Horizon Forbidden West: All Survey Drones Locations

In the open world of Horizon Forbidden West, you can find survey drones flying all over the map. From one location to the other, there are ten survey drones that players can interact with and collect its modules. In simple terms, they are small collectibles that the player physically needs to interact with to gain the collectible. This Horizon Forbidden West survey drones location guide lists all locations and how to reach and collect the drones. 

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Horizon Forbidden West Survey Drone Locations

Since ten survey drones are roaming around on the map, if you can locate it, you cannot destroy it to receive the modules. An almost impenetrable shield protects the survey drones, so it is no use trying to shoot them down. 

Aloy can figure out the survey drones by searching for a pulsing blue light, as they will consistently shine in the air. 

What you need to do instead is to take note of the “flying path” of each Survey Drone, as, throughout the map, they will fly in a specific pattern. Survey drones will fly in the surrounding area of a high structure which you can climb and grab onto the drone itself, bringing it down with Aloy’s weight and accessing the modules. 

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No Man’s Land Survey Drone 

survey drone location- horizon forbidden west
no man’s land survey drone location

The first drone that we came across in Horizon Forbidden West was located in a particular location on the map. The location is known as “No Man’s Land,” and the place is littered with monsters known as “Thunderjaws,” that is why it is also known as the “Thunderjaw Site.” No Man’s Land is in the direction of the Eastern area ahead of the “Jagged Deep Rebel Outpost.” 

When you traverse into this area, you will come across a giant rock formation, and you will find the largest structure near the left side on the map. Using your climbing abilities, start climbing up the rock formation, taking note of your overall stamina. Once you are up there, a Thunderjaw will try to attack you, obliterate it using your combat skills. 

After killing the Thunderjaw, there will be a small wooden platform that you can inch forward on it. Once on it, the waiting begins. The first survey drone will follow a regular pattern and be a flight path. Once it passes you, use your jump to launch yourself into the air and grab hold of the survey drone. 

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survey drone spot- horizon forbidden west survey drone locations
survey drone spotted

With the weight of your body, the Survey Drone will come to a natural descent onto the ground right beside the rock formation, and you will have a short period to take out its module and take the collectible. This is the first of the Horizon Forbidden West Survey Drone Location guides. 

survey drone captured- no man's land
no man’s land survey drone captured

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The Plainsong Survey Drone 

survey drone map location plainsong
survey drone location

When venturing through the horizon forbidden west map, you will come across a location known as “Plainsong,” where the second survey drone is located. With Plainsong’s small village, there is a small barricade just North-East of Plainsong, which will give a brilliant view of the “blighted” area. 

When you first go into the location, you will come across the Plainsong farms, the survey drone itself is located near its Northern border”. The way that you can figure it out is through Grazers that will venture the farms, and the “Old Ones” barricade that you can find with the help of the image provided above. 

If you want to get through the main front entrance of the battleground, you can use your Igniter to obliterate a monster known as “Firegleam” that will protect the entrance. There will also be a “Scrapper” ahead when you first enter, so you will need to kill that too. 

The other way to venture inside is through climbing up the walls from behind the battleground itself. 

Using your climbing ability, take help from the cliffs, jump up on the right or left wall, and get into the battleground. There, you will find a “turret,” from where the second survey drone will take its next flight pathway. Wait for the survey drone to pass the area and use Aloy to launch into the air and grab onto the survey drone. 

survey drone spotted- horizon forbidden west
survey drone spotted

Once latched onto it, you can see descent slowly and bring it to a halt on the ground, and you will have a couple of seconds to get a hold of the module of the survey drone. With that, you are done with the second module! 

survey drone plainsong captured
plainsong survey drone captured

Dry Yearn Survey Drone

dry yearn drone location- forbidden west
map location of survey drone

The following survey drone that we will cover in this Horizon Forbidden West Survey Drone Location guide is the one that is located in “Dry Yearn,” which is essentially another location on the map. When you venture into it, the drone itself will be present towards the Northern side of “Dry Yearn,” a canyon connected to “Shining Wastes.” 

A Shellsnapper Site will hone the “Blight-ridden” lake, and the survey drone will appear towards the lake. The survey drone will follow its flight path, and the way that you can figure out the drone’s location is to look out for the blue orbs of light that will fill up the sky. 

Aloy does not need to get into the lake to launch into the air; instead, you need to start marching for the rock formation that is located towards the Northern area of the lake. Using your climbing abilities, start climbing up the rock formation, and when you have made it to the top, you will be overlooking the Tenakth lookout. 

The lookout is where you need to start waiting. The drone will again follow its flight path and start flying near the top of the Tenakth lookout. Now is the time to launch into the air, grab hold of the drone itself and, using the weight of Aloy’s body, start to bring it down to the ground. 

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dry yearn survey drone spot
survey drone spotted

When it is on the ground, take your time to remove its module and get hold of the collectible, and you have successfully gotten the third survey drone! 

survey drone dry yearn
dry yearn survey drone captured

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Greenswell Survey Drone 

map location survey drone greenswell
greenswell drone location

Moving swiftly along, in the world of Horizon West, there is a location known as “Greenswell,” which is essential plains located on the Eastern end of Salt Bite. When venturing forward into the North-Eastern end of the Salt bite, you will come across a Plowhorn Site where you can figure out the location of the survey drone above a Campfire. 

Greenswell itself is located close to Scalding Spear, which is also home to a Vista Tower. You want to go over to the north-eastern end of it, and you will encounter a field that is full of red Blight as well as a large Campfire. When approaching the Campfire itself, you want to turn your direction now Eastwards and take note of a cliff with a wooden platform. 

Using your climbing abilities, start climbing up the cliff, and make sure not to deplete your stamina. Once you have climbed up, grab hold of the wooden platform, edge near it, and wait for the drone. The survey drone, as usual, will follow its natural flight path on which it will traverse. 

greenswell drone spot- forbidden west
drone spotted

Once you sense the blue light in your field of vision, you will be face to face with the drone. You can jump on it and use your weight to bring it to a slow halt. Make sure not to let it crash as it can get destroyed; instead, carefully bring it to a stop. This is when you can use the drone to take out the module. 

Grab the collectible, and run away, and you are done with the fourth survey drone!

greenswell survey drone completed
greenswell drone captured

The Stillsands Survey Drone 

the stillsands survey drone map location
the stillsands drone location

The following survey drone is located in The Stillsands area on the Forbidden West map. Venturing forward in the ruins of Las Vegas, a building is present on the Southern side of the “Hidden Ember.” The building itself is in ruins, and to gain access to the survey drone, you will first need to complete the “Sea of Sands” main storyline Quest. 

Near the building itself, you will come across a campfire, the starting point from where you need to get to the top of the castle. When you approach the fire, turn your direction towards the Eastern end of the tower wall, locate a “Grapple Point,” which you can take advantage of, and use a pullcaster to have it send you to the roof. 

Now, if you look at your left, you will see another Grapple point that you can use to get to the tower itself, and this is where you start climbing. Using your abilities, climb up, and when you come close to the tower windows, they might collapse for a moment, causing you to stumble down for a bit. Make sure to grab hold of the Handholds to get to the top. 

Once you have made it to the top, you can stand or sit on the gaps between two walls, and this is where the survey drone itself will follow the regular flight path. When it comes to being close to you, you can launch yourself into the air and grab onto the survey drone. 

the stillsands survey drone spotted
stillsands survey drone spotted

Bring it to a slow descent using the weight of Aloy’s body, and avoid the tower windows as they can collapse. Once you are on the ground, take hold of the survey drone, detach the modules, and leave the drone alone. This is the fifth survey drone puzzle completed! 

survey drone captured stillsands- forbidden west
survey drone captured stillsands

Thornmarsh Survey Drone 

thornmash survey drone map location
thornmarsh drone location on the map

We hope that this horizon forbidden west survey drone location guide is helping you! The following survey drone is located in Thornmarsh settlement. The survey drone itself is present in the Northern edge of “Raintrace,” which can be found in the North-Eastern end of Thornmarsh and the Northern end of the “Fireclaw Site.” 

The drone can be found floating near an area with red Blights, and there are loads of dead trees covering the Raintrace area. You can find a Campfire close to the Blighted area itself, which you can use to locate the survey drone. You need to start heading for the Campfire in the blighted area and get close to the Campfire. 

Once you are near it, you want to start locating for a “Grapple Point.” Once you have found it, grab hold of the point and start moving up using the pullcaster to the top of the tallest dead tree. The tree will have a “Tenakth” bird symbol imprinted on it. Take another grapple point and use the pullcaster to grapple up to the tallest tree located on the left of the Tenakth bird tree. 

Once you are on this tree, you can start waiting for the survey drone to pass by, as it will follow its usual flight path, and once you have gotten close to it, the drone will come to a stop near the tree. Hop onto the survey drone, and start making your way to the ground slowly, making sure not to destroy it. 

spotted drone thornmarsh
survey drone spotted

Using your abilities, start detaching the module from the survey drone, grab hold of its collectible, and you are done with the sixth drone! 

survey drone captured thornmarsh- horizon forbidden west
survey drone captured

The Graypeak Survey Drone 

the graypeak drone map location
map location survey drone

The following survey drone we will talk about is located in the Graypeak area. Graypeak itself is located in the Southern end of Sheerside Mountains, conveniently splitting The Memorial Grove and The Stand of the Sentinels in half. There is a Slaughterspine area on the South-Western end of the settlement in Sky Sentry. 

To get close to the survey drone location, start traversing to the settlement in Sky sentry, which is on the North-Eastern edge of the drone location. When you approach the settlement, you will encounter a rough pathway going South and will cut into the mountains themselves. Start following this path and walk through it, and when you are walking through it, turn a bit to the Western end of the pathway to access the Campfire. 

Once you are done with that, you can start heading for the Eastern end and get close to the Slaughterspine Site. When you are approaching the site, make sure to locate the cliffs with a Tenakth lookout on the top of the cliffs. Using your climbing abilities, make sure to start climbing up the cliffs. 

survey drone spotted graypeak
the graypeak survey drone spotted

When you are on top, go to the platform and start waiting, this is where the survey drone will appear. When it passes the platform, launch yourself up, grab hold of the drone, bringing it to a slow halt on the ground, and retrieve its module and collectible, and you are done with the seventh drone! 

survey drone captured the graypeak
the graypeak survey drone completed

Sheerside Mountains Survey Drone 

the sheerside mountains map location
map location sheerside mountains

The next drone that we will be mentioning is located in the Sheerside Mountains, which you can find in the Northern area of the mountains. It is also located in the Northern ends of the Bulwark, present near a Frostclaw Site. A waterfall can be accessed near the Northern Bulwark and Frostclaw Site; the survey drone will be near that. 

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To get to the drone, start traversing your way through the mountains and get near the waterfall. Using your climbing abilities, start making your way up, ensuring that you do not run out of stamina. Once you have arrived at the waterfall itself, you can scan the area to your right, and you will encounter another Tenakth lookout. 

Once you are at the top of the cliff, start inching near the Tenakth platform, and this is where the survey drone will make its way, all the while following its natural flight path. The drone will pass right by the Tenakth platform, and you will need to time your jump to grab hold of it. 

sheerside mountains survey drone spot
survey drone spotted sheerside mountains

Get a springing start from one edge of the platform, jump onto the drone, and start to descend the cliffs while you are hanging onto the survey drone. Bring it down and when you are on the ground, use the small time frame that you have to get hold of the modules and collectible, and you are done! 

sheerside mountains drone completed
survey drone sheerside mountains captured

Stand of the Sentinels Survey Drones 

the stand of the sentinels map location
survey drone map location

This survey drone is part of our horizon forbidden west survey drone location guide. The drone itself is located in “The Stand of the Sentinels.” Two locations are the residence of the survey drone known as Plowhorn Site and the Tide’s Reach. When you have reached the Camp, turn to the Northern edge. 

Start making your way to the South-Eastern path, where you will encounter a tree that has fallen dead to the ground. This is the point that you need to start from—climbing onto the tree itself, a sprint along the trunk until you get to the wooden platform and jump onto it. 

Moving right along, you will want to look out for a Grapple Point from which you can use a pullcaster to get onto one of the platforms that will be scattered on top of the trees. You can use your Glider to glide onto the platforms and land on them. There will be a wooden ladder that you can take advantage of if you end up falling. 

survey drone spotted stand of the sentinels
stand of the sentinels drone spotted

Amongst the trees, you will encounter a rope that you will need to use your climbing abilities to get on top of and two horizontal ropes that connect the trees. Sprint along with them, and get on top of the bigger platform on the tree. Using the last vertical ladder, get on top of the last platform and wait for the drone. 

Once you have encountered the drone, get it down and retrieve its module. 

drone captured stand of the sentinels- forbidden west
stand of the sentinels drone completed

Isle of Spires Survey Drone 

isle of spires drone location
survey drone map location

The last drone you will encounter can be found in the Isle of Spires. The drone itself will be close to the settlement located in Legacy’s Landfall, and it will be near a Campfire. When you are close to the Camprifre, start moving towards the Eastern end, where you will come across the broken concrete ground near the Utaru bridge. 

Start climbing to the roof of the building located there, and using the yellow beam, take advantage of the Grapple Point to get on top of a rock. Taking hold of the second Grapple Point, start swinging to the side of the building, and climb up to the rooftop. Towards the edge of the building, you can use a Pullcaster to glide onto the beam and get on top of the next rooftop. 

There is a yellow pipe on the rooftop that you can take help from, and this is the point where the survey drone will fly by. Use the jumping ability to get on the drone and retrieve its module. This is you done with the last survey drone. 

drone isle of spires spotted
survey drone spotted isle of spires

Head over to The Base, and connect their data points in the base, which will allow you to change the outlook of GAIA’s chamber. With that, we hope this horizon forbidden west survey drone location guide was helpful!

drone captured isle of spires- forbidden west
survey drone puzzle completed
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