Horizon Zero Dawn Trophy Guide: How To Get All Trophies (Updated)

78 Different Trophies To Hunt Down

Having difficulty getting the Platinum Trophy in Horizon Zero Dawn? Well look no further, because this guide has all the information you require to succeed in your quest.

Horizon Zero Dawn has a total of 78 Trophies. 57 of these are tied to the base game, while the remaining 21 are specific to the game’s expansion ‘The Frozen Wilds.’

Here is the list of all of the trophies In the game.

Story Trophies

  • Followed Rost’s Teachings (Bronze): Complete the tutorial missions and learn the basic controls of Horizon Zero Dawn.
  • Defeated The Sawtooth (Bronze): Kill the Sawtooth during the main story quest ‘The Point of the Spear’.
horizon zero dawn trophy guide
The Point of the Spear.
  • Triumphed In The Proving (Bronze): Place first in the main story quest ‘The Proving’.
  • Fought Back The Corruption (Bronze): Destroy the Corrupter during the main story quest ‘The Womb of the Mountain’.
  • Victorious With The War-Chief (Bronze): Find the Nora War-Chief and defeat the killers in the Ring of Metal as part of the ‘Revenge of the Nora’ main story quest.
  • Saved Meridian From Its Foe (Bronze): Help Erend investigate his sister’s fate and foil a plot against Meridian as part of the ‘Field of the Fallen’ main story quest.
  • Learned Of The Ancient Past (Bronze): Learn the ancient past at Maker’s End as part of the ‘City of the Sun’ main story quest.
  • Crashed The Eclipse Network (Bronze): Infiltrate the Eclipse camp and crash their network as part of the ‘To Curse the Darkness’ main story quest.
  • Discovered The Truth (Bronze): Discover the truth of Zero Dawn as part of the ‘Deep Secrets of the Earth’ main story quest.
  • Broke The Siege Of All-Mother (Bronze): Defeat the invaders and venture inside the sacred mountain as part of the ‘Terror of the Sun’ main story quest.
horizon zero dawn trophy guide
  • Recovered A Powerful Weapon (Bronze): Explore the Mountain That Fell and recover a powerful new weapon as part of ‘The Mountain That Fell’ main story quest.
  • Ended The Machine Threat (Gold): End the threat of the ancient war machines as part of ‘The Face of Extinction’ main story quest.

Side Quest Trophies

  • Aided The Defectors (Bronze): Aid the escape of Uthid and the child king Itamen from the Shadow Carja as part of the side quests ‘Traitor’s Bounty’ and ‘Queen’s Gambit’.
  • Hunted Redmaw With Talanah (Bronze): Play through the Hunters Lodge side quests and help Talanah defeat Redmaw the Thunderjaw as part of the ‘Redmaw’ quest.
horizon zero dawn trophy guide
  • All Allies Joined (Bronze): Complete various side quests around the map to make sure that all optional NPCs join the defense during the final quest.

Standard Trophies

  • Stealth Killed 10 Machines (Bronze): Purchase the ‘Silent Strike’ skill from the Prowler skill tree and use it to kill 10 unaware machines.
  • 3 Strikes From Above (Bronze): Acquire the ‘Strike from Above’ skill from the Prowler skill tree and employ it on 3 enemies from an elevated position.
  • Tore Off 10 Components (Bronze): Rip off 10 components from machines during combat. The quickest way to do this is to use a Sharpshot Bow with Tearblast Arrows equipped.
  • 10 Vulnerable Machines Killed (Bronze): Scan machines to find out which element they are vulnerable to and then inflict them with that status effect before killing them. Do this to ten machines while they are either burning or frozen.
  • Tore Off 5 Heavy Weapons (Bronze): Larger machines like the Thunderjaw and Ravager have weapons on their bodies. You can knock these off either by attacking them with regular weapons, or by using the specialized Tearblast Arrows. Do this to 5 different heavy weapons to get the trophy.
horizon zero dawn trophy guide
Overriding A Machine.
  • 7 Types Of Machine Overriden (Bronze): Complete Cauldrons in the world to unlock different Overrides, then use them to take control of 7 different machines.
  • Headshot 30 Human Enemies (Bronze): Use any bow available to land headshots on 30 different human enemies.
  • Downed 23 Grazer Dummies (Bronze): There are Grazer training dummies scattered all around the Nora region. Find and knock down all 23 of them.
  • First Modification (Bronze): Apply a Weapon Coil or Outfit Weave onto a modifiable weapon or outfit for the first time.
  • All Acquisition Machines Killed (Bronze): Kill at least one Broadhead, Charger, Glinthawk, Grazer, Lancehorn, Rockbreaker, Scrapper, Snapmaw, Strider and Trampler.
  • All Recon Machines Killed (Bronze): Defeat at least one Watcher, Redeye Watcher and Longleg.
horizon zero dawn trophy guide
  • All Combat Machines Killed (Bronze): Take down at least one Ravager, Sawtooth, Stalker, Thunderjaw and Stormbird.
  • All Transport Machines Killed (Bronze): Hunt at least one Behemoth, Fire Bellowback, Freeze Bellowback and Shell-Walker.
  • Reached Level 10 (Bronze): Hit player level 10.
  • Reached Level 25 (Bronze): Hit player level 25.
  • Reached Level 40 (Bronze): Hit player level 40.
  • Reached Level 50 (Bronze): Hit player level 50.
  • All Skills Learned (Bronze): Acquire all skills from the Brave, Forager and Prowler skills trees.
  • First Tallneck Overridden (Bronze): Climb your first Tallneck and override it. The closest one at the start of the game can be found in the Devil’s Thirst zone.
horizon zero dawn trophy guide
  • All Tallnecks Overridden (Silver): Scale all Tallnecks in the game and override them.
  • First Bandit Camp Cleared (Bronze): Locate a bandit camp on your map and eliminate all enemies found within.
  • Cleared All The Bandit Camps (Silver): Liberate every bandit camp on the map.
  • First Core Overridden (Bronze): Find and complete your first Cauldron and acquire the information hidden inside.
  • All Cores Overridden (Silver): Acquire the information from all four Cauldrons in the base game.
  • All Suns At One Ground (Bronze): Earn a Half Sun mark in all three trials at one Hunting Ground.
  • Blazing Suns At One Ground (Bronze): Acquire a Blazing Sun mark in all three trials at one Hunting Ground.
  • All Suns At All Grounds (Silver): Obtain a Half Sun mark in all three trials in all Hunting Grounds.
  • Blazing Suns At All Grounds (Gold): Receive a Blazing Sun mark in all three trials in all Hunting Grounds.
  • First Corrupted Zone Cleared (Bronze): Purge all corrupted machines in a single Corrupted Zone.
  • All Corrupted Zones Cleared (Silver): Kill all corrupted machines in every Corrupted Zone in the game.
  • All Machines Catalogued (Bronze): Encounter and scan every type of machine in the game with your Focus.
horizon zero dawn trophy guide
Freeze Bellowback.
  • First Vantage Found (Bronze): Find and access your first Vantage datapoint. You can buy Vantage maps from merchants to pinpoint their exact locations in the world.
  • All Vantages Found (Bronze): Locate and access all Vantage datapoints in the game.
  • First Metal Flower Found (Bronze): Discover and collect your first Metal Flower in the game. You can buy Metal Flower maps from merchants to unveil their exact locations in the world.
  • All Metal Flowers Found (Bronze): Find all of the metal flowers in the game.
  • First Banuk Figure Found (Bronze): Track down your first Banuk Figure. You can buy Banuk Figure maps from merchants to mark their exact locations in the world.
  • All Banuk Figures Found (Bronze): Discover all six Banuk Figures.
  • First Ancient Vessel Found (Bronze): Collect your first Ancient Vessel. You can buy Ancient Vessel maps from merchants to expose their exact locations in the world.
horizon zero dawn trophy guide
Devil’s Thirst Region.
  • All Ancient Vessels Found (Bronze): Acquire all of the Ancient Vessels.
  • Got The Shield-Weaver Outfit (Bronze): Locate all five Power Cells, then use them to unlock the Shield-Weaver Outfit in the Ancient Armory.
  • New Game+ Completed (Bronze): Play through the entire game again on New Game+ mode.
  • Ultra Hard Completed (Silver): Finish a New Game+ playthrough on Ultra Hard difficulty.
  • All Trophies Obtained (Platinum): Obtain all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies.

The Frozen Wilds Story Trophies

  • Took The Shaman’s Path (Bronze): Survive the Shaman’s Path and find Ourea’s retreat as part of the main story quest ‘The Shaman’s Path’.
  • Won The Werak Challenge (Bronze): Challenge Aratak at the Frostfigures and win as part of the main story quest ‘For the Werak’.
horizon zero dawn trophy guide
The Frozen Wilds.
  • Completed The Second Expedition (Bronze): Successfully assault Thunder’s Drum as part of the main story quest ‘Firebreak’.
  • Conquered The Mountain (Silver): Drive out the threat within the mountain as part of the main story quest ‘The Forge of Winter’.

The Frozen Wilds Side Quest Trophies

  • Drained The Flood (Bronze): Completely drain the floodwater from inside the Greycatch as part of the side quest ‘Waterlogged’.
  • Won Ikrie’s Challenge (Bronze): Meet Ikrie again at the Snowchants Hunting Ground and take first place in her challenge as part of the side quest ‘Ikrie’s Challenge’.

The Frozen Wilds Standard Trophies

  • All Quests Completed (Silver): Complete all side quests and errands in the Frozen Wilds Expansion.
  • First Spear Modification (Bronze): Apply a modification to your spear. These are not present in the base game.
horizon zero dawn trophy guide
  • First Bluegleam Trade (Bronze): Trade the resource Bluegleam for a special weapon or outfit.
  • 5 Dismount Strikes (Bronze): Kill 5 enemies using the Dismount Strike skill, acquired from the new Traveler skill tree.
  • 5 Machine Types Repaired (Bronze): Use the Machine Repair or Mount Repair skills on 5 different types of machines.
  • Killed 15 Scorchers (Bronze): Destroy 15 Scorcher machines.
  • Killed 10 Frostclaws (Bronze): Take down 10 Frostclaw machines.
  • Killed 6 Fireclaws (Bronze): Hunt 6 Fireclaw machines.
  • Fully Improved Weapons (Silver): Acquire the improved versions of three different weapons from weapons tinkerer Varga.
  • All Activities Completed (Silver): Complete the new Tallneck, Bandit Camp and Hunting Ground objectives in the Cut.
horizon zero dawn trophy guide
Control Towers.
  • All Control Towers Disabled (Bronze): Disable all Control Towers, either by overriding or destroying them.
  • All Pigments Found (Bronze): Find all 9 of the Pigments in the Cut. This is a new collectable unique to the Frozen Wilds.
  • All Animal Figurines found (Bronze): Find all 6 of the Animal Figurines scattered around the Cut.
  • All Frozen Wilds Skills (Bronze): Learn all of the skills in the new Traveler skill tree.
  • Reached Level 60 (Silver): Hit Player level 60.

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