Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: Best Ikran Skills [Top 6]

I have played Avatar Frontiers of Pandora for 30+ hours and these are the recommended skills to have for your Ikran!

After you manage to bond with your Ikran, you then unlock a branch on your skill tree, which is called the Memories Of The Rider. This branch is specially dedicated to the bond with your Ikran. There are many skills that can be unlocked by using Skill points, but since gathering skill points is a hard and long task, you would want to carefully choose the best skills for your Ikran in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. 

Key Takeaways
  • Memories of the Rider is a skill branched from the skill tree and is a collection of receivable Ikran skills.
  • There are a total of 9 Memories of the Rider Ikran skills. 
  • You must be careful with choosing the right skill to unlock in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.
  • These skills are essential to have in your skill tree to make your Ikran more useful. 

Best Ikran Skills Comparison

The following are my picks for best skills you can receive for Ikran: 

RankSkillDescriptionSkill Points Required
1Hunter's BoonThe most useful Rider skill. Replenishes the entire energy bar of Ikran with a flying takedown. Staggers nearby RDA units, setting them up for takedowns.3
2Flying TakedownThe best aerial battle skill. Allows Ikran to join the battle, counterattacking and finishing off staggered RDA Scorpions and RDA Samsons in the air. Loot from enemies automatically added to your inventory.3
3Barrel RollThe most underrated skill. An inexpensive defensive maneuver in aerial battles, allowing you to dodge attacks from RDA Scorpions and RDA Samsons.1
4Aerial Fishing IThe most efficient skill. Simplifies feeding Ikran by eliminating the need for hunting or cooking multiple types of food.2
5Favourite FoodThe most convenient skill. Doubles the duration of the buff provided by Ikran's favorite food, maximizing the benefits of feeding.2
6Improved EnergyThe best statistical enhancement skill. Provides a 20% boost in Ikran's energy, addressing the issue of fast energy depletion, especially during Speed Burst.3

6. Improved Energy

The best statistical enhancement skill.
Improved Energy Best Skill In Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
Improved Energy – [Screenshot By Me]
I chose this skill because of the tactical advantage you will have now, which you didn’t have before. 

Your Ikran runs out of energy really fast, especially if you are spamming the Speed Burst button for your Ikran. The Improved Energy provides you with an exponential boost of 20% in your Ikran’s energy. You should definitely prioritize getting this skill before anything else because your Ikran needs this boost! You will require Three skill points to acquire the skill, which is a bit much but definitely worth it.

5. Favourite Food

The most convenient skill.
Favourite Food Best Skill In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora
Favourite Food Skill – [Screenshot By Me]
I chose the skill because it gives you double the reward for your effort to gather food for Ikran.

When you try gathering the favorite food for your Ikran, it causes you to waste a lot of time just trying to feed Ikran for a minor buff.

You need something to make you go out of your way to search for Ikran’s favorite food. With the Favourite Food skill, the buff provided by the food will stay for double the amount of time it normally stays. It can help you get more out of feeding your Ikran, making it a necessary addition to your skill tree.

Also, consider going through our guide on the best weapons in Avatar to pair with these skills.

4. Aerial Fishing I

The most efficient skill
Aerial Fishing I In Game
Aerial Fishing I Skill-[Screenshot By Me]
I chose the Aerial Fishing skill because it makes feeding Ikran effortless.

It can be really stressful trying to gather food to replenish not only your energy but your Ikran’s as well. It can distract you from your main quest as you try to gather and cook more and more amounts of food.

With the help of the “Aerial Fishing I” skill, you will be able to feed your Ikran without having to go for a hunt or cook multiple types of food for it. It will, in turn, help you focus on more important tasks like finding out if there’s romance in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

3. Barrel Roll 

The most underrated skill
Barrel Roll As A Skill
Barrel Roll Skill – [Image By Me]
I chose this skill because it is an extremely cheap and easy-to-receive skill that helps in aerial battles, too.

Whenever you find yourself under attack by RDA Scorpions and RDA Samsons mid-air, you need some sort of defensive mechanism to help avoid these attacks.

Barrel Roll skill helps to dodge such attacks by performing a rolling maneuver by pressing either the “Square Button” with the “Left” analog stick for PS users or Shift with “A” or “D” for PC users. It costs only one skill point, so it is really cheap to acquire and use, making it an underrated skill. 

2. Flying Takedown

The best aerial battle skill
Flying Takedown From Memories Of The Rider
Flying Takedown Skill-[Screenshot By Me]
I chose the Flying Takedown skill because your Ikran joins the battle alongside you with the takedown.

Most of the time, your Ikran is just there to fly you to places and carry you through mid-air battles. Flying Takedown lets your Ikran join the battle by counterattacking and finishing off staggered RDA Scorpions and RDA Samsons in the air. If there are materials or loot to be gathered by the Samsons or Scorpions, they will automatically be added to your inventory. However, it will take 3 points to receive the Flying Takedown skill.

1. Hunter’s Boon

The most useful Rider skill
Hunter's Boon In Avatar
Hunter’s Boon Skill-[Screenshot By Me]
I chose the Hunter’s Boon because it is the most useful skill you can have from the Memories of the Rider branch. 

The Hunter’s Boon is an Apex Memory Skill, meaning it is bound to be the best skill for Ikran out of all of the Rider skills in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. With Hunter’s Boon, you will be able to replenish the entire energy bar of Ikran by doing a flying takedown on the enemy.

Another bonus thing is that if there are any other RDA units near you when you take down an enemy, they will get staggered, which you can then pair with the Flying Takedown ability to take them down as well. 

My Take On Ikran’s Skills 

My Game Hours Of Avatar
My Game Hours – [Image By Me]
I have played Avatar Frontiers of Pandora for about 30+ hours, and I found these Memories of Rider Ikran skills to be the best of the skill tree. After spending your skill points on these skills, you won’t really need another skill for Ikran or any other mount since these are enough to give you tactical advantages during your gameplay. Nonetheless, you will still have to grind and get additional skill points to acquire the aforementioned skills. 

So these were my take on the best skills in Avatar you can receive for your Ikran. Make sure to always remember that you have these skills by your side so that you can utilize these skills while playing the main storyline. Players have described Avatar Frontiers of Pandora as one of the most visually magnificent open-world games on Quora. Do check out our in-depth review of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora written by Huzaifah Durrani


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