found near a rest area along a narrow path before Coffee World.
3 Concealed within a wooden structure at the Coffee World exit.
4 Located next to a shed in the Kalevala Knights Workshop.
5 Hidden behind a tree near a swing in the Lighthouse Trailer Park.
6 Resting on a ledge close to the Break Room near the Lighthouse.

In your journey through Alan Wake 2, these Alex Casey Lunchboxes act as not only collectibles but also keys to enhancing your gear and delving deeper into Saga’s quest to unravel the mysteries lying within Alan Wake 2. Remember, these treasures are well within your reach as you follow Alan Wake 2’s narrative, so embrace the challenge and savor the rewards.

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