Horizon Forbidden West Pullcaster Guide

In this guide, we go through the multiple uses of pullcaster, entailing how to properly use in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West how to use pullcaster is the first thing you learn in the game’s tutorial and it remains useful throughout the game’s runtime. It is mainly used for clearing out any roadblocks, solving puzzles, and traversing the environment. Now with the Burning Shores DLC out, its use is further revitalized, as it introduces new ways on how pullcaster is used in Horizon Forbidden West.

Key Takeaways
  • Pullcaster is one of the main tools obtained as a part of Horizon Forbidden West‘s tutorial.
  • It is used to clear out debris, solve puzzles, and even as a grappling hook.
  • Use the following input to take out and use the pullcaster:  L2+ Triangle (Hold) → R2 (Hold)
  • The pullcaster can be used on objects with a blue tint or blue metal clumps embedded into them.
  • Pullcaster can be used as a grappling hook on yellow-tinted objects.
  • Press “X” two times (Double Jump) near yellow-tinted ledges or objects to use the pullcaster as a grappling hook.
  • The Burning Shores DLC allows the player to use the pullcaster while mounted on Sunwing to pull various environmental objects. This can be done by simply tapping “Triangle” when near blue metal clumps.
  • Using focus can reveal all yellow and blue-tinted objects in the environment, making it easier for the player to find all objects of interest.
Important: Use your focus frequently in order to locate any points of interest that a pullcaster can be used on.

Horizon Forbidden West How To Use Pullcaster?

After clearing the tutorial, you’d already had a gist of how the pullcaster is used, but in case you forgot, after booting the game up a year later, this is how it’s done.

Important: Press L2 to aim, then press triangle to pull out the pullcaster. While holding the buttons, press R2 to use the pullcaster.

Obviously, pullcaster can’t be used everywhere in the environment, and in order to locate the points of interest, use your focus. The parts of the environment where it can be used will be tinted in blue.

Clearing Out Debris

Using Focus to reveal blue metal clumps (Image capture: eXputer)

Mastering Horizon Forbidden West how to use pullcaster is crucial, as there will be many instances in the game where a wall will block your way to your destination. While not all walls are destructible, many are. The walls with the blue metal clumps embedded in them can be destroyed using a pullcaster.


Using the pullcaster to clear the debris (Image capture: eXputer)
  • Press L2+ Triangle (Hold) → R2 (Hold)

The process here is the same as described above. Simply switch to your pullcaster and aim toward the blue-colored metal clumps to pull them out, which destroys the wall in the process.

Grappling Hook

Using focus to reveal yellow-tinted objects (Image capture: eXputer)

The second use of a pullcaster is to traverse the environment to reach high places or to get to another area of the environment that is not reachable by foot. The grapple points are tinted in yellow color, and using the focus helps in highlighting them. Additionally, any grates tinted with a yellow color can be pulled off as well.


Pullcaster as grappling hook (Image capture: eXputer)
  • Press X two times

Using the pullcaster as a grappling hook is a little different from using it for clearing out debris or solving puzzles. Press X to jump near a grapple point, then immediately press X again to use the pullcaster as a grappling hook.

Solving Puzzles

Solving Puzzles
Using Pullcaster to solve puzzles (Image capture: eXputer)

Pulling wooden construction bars, wooden boxes, or anything that would help you in solving the puzzles, pullcaster is your tool. Any environmental object tinted with a blue color can be pulled using the environment. Moreover, Burning Shores introduce even new ways to use pullcaster, such as using it while on Sunwing to pull out metal clumps.


  • Press L2+ Triangle (Hold) → R2 (Hold)
  • Press Triangle (On Sunwing)

While on foot, the use of pullcaster and its procedure is the same, except, instead of clearing debris, you will be pulling objects. 

On Sunwing, however, you only need to get near blue metal clumps and tap “Triangle” to use a pullcaster. 


Burning Shores introduces not only new ways to use old tools but also makes brand-new additions, such as new machines and weapons in a brand-new story and setting. To prepare for the journey across the remnants of Los Angeles, make sure to equip yourself with the best bows and armor you can find.

The Burning Shores DLC has a base price of $20 and can be started after clearing the main story. For more on this, consider going through our guides DLC Requirements and how to start Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores.

This concludes our Horizon Forbidden West how to use pullcaster guide. Let us know your queries in the comments.


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