Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora: How To Escape TAP [The Awakening]

Here are the easiest steps you can follow to escape the TAP facility and see Pandora in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.

The Awakening is the first storyline mission that you find after the first Avatar Frontiers of Pandora cutscene. It is basically a tutorial on the movement system of the game. You will have to navigate out of the TAP facility along with your fellow Na’vi members. It isn’t a difficult mission, but it is confusing because there are different ways and paths you have to take to escape TAP in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.

Key Takeaways
  • You will have to escape from the TAP during “The Awakening” mission of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.
  • Escaping can be really confusing since there are so many rooms and ways you could get lost.
  • If you get lost, backtracking gets hard in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
  • The whole mission is basically a tutorial for your movement, like crouching, sliding, and charged jumping.
  • After escaping the TAP, you will find yourself looking at the beautiful visuals of Pandora.
  • It will take around 5 to 15 minutes to escape the TAP if you follow the right steps.
Before You Start: You have to first get some food from the canteen and then return back to the cryovault.

Alongside my guide, it’s worth considering eXputer’s video demonstration on escaping TAP for a more hands-on experience:

YouTube video

How To Escape TAP

Getting Fired At By RDA In Game
Getting Fired At By RDA – [Image Captured by me ]
You will start after the cutscene you get by reaching the Cryo Vault.

  1. Move forward and slide through the first small door in the corridor and move into the next room.
  2. Jump above the obstacles in the second room and slide through the closing door.
  3. Slide through the small opening on your right and perform a charged jump through the obstacles.
  4. Move ahead and jump onto the broken wall with a vent.
  5. Melee attack the vent to open it and move ahead and up the stairs.
  6. You will find another vent above, so crawl inside and breakthrough at the end.
  7. Enemies will fire at you, so slide and try to avoid getting hit by bullets.
  8. Slide through the closing door and move along the path until you hear the voice of a Na’vi Warrior.

Take Radio From So’lek

So'lek In Avatar Game
So’lek Warrior – [Image by me]
The Na’vi Warrior’s name is So’lek, and he will give you a radio communicator after meeting him. 

  1. Get inside the door with the Green light on top and move ahead until you see a vent on the floor.
  2. Drop down and keep following the path until you see the Floor 3 Walkway.
  3. Move up the stairs, and after getting inside the room, take a round turn from the middle wall.
  4. Get inside the vent on the right wall and crawl through it to find RDA soldiers.

Sneak Past The RDA Soldiers

Enemies With Flashlights in Avatar
Enemies On High Alert – [Image by me]
There will be RDA soldiers in the next room on high alert, so you have to sneak past the soldiers with a crouch.

  1. Move onto the right room and crouch past the soldiers on your right when they turn away.
  2. Make sure to walk from the window end when the RDA soldier leaves.
  3. Slide through the small opening in the next room and sprint past the soldiers without them noticing.
  4. Move up the stairs at the end of the corridor and get inside the next room through another small opening.

Open The Gym Door

Repairing Broken Wires For Gymnasium In Avatar
Repairing Broken Wires – [Image Captured by me ]
The next room will have soldiers rounding up below your level.

  1. Move toward the main huge window opening, and on the left, there will be a door to the gym.
  2. The door will be closed, and it can be opened by repairing the broken wires on the left side of the door.
  3. Move through the door and drop from the right side of the ledge.
  4. Drop down and move through the broken dropped vents.
  5. Sprint if any soldier spots you to avoid gunfire.
  6. Move along the path until you find blue bioluminescent moss on the floor.
  7. Keep moving along the path and slide through the small opening of your classroom.
  8. After going through the two mechanical doors, you get to the cutscene of a mecha hitting you.

Get Out Of TAP

Getting Out Of Tap In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora
Escaping TAP And Seeing Pandora – [Image by me]
After the cutscene breakthrough, the vent to get into the Generator room.

  1. Jump above the generator on the right and make a charged jump onto the pipe. 
  2. Move down the pipes by crouching and crawling.
  3. Head down the pipeline maintenance and drop down from the left opening at the end.
  4. Head up the big vine and jump onto the upper level.
  5. Move ahead and into the vent.
  6. By the end of the vent on your right, you will find an obvious opening with the sunlight.
  7. Move toward it to finally escape TAP.

So this is how you are able to escape TAP without having to wander off into different rooms. The mission is particularly difficult due to the various paths and rooms you can get into accidentally. It could remove you from the original path, making you backtrack your steps. It will be much easier if you just follow the steps mentioned above in the guide, as it took me 5 minutes to clear the entire mission. 

After the mission, you will be able to witness Pandora for the first time, and players on X have described the visuals as breathtaking! Do check out our recently published guide on whether there is romance in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, written by our editor, Irfan Ansari. Also, read our review of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.


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