Horizon Forbidden West: All Door Codes

Our Horizon Forbidden West all door codes guide lists all door codes that you will come across in main quests, side quests, and relic ruins.

In Horizon Forbidden West, you are going to encounter locked doors that require codes. You can usually find these codes by exploring the nearby area and solving a puzzle. But sometimes, it can get extremely complicated, as was the case with finding vista points. In any case, you’d be required to find two codes for a single door. The codes can be 4, 5, 6, and 7 digits long. Getting some of these door codes is easy, while others require the last of your brain cells. That’s why in this guide, we have listed all the codes in Horizon Forbidden West to unlock the locked door. Not only that but also how to get all the codes.

Key Highlights
  • In Horizon Forbidden West you will encounter doors that require codes to be opened. Usually, you can find these codes by exploring the nearby area or solving a puzzle but, sometimes, this process can get extremely complicated. 
  • There are two Main Story Quests that require codes to open doors. Death’s Door Code is 7-4-8-2, and Cradle of Echoes Door code is 2-3-6. 
    Forbidden Legacy Codes are  1-0-2-0-2-3 and 4-0-2-6-2-5.

Horizon Forbidden West: All Door Codes 

Below are all the Codes needed for all the doors in Horizon Forbidden West.

  1. Main Quest: Death’s Door Code = 7-4-8-2
  2. Main Quest: Cradle of Echoes Door Code = 2-3-6
  3. Side Quest Forbidden Legacy Door Code #1 = 1-0-2-0-2-3
  4. Side Quest Forbidden Legacy Door Code #2 = 4-0-2-6-2-5
  5. Relic Ruin: The Daunt Door Code = 1-7-0-5
  6. Relic Ruin:No Man’s Land Door Code = 2-2-0-4
  7. Double Code Relic Ruin:Isle of Spires Door Code  = 2-1-0-9-1-0-9
    Leo’s Floor 9 Code = 2-1-0-9
    Astrid’s Floor 7 Code = 1-0-9
  8. Relic Ruin: Restless Wealds Door Code = 1-9-2-3
  9. Relic Ruin: Nights of Lights Door Code = 7-3-9-1-3-5

Here is the detailed guide to getting all the codes yourself.

The Main Quests Door Codes

There are a total of seventeen main story quests in Horizon Forbidden West. These quests are divided into two sections: the Main Quests, which has fourteen quests, and the Interludes Quests, which has only three. Both of them make a total of seventeen story quests. Among these quests, there are two quests where you need specific codes to unlock doors. Below are the codes and brief details on where you need to enter and find these codes to unlock doors.

Death’s Door Codes (7-4-8-2)

To locate the Death Door, you will have to complete the “Explore the North Side of the Facility” side quest. This quest sees your character traverse the facility to locate the Death Door and escape. You will start the quest by making your way on top of a platform.

From here, you will glide across the entire facility and make your way to a blocked path.

Destroying the path will lead you to a room where you will find the door. Here, you will enter the code 7-4-8-2 to unlock the door and move on to the next part of the mission.

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Cradle of Echoes = 2-3-6

After you complete the objective to “Examine the Console,” you will have the objective to “Enter the Code.” The code is easy to figure out. When you try to enter the code, the Synthetic Voice will say “236 Containers in Storage. Please enter the container number you’d like to retrieve.” So the code is 2-3-6.

The Side Quests Door Codes

In Horizon Forbidden West, there are a whopping 28 side quests, and that is not including the errands. In these side quests, there is only one that has locked doors, where you need to enter their codes to unlock the doors. But getting the code in this quest can be painstakingly time-consuming. That is why we have listed all the codes needed to unlock doors in the side quest below, along with where to find and enter them.

Forbidden Legacy Code #1 = 1-0-2-0-2-3

You will need the first Passcode for the Forbidden Legacy after you “Jump to the Tower.” In the Tower, you will have a locked door, and here you will need to enter the code. To find the code, scan the Datapoint in a small room on the left of the locked door. The Datapoint will hint that the door’s code is the date Atbay was founded. Just as you exit the Datapoint, Alva will say, “According to the Legacy, October 2023.” So the code naturally is 10-2023.

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Forbidden Legacy Code #2 = 4-0-2-6-2-5

Once you are in the room, you get the objective to “Unlock the Door.” There will be four artifacts to scan in the back of that room. You will need to scan them one by one from left to right. As you scan them, Alva will give you numbers, and you will have to figure out the code. Here is what she will say to each of the artifacts

  • 40
  • “The H2Flow.”
  • “The company’s 25th anniversary. Looks like it used to be on the last pedestal.”
  • “The Dragonfly 6.”
  • So the code we get is 40-2-6-25. The 25 is on the last because Alva said, “it used to be on the last pedestal.”

The Relic Ruins Door Codes

The Relic Ruins consists of multiple puzzles that you need to solve to get the code for the door. There are 9 Relic Ruins in Horizon Forbidden West, and five of them have a code for the doors. By far, the Relic Ruins have the most difficult of puzzles to solve for you to get the code. That’s why we have a separate detailed guide on how to get all the Relic Ruins, including the door codes puzzles.

Rewards for Completing the Forbidden Legacy Quest

The Forbidden Legacy is one of the longest side quests in Horizon Forbidden West. You will be required to complete a series of steps to finish this side quest. The side quest will start with you following Alva and making your way to the research facility. After that, you will make your way to the ruins to recover the lost data.

Following that, you will travel to the Atbay Headquarters to locate a way in. After that, you will unlock the first door and make your way up to the Ancestor’s office. Here, you will encounter one last locked door, and opening it will complete the side quest.

You will receive a plethora of rewards for completing this quest. These rewards will include 2 Bronze Ingots, 1 Ancient Chime, 1 Ancient Necklace, 2 Ancient Sculptures, and an Ancient Black Bracelet.  You will also unlock the “Recovered Alva’s Data” trophy for completing this quest. This quest is also necessary for unlocking the Platinum trophy for the game.

After completing the Forbidden Legacy, you can make your way back to Legacy’s Landfall. Here you can find Alva near a campfire. She will give you the Utaru Protector Outfit as a reward for completing the Forbidden Legacy side quest.

Final Verdict

With that now, you know all the codes for the doors in Horizon Forbidden West. This includes all the codes for story quests, side quests, and the Relic Ruins. If this guide saved you the trouble of solving some extra puzzles in the Relic Ruins or got you the code you missed, then consider letting us know in the comments section below. If there are more codes that we might have missed, do let us know.

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