Gotham Knights’ Trophy List Has Emerged Online

The description of all 49 trophies can be read now.

So what if Warner Bros. Montreal couldn’t give us another iteration in the Batman: Arkham franchise? At the very least, we now have a flat-out enthralling title inbound painted in the same fashion as the OG Batman games. Gotham Knights has been slated for an October 21 release and fans can’t wait until the day of its release.

In relatively recent times though, the upcoming action RPG has had its trophy list emerge online on a dedicated website for tracking PlayStation games’ trophies called TrueTrophies. The domain even has related websites for pulling up game achievements for Steam and Xbox as well, should you choose to check that. 

The Rundown: 

  • Gotham Knights will sport a total of 49 trophies with 39 of them being Bronze, 7 Silver, 2 Gold, and 1 Platinum
  • A total of 1,275 experience points can be earned from the game, should you happen to unlock all trophies for it. 
  • The Platinum trophy called Heir to the Cowl is unlocked after earning all the rest of the trophies in Gotham Knights.

Taking a look at the list of the revealed trophies, one can get a fair idea of what to expect moving forward with Gotham Knights. It appears that the title will feature a total of 8 chapters or Case Files — as the game likes to coin it — for players to complete in order to beat the game. 

The very first act that players will start off with has been titled “Batman’s Last Case” and the story is supposed to continue until the final chapter, called “Head of the Demon.” Of course, there’s no telling what the main plotline of Gotham Knights is, but not a lot of days are left now for us to uncover just that. 

The following is a screenshot taken from TrueTrophies in order to give you a hint of some of the unlockable trophies in the game. Going through the various chapters sported by Gotham Knights is going to reward you with a cool 15 experience point increase in your overall profile score. 

Some of the Unlockable Trophies in Gotham Knights
Some of the Unlockable Trophies in Gotham Knights

However, these are just the Bronze trophies that the game comprises. High-tier trophies such as the ones belonging to the Gold class are comparatively harder to unlock. For instance, the trophy “He’d Be So Proud of You” will only pop up on your end if you happen to upgrade each hero character to the highest level. 

Similarly, the “Expert Crime Fighter” Gold trophy will see itself out the moment you prevent 250 crimes in the notorious Gotham City. Being an open-world action role-playing game, Gotham Knights is supposed to be riddled with things to do, especially when it comes from a precursor as vibrantly brilliant as Batman: Arkham Knight. 

In other news, it was dug up during the Gotham Knights playtest that the game’s overall file size would be close to 86 GBs on Steam. Until further notice and the title’s imminent release, we’ll have to wait and authenticate things for ourselves moving forward. 

Are you as excited as us for the big release of Gotham Knights? Drop your thoughts down in the comments section. 

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