Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: Best Cosmetic & Visuals

There are many different cosmetics option you can choose but these are the best visuals you can get for your Na'vi Character!

Cosmetics are visually based clothing that you can apply to your body gear to make them look better. You can customize your entire appearance using Cosmetic Visuals. There are so many cosmetic visuals you can find throughout the world of Pandora. It gets really hard to choose which cosmetics and visuals are best for your character in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. 

Key Takeaways
  • Cosmetics change the visual aspect of your selected gear in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.
  • There are plenty of cosmetics to pick from, but the mix of Koranu, Sarentu, and Minang cosmetic sets is the best.
  • The Sarentu Cosmetics Override is the best cosmetic override you can have in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.

There are a total of 5 gears that your Na’vi character has, and here are the best visuals and cosmetic overrides for each of them:

1. Zeswa Rider Head Guard 

Zeswa Rider Head Guard Cosmetics In avtar Frontiers of Pandora
Zeswa Rider Head Guard – [Image By Me]
The best cosmetic you can wear for the head guard is the Zeswa Rider Head Guard. It is a beautiful piece of cosmetics which is actually a mod. It is essentially a leather mask that wraps around the face with Bruise Moss material and Cloacked Panther Light Hide material options. The head guard has a superior tint, making it more of a rare cosmetic item. It can be spawned randomly in Kinglor Forest chests near Tangled Lake.

2. Koranu’s Shawl Chest Guard

Koranu’s Shawl Chest Guard In game
Koranu’s Shawl Chest Guard – [Image By Me]
The next gear you will have is the chest guard, and Koranu’s Shawl is the perfect choice for your cosmetic visual for it. The shawl is filled with multiple Na’vi vibrant color themes with mixes of purple and yellow hues. It is decorated with shells and leaves on the right shoulder strap, which is the main feature of the Koranu’s Shawl. You can find it pretty early in the game, so you don’t have to grind the game to get the cosmetic item.

 Important: Make sure to add Bruise Moss and Superior Tint style to the Chest Guard cosmetic.  

3. Koranu’s Sleeve Arm Guard

Koranu’s Sleeve Arm Guard In Avatar
Koranu’s Sleeve Arm Guard -[Screenshot By Me]
In order to compliment the Koranu’s Shawl, you must add Koranu’s Sleeve so that you are able to have this nice Koranu-inspired aesthetic. You have the option to change the material to Scarab Crawler Heavy Hide, which makes the Sleeve purple in color. Keep the Tint “Fine” and not “Superior’ because the Fine pendants look better on the Armguard gear. You can give the sleeve a nice touch by adding the green-hued Spinner bracelet. 

4. Sarentu Hunter Waistcloth

Sarentu Hunter Waistcloth In Avatar
Sarentu Hunter Waistcloth – [Image By Me]
The Sarentu Hunter cosmetic is best at giving your Waistcloth Cosmetic in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora a nice floral look with its multiple feather attachments. You can see a pattern of green braids on the waist, along with some cloths of leather and Na’vi Suede stitched together to create this magnificent cosmetic visual. Change the Tint to Superior for the Waistcloth since the fine one just doesn’t pair with the cosmetic floral look.

5. Minang’s Ankle Guards 

Minang’s Ankle Guards Cosmetic Item
Minang’s Ankle Guards -[Screenshot By Me]
The last gear that you will be customizing is the Ankle Guards. Minang’s Ankle Guards fit the theme of the whole cosmetic appearance well. I personally picked these over Akru’s Ankle Guards because they just look much more vibrant with multicolored beads and strings on the ankle. You should change the material to Cloacked Panther Light Hide material with its shiny leather pattern around the ankle. 

Sarentu Heritage Cosmetic Override 

Cosmetic Override Cosmetic In Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
Cosmetic Override – [Image By Me]
Cosmetic Overrides completely overtake the entire look of your character, meaning you won’t be able to change to customize the cosmetic with visuals and mods. Sarentu Heritage, in this case, doesn’t really need any mods to make it pop off since it does that pretty well on its own. A chunky cloak takes over the upper body with braids as edges. The main tones of the entire Cosmetic override are purple and brown. It is really the best cosmetic override you can keep for your character in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.

These are the best visuals and cosmetics you can keep for your gear. You can find many different types of cosmetics, but the above cosmetic build is the most vibrant and beautiful one you can keep for yourself. A similar-looking Cosmetic pack is the Aranahe Warrior pack which you can have if you buy the game on PS5. Check out our recently published review of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, in which we dig deep into their mechanics and story to tell you whether it is worth it or not!


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