Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Best Gear & Mods

I have played Avatar Frontiers of Pandora for about 30+ hours and these are the best gear you can choose for each body part.

The Gear system of AFOP consists of you covering 5 different parts of your body and having a statistical advantage of some sort. Having the best gear on is a really important part of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora gameplay. Mods are additional pieces of gear that can be put on for some sort of additional statistic that you want in the game. There are so many gear pieces and mods that you can find, but you must create a gear build that outdoes all of them.

Key Takeaways
  • You can find a total of 40 Gear pieces across Pandora.
  • There are five body parts where you can put on your gear.
  • Gears are the best form of defense that provide statistical advantages to your character.
  • You can add mods to your gear to get some more statistical advantages.
  •  Why Trust Us: After spending 30+ hours in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora collecting each piece of gear, I believe it is safe to say that you can trust the following guide and the information it gives.
My Game Hours Of Avatar
My Game Hours Of Avatar As See From The In-Game Settings – (Image Captured by Us) 

Best Gear In AFOP Compared

The following are the best gear you can find in AFOP:

GearTypeHealthAdditional StatsHow To ObtainBest For
Weaver HeadbandHead Guard30Stealth boost, 12% elemental resistance (with mod)Complete "Pushing Back" main questBest Early Headguard
Koranu's ShawlChest Guard36+15% weak spot damage, +20% base health (with mod)Crafting spec from Koranu at Aranahe Hometree ClanBest Looking Chest Guard
Koranu's SleeveArmguard32Wildlife and stealth damage resistance, +13% weak spot damage (with mod)Crafting spec from Koranu at Aranahe Hometree ClanBest Statistical Armguard
Dyer WaistwrapWaist Cloth48Stealth, wildlife damage resistance, increased staff sling special ammo capacity (with mod)Talk to Three Gatherers southeast of Mentor's River during "Field Research" questBest Stealth Increasing Waistwrap
Akru's Ankle GuardsAnkle Guards77Wildlife damage and elemental resistance, +12% Ikran stamina (with mod)Trade with Akru at The Circle of the Zeswa ClanBest Base Health Ankle Guards

1. Weaver Headband

Best Early Headguard.
Best Head Guard In Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
Weaver Headband As Seen From The Character Section In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora – (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose It: Offers 30 health and stealth boosts, with the Superior Zeswa Rider Headguard mod adding 12% elemental resistance.
Weakspot Damage15%
Melee Resistance2%
Elemental Resistance12%
  • Helps Negate Damage: You will be able to take a good amount of damage from your enemies.
  • Provides A Good Amount Of Resistance: It is one of the best head guards you can acquire.
  • Looks Good: It gets better when you add the Superior Zeswa Rider Headguard Mod to it.
  • Provides Elemental Resistance: It adds 12% elemental resistance.

How To Get

In order to get the Weaver Headband, you must follow up and complete the main quest called “Pushing Back.” 

2. Koranu’s Shawl

Best Looking Chest Guard.
Chest Guard In AFOP
Koranu’s Shawl In The Character Section of Game – (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Recommend It: Boosts weak spot damage by 15% with 36 health, plus Tsu’kiri’s Strap mod for additional base health.
Weakspot Damage15%
Wildlife Damage5%
  • Increase Additonal Weak Spot Damage: Helps you increase additional weak spot damage points by 15%.
  • Has Good HP: The gear has 36 HP and gives you stealth points and resistance against Wildlife Damage.
  • Food Buff: You will receive +20% base health when a food buff is active, and it is received from Tsu’kiri’s Strap Mod.
  • Has Exquisite Rarity: Its kind is exquisite, which is a great bonus. 

How To Get

You can get Koranu’s Shawl from Koranu as a crafting spec at the Aranahe Hometree Clan when you first explore and meet him. 

3. Koranu’s Sleeve

Best Statastical Armguard.
Armguard In Game
Koranu’s Sleeve Gear From The Character Section From The Options Menu – (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This Armguard: Provides 32 health with wildlife and stealth damage resistance, enhanced by the Zeswa Arm Bracelet mod.
Weakspot Damage15%
Melee Resistance2%
  • Is The Best Arm Guard:  After you add the Zeswa Arm Bracelet mod.
  • Good HP: The arm guard also has 32 points of health, which makes it a formidable defense gear.
  • Can Take AMPs: The Wildlife and stealth damage is great, but your gear build is also good enough to take on AMPs.
  • Additional Effect: The mod adds an additional weak spot damage of 13%.

How To Get

You can get Koranu’s Sleeve from Koranu as a crafting spec at the Aranahe Hometree Clan when you first explore and meet him. 

4. Dyer Waistwrap 

Best Stealth Increasing Waistwrap.
Best Waist Cloth Gear In Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
Dyer Waistwrap In The Character Settings Menu – (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Recommend Dyer Waistwrap: Boasts 48 health, stealth, and wildlife damage resistance, along with increased staff sling special ammo capacity.
Wildlife Damage8%
  • Edges Every Waistcloth: With a huge buff in health points the Dyer Waistwrap just edges every waistcloth.
  • Additonal Stealth Stat: You will have an additional increase in the Stealth statistic and Wildlife Damage.
  • Mod For Bombs: After adding the Seed Gatherer’s Pouch Waistclot the staff sling special bomb capacity increases. 
  • Looks Good: It’s also beautiful look-wise, but you can customize it using other cosmetics and visuals

How To Get

While gathering resources for the Field Research quest, you will find Three Gatherers southeast of Mentor’s River that will give you the Dyer Waist Wrap after you talk to them.

5. Akru’s Ankle Guards

Best Base Health Ankle Guards.
Ankle Guards Best One In Avatar
Ankle Guards – [Image Credit Copyright: me]
  • Why I Chose These Ankle Guards: Impressive 77 health points with wildlife damage and elemental resistance, and ankle guards for 12% Ikran stamina increase.
Wildlife Damage15%
Elemental Resistance5%
  • Amazing HP: Akru’s Ankle Guards is an amazing piece of gear that has a huge health point of 77 in AFOP.
  • Worth It: The Wildlife Damage and Element Resistance is worth using the equipment.
  • Feed Ikran Less: You can add the Ankle Guards that increase Ikran’s stamina by 12%, which is more than it sounds since you would have to feed Ikran less. 

How To Get 

In order to get Akru’s Ankle guards, you must trade them from Akru, who is an armor trader at The Circle of the Zeswa Clan.

My Take On The Best Gear

I have played Avatar Frontiers of Pandora for about 30+ hours, and these are the best mods and pieces of gear that you can equip for your Na’vi character. I found some of these very late in the game, like Akru’s Ankle Guards, but other than that, pretty much every mentioned gear is available pretty early on. These mods are an essential addition to your gear build, as the entire build needs them to work the best.

So these were the Best Gear you can acquire in AFOP. Make sure to keep the entire gear build, or just make small changes if you want. Do check out our review of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, which goes in-depth with its analysis of the game. Many players are complaining about the game mechanics on X and how the gear is having texture issues, which Ubisoft should fix right away. 


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