Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora: How To Find Bark

Here is how you find the rare resource Bark without any hesitation in game!

Many different resources are required to be farmed in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora so that you can craft items. Such an item is the Bark. The bark is basically a resource that is a gathered gall of knotty swellings on the trunk or branches of trees. The type of bark may vary from tree to tree, and not all types of trees carry bark with them.

Key Takeaways

  • Barks are resources found on the trunks of different special trees.
  • You have to use your Na’vi Sense in order to find these items in Pandora’s Avatar Frontiers.
  • Blood Leaf, Scale, and Stairfoot barks are some of the rarest barks you can find.
  • You have to search at night to find the more pristine or rarer form of the barks in the game.

If you’re looking for a hands-on experience to follow, our YouTube channel has a concise video on the best locations to find Bark:

YouTube video

How To Find Bark

There are different types of trees in Pandora carrying different types of bark. The most common bark can be found on the trunk of a tree. You can find a Bark in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora by using your Na’vi Sense. The sense will automatically highlight a nearby bark on the tree with a yellow indication.

  • You have to snatch it off of the tree using various movements with your controller or mouse.
  • There are different qualities of bark as it gets rarer at different times of day and in different areas of the tree.
  • You can farm a maximum of two barks from a single tree.
  • Bark can be used to form different kinds of gear.

Types Of Bark

There are three barks that are incredibly rare and hard to find in-game: 

It could take some time to farm barks, considering some of the exquisite ones are so rare. I had to search each and every tree for a specific type of bark I wanted from the biome. 

1. Blood Leaf Bark

Blood Leaf Bark In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora
Blood Leaf Bark – [Screenshot by me ]
RarityCrafting Points
Superior 26-30

Blood Leaf Bark is farmed off of Blood Leaf Trees found in The Crimson Tree Biome in the Celebration Valley. You will be able to spot these trees because they have red leaves.

You will spot a bunch of them in the Crimson Tree Biome, but you have to get here with the help of your Direhorse and not your Ikran. The rarer form of the bark can be found around the same area but in nighttime alongside the best quality. 

2. Scale Bark

Scale Bark In Game
Scale Bark – [Screenshot by me ]
RarityCrafting Points

The next best type of bark you can acquire is the Scale bark. You can find these Scale barks around Dyer’s Falls in the Rising Spires domain inside the Kinglore Forest area. The rarer type of Scale bark can also be found here.

You can find a whole bunch of Twisted Scale Tres here. They are tricky to climb since they are twisted, and you have to scan both sides of the tree with your Na’vi Sense. The best quality Scale bark is farmed at night.

3. Stairfoot Bark

Stairfoot Bark In Game
Stairfoot Bark – [Screenshot by me ]
RarityCrafting Points

The next bark can be found on Stairfoot Trees among the Great Roots Biome near the Rising Spires area of Kinglor Forest. Head to the right of the area to find the rarer exquisite variants of the bark. For pristine versions of the Stairfoot bark, you need to farm the Stairfoot trees at night. You can use Stairfoot bark to craft amazing Arm Guards and other cosmetics for your character. 

So this is how you get Bark and its rare types in the game. Make sure to go for exquisite and pristine pieces by parkouring to different regions of the game as players enjoy that the most, as they said on X. When farming, check out each and every tree in the biome since some are rare as well. Make sure to check out our recently published review of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora and what we think about it.  


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