Horizon Forbidden West Stormbird Locations & Drops

Learn about the different Stormbird locations in horizon forbidden west and how to defeat them to acquire useful loot for upgrades!

Stormbirds can be found scattered throughout the vast Forbidden West landscape, inhabiting numerous regions and territories. Additionally, these formidable machines may be encountered during specific side quests, such as The Second Verse. Players must stay alert and be prepared for the sudden appearance of Stormbirds to avoid being caught off guard by these menacing opponents. One way of being prepared is to know all their locations, which we’ll discuss.

Important: Make sure you’re at least around level 30 before trying to take on a Stormbird to ensure you have a fighting chance. 
Key Takeaways
  • Stormbirds in Horizon Forbidden West are formidable mechanical enemies with electric cannons and sharp talons.
  • Locations: Ruins of San Francisco (northwest of Legacy’s Landfall) and mountains west of the Maw of the Arena (north of Raintrace North Rebel Camp).
  • To defeat Stormbirds:
    • Target weak points (Storm Cannon, Wing Thrusters, eyes, engine, Blaze Canisters, and Freeze Canisters).
    • Use elemental ammunition (acid or plasma arrows).
    • Employ strategic weapons (hunter bow, sharpshot bow, and ropecaster).
  • Defeating Stormbirds yields valuable resources: Stormbird Storm Cannon, Crystal Braiding, Luminous Brainstem, Volatile Sludge, Stormbird Primary Nerve, Stormbird Circulator, and Apex Stormbird Heart, crucial for upgrades and crafting advanced ammunition.

All Stormbird Locations

If you’re looking for Stormbird locations Horizon Forbidden West, then worry not, as there are two distinct locations on the map that will guarantee that you run into them.

Location 1

horizon forbidden west stormbird locations
Stormbird Location 1 [screenshot by eXputer]
The first location is within the northwest of Legacy’s Landfall. It is the area within the ruins of San Francisco. When you’re in the general area, look towards the destroyed bridge to spot the Stormbird.

Location 2

horizon forbidden west stormbird locations
Stormbird Location 2 [image by eXputer]
The second location on the map for the Stormbird is within the mountains, west of the Maw of the Arena and Memorial Grave. To be more specific, it is north of the Raintrace North Rebel Camp. You will also run into a Dreadwig in the area, so be cautious. You’ll have an easier time getting here through a flying mount.

How To Defeat A Stormbird

Fighting against Stormbird [image by us]
Defeating a Stormbird:

  1. Target Weak Points: Stormbirds have multiple weak points, including the Storm Cannon, Wing Thrusters, eyes, engine, Blaze Canisters, and Freeze Canisters. Focus on these areas for an advantage:
    • Disable the Storm Cannon to prevent its ranged shock attack.
    • Target the six Wing Thrusters to disable its diving melee attack.
    • Use explosive spears on its chest core to knock it down and attack it while it’s grounded.
    • Place acid or explosive elemental traps to inflict substantial damage and keep it grounded.
  2. Elemental Ammunition: Use elemental ammo like acid or plasma arrows, as Stormbirds are weak to Plasma and Acid damage. Avoid Fire and Shock damage.
  3. Weapon Choice: Opt for the hunter bow for speed and moderate damage, or the sharpshot bow for high damage and accuracy. Upgrade your chosen weapon with the Tinkerer trait and add modifications.
  4. Ropecaster: Pin the Stormbird down with the ropecaster to remove armor and stun it. Then switch to other ammo types for additional damage.
  5. Preparation: Stock up on ammo, resources, health potions, medicinal herbs, and resist shock potions. Be patient, as Stormbirds are tough opponents, and the battle may take time.

With these strategies and ample preparation, you can tackle Stormbirds.


stormbird loot in horizon forbidden west
Stormbird loot [screenshot by us]
Defeating a Stormbird can be a challenging feat, but it is well worth the effort as these giant mechanical birds provide a bounty of useful resources.

Here are the most important pieces of loot you can get:

  1. Stormbird Storm Cannon:
    • A powerful weapon used for upgrading weapons and outfits, enhancing your combat capabilities.
  2. Crystal Braiding:
    • Essential for crafting advanced arrows, enabling you to deal increased damage to enemies.
  3. Luminous Brainstem:
    • Valuable for upgrading top-tier weapons and armor, further bolstering your strength in battles.
  4. Volatile Sludge:
    • Required for crafting elite ammunition, offering superior firepower against adversaries.
  5. Stormbird Primary Nerve:
    • Used to upgrade weapons and outfits, providing a significant boost to your combat effectiveness.
  6. Stormbird Circulator:
    • Useful for purchasing and upgrading weapons and armor, empowering your arsenal for future encounters.
  7. Apex Stormbird Heart:
    • Can be sold for metal shards, which can be used to acquire new gear and resources, enhancing your overall progression.

Ending Remarks

With that, you know everything about Stormbird locations, how to defeat them, and their resources in Horizon Forbidden West. Stormbirds are formidable bird-like machines found in various locations across the game’s vast landscape. Players can encounter these menacing machines in regions such as northwest of Legacy’s Landfall and the mountains west of the Maw of the Arena.

To defeat Stormbirds, players should target their weak points, use elemental ammunition, and employ weapons like the hunter bow and ropecaster. Patience, preparation, and resourcefulness are essential for success. Defeating Stormbirds yields valuable resources for upgrading weapons and outfits and crafting advanced ammunition.

You can also check out our review of the latest DLC for Horizon Forbidden West, Burning Shores. We’ve also got a guide on all the new machines as part of the DLC and how to start burning shores as well.

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