Horizon Forbidden West: How To Start Burning Shores

Begin Aloy's journey by starting the Burning Shores DLC in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to start Burning Shores DLC in Horizon Forbidden West seems to be a burning question as the expansion has been released officially. Assuming you’ve pre-ordered it days before the release date, jumping right into the content is the only rational option without much wait. We have listed all the key steps you should not sleep on just in case you want to jump back into Aloy’s journey & begin Burning Shores Story. 

Key Takeaways
  • Here are all the steps answering “How To Start Burning Shores DLC in Horizon Forbidden West“: 
    1. Complete the main story of Horizon Forbidden West, including the Singularity quest.
    2. Ensure you’re playing the PS5 version, as the DLC is not available for PS4.
    3. Update the game to version 1.021.000 or later.
    4. Purchase, download, and install the Burning Shores DLC.
    5. Load a save file where the main story is already completed.
  • Upon loading, you’ll receive a notification confirming that the main story is complete. Dismiss this notification.
  • Sylens will then contact Aloy, asking her to meet at Tilda’s Mansion.

How To Begin Burning Shores DLC 

Burning Shores DLC Popup
  1. Complete the main story of Horizon Forbidden West, including the Singularity quest.
  2. Ensure gameplay is on the PS5 version, as Burning Shores is exclusive to PS5 and not available on PS4.
  3. If in the middle of a New Game Plus, finish the main story or revert to a completed save.
  4. Update Horizon Forbidden West to version 1.021.000 or later via the Options menu.
  5. Purchase and download the Burning Shores DLC, manually triggering the download if necessary.
  6. Look for the Burning Shores symbol on the top right corner of the main menu.
  7. Load a compatible save with the main story complete to access the Burning Shores DLC content.
Download the recent update to start Burning Shores
Important: Upon loading, a notification will appear, informing you that you must complete Horizon Forbidden West’s main story, indicating the first cue regarding how to start Burning Shores DLC. Clear the notification, and Sylens will contact Aloy to meet at Tilda’s Mansion.
  • Head west of the Zenith base to Tilda’s Mansion using the waypoint on your map or campfires for fast travel.
  • Find Sylens on the back balcony of Tilda’s Mansion.
  • Sylens reveals the existence of another Zenith in the Burning Shores during the conversation.
  • Learn about Walter Londra, a former celebrity in holographic technology residing in Hollywood.
  • After the conversation, you’ll get the option to travel to the Burning Shores, initiating the DLC’s main quest, “To the Burning Shores.”

Additionally, make sure your PS5 has adequate storage space for the DLC. The Burning Shores DLC requires a significant amount of storage to install and run smoothly. If you’re low on storage, consider uninstalling other games or content to free up space.

In the unlikely event that you encounter technical issues, such as crashes or freezing, while trying to access the Burning Shores DLC, it might be helpful to restart your PS5. Powering down your console and waiting for a few minutes before turning it back on can often resolve minor issues.

If you continue to face issues after attempting the steps mentioned above, it may be helpful to reach out to the game’s support team or consult online forums. Fellow players and support staff can provide valuable insights and potential solutions to any problems you may be experiencing.


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