Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: 15 Best Skills [Our Picks]

I have played Avatar Frontiers of Pandora for 30+ hours and these are the best skills you can have in your skill tree!

The skill system of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora is divided into 5 branches. These branches have a combined total of 58 skills that can be unlocked using skill points. Acquiring these skill points can be really difficult due to the various mountain peaks you have to reach to get some skill points to spend along with ancestor skills. You can find the best skills in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora by weighing them against each other and seeing the ones that are the most worth it. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 58 available skills in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.
  • The skills are enveloped into five different skill trees controlling five different Na’vi elements.
  • Skills help to enhance your gameplay by giving you a slight edge in certain areas of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.
  • You do have to acquire a lot of skill points in order to unlock these many skills. 

My Best Skills In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

The following skills are the best skills you can receive in AFOP: 

RankSkillDescriptionSkill TreeSkill Points Required
15Larger Healing Pouch I And IIIncreases the healing pouch capacity for better survivability against enemy mechas.Memories of the Survivor2
14Vitality IIIBoosts base health by 90, providing a significant advantage in tougher missions against RDA enemies.Memories of the Survivor3
13Careful StepReduces damage from plants by 50%, enhancing survival during exploration in Pandora.Memories of the Survivor1
12Well PreparedUnlocks a fourth weapon slot for better adaptability and momentum in battles against the RDA.Memories of the Warrior3
11Heavy Bow ExpertIncreases base damage by +25% to arrows shot at enemies 50 meters away or more using the Heavy Bow.Memories of the Warrior2
10Spear Thrower ExpertBoosts base damage by +25% for spears thrown at targets at least 15 meters away with the Spear Thrower.Memories of the Warrior2
9Light Footed Hunter IIEnables silent running, aiding stealth during hunting by preventing prey from hearing the player.Memories of the Hunter2
8Lethal StalkerProvides a +25% damage bonus to the next foe attacked after stealth killing an unaware target within 10 seconds.Memories of the Hunter3
7Damage Bonus - Weak SpotsAdds +25 damage to weak spots of armored and high-health creatures, enhancing effectiveness against tougher enemies.Memories of the Hunter2
6Expert Forager I And IIExpands inventory space by 10 slots each for cooking ingredients and crafting materials, simplifying item management.Memories of the Maker3
5Sturdy ArrowsAllows the recovery of arrows after use, saving time and materials required for crafting.Memories of the Maker2
4Stable HandsMakes gathering resources easier, preserving their quality for better recipes.Memories of the Maker2
3Favorite FoodExtends the duration of Ikran's favorite food buff, making it more worthwhile.Memories of the Rider2
2Aerial FishingEnables Ikran to eat fish while flying low, replenishing energy. Aerial Fishing II provides more energy.Memories of the Rider1
1Flying TakedownEnables Ikran to participate in battles, performing takedowns on staggered RDA Scorpions and Samsons. Loot and materials are automatically transferred to the player's inventory.Memories of the Rider3

15. Larger Healing Pouch I, II

The best healing agent skill.

Larger Healing Pouch Best Skills In Avatar Frontiers Of PandoraLarger Healing Pouch – [Image Captured by us]

  • Why I Chose It: You won’t have to worry about healing since your healing pouch will be upgraded. 

Both Larger Healing Pouch skills do the same thing, which is to increase the healing pouches that you use to heal yourself during battle. The only difference is the requirement of skill points. These skills are the best skills you can acquire from the Memories of the Survivor branched skill tree in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. That is because you need to have additional healing pouches by your side whenever you are rounded up by enemy mechas.

14. Vitality III

The best gameplay benefactor skill.
Vitality III Best Skills In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora
Vitality III – [Image Captured by us]
  • Why I Chose It: You will be able to fight off enemies at a high level.

Having a better and bigger health bar never hurts. You can heal as much as you can with the pouches, but if your health bar isn’t big for some mission, you would just die. The Vitality increases your base health by 90, which is a huge boost. The skill does take three skill points to be received, but it is worth the additional health bar because as you progress in AFOP, you need a better base health because the RDA enemies get tougher. 

13. Careful Step 

The best survival skill.
Careful Step Best Skills In Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
Careful Step – [Image Captured by us]
  • Why I Chose It: You can run amok through jungles without worrying about getting your health depleted. 

One of the most underused and underappreciated skills out there is the Careful Step. Damage from plants is reduced by 50% with the help of Careful Step. While exploring, there are so many plants out there that are ready to deplete half of your health and energy. It takes a lot of food to recover so much health and energy, especially when you are hunting and can’t avoid plants. Careful Step really helps you become better at survival with this. 

12. Well Prepared 

The best inventory upgrade skill.
Well Prepared In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora
Well Prepared – [Image Captured by us]
  • Why I Chose It: You will now be able to hold all the main primary weapons that are required. 

The Well Prepared skills are an obvious addition to the list since it is essential to have them in your unlocked skill tree. Well Prepared lets you have a fourth weapon to be assigned as well in your wheels of weapons. You can assign a shotgun, a longbow, or weapons like spears to the fourth slot, which you can choose mid-battle. The constant switch between weapons can help you keep the momentum of your attack on the RDA.

For more on weapons consider reading our best weapons in Avatar guide by Obaid.

11. Heavy Bow Expert 

The best damage multiplying skill.
Heavy Bow Expert Best Skills In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora
Heavy Bow Expert – [Image Captured by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose It: Since most animals are normally 50 meters away, you would just get an additional damage bonus.

When you use the Heavy Bow, you expect it to have heavy damage, and it does, but sometimes it feels like the base damage is lacking. Heavy Bow Expert will increase +25% base damage to arrows that are shot at enemies 50 meters away at least. The ability has allowed me to kill so many incredible beasts over a distance within two to three shots. The Heavy Bow Expert is a must edition to your unlocked list of skills. 

10. Spear Thrower Expert

The most expendable skill.
Spear Thrower Expert In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora
Spear Thrower Expert – [Image Captured by us]
  • Why I Chose It: Your spear will now be of more use.

It takes a lot of time and effort to steadily aim a spear and throw it at an enemy, especially if you are using a controller. Sometimes, the damage can be pathetic, even if the shot is great. Spear Thrower Expert will increase the base damage of the spear by +25%, just like the Heavy Bow Expert does. The only catch is that the target should be at least 15 Meters away in order for you to get the bonus damage. 

9. Light Footed Hunter II

The best stealth skill.
Light Footed Hunter In AFOP
Light Footed Hunter- [Image Captured by us]
  • Why I Chose It: You have the real benefit of the stealth provided by the skill. 

You are able to remain dead silent even while you are running with the help of the Light Footed Hunter II skill. It is an extremely necessary skill you have to have immediately because it will help you hunt your prey better since they will no longer hear you sneaking up on them from the bushes. I received the skill using two skill points the minute I saw the description of it because the animals of Pandora run fast when they hear you.

8. Lethal Stalker 

The best hunter skill.
Lethal Stalker Skill In AFOP
Lethal Stalker – [Image Captured by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose It: It is a convenient way to kill multiple projectiles. 

Stealth killing is a common phenomenon while hunting in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. There are times when you have to kill multiple projectiles at the same time. In such instances, when you kill an unaware target, you move on to the next foe. With the ability of Lethal Stalker, you will gain an additional +25% damage to the next foe you attack after killing an unaware target. You have to attack again in under 10 seconds for it to work. 

7. Damage Bonus – Weak Spots 

The most effective hunting skill.
Damage Bonus In Game
Damage Bonus – Weak Spots – [Image Captured by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose It: You will be able to kill huge beasts with ease.

You will find that there are many huntable beasts that have armor on them and much longer health bars than some normal beasts. Such beasts have weak spots that you can scan using your Na’vi Sense. Damage Bonus – The weak Spots skill helps add an additional +25 damage to the weak spots of these beings. It is really useful against giant beings that are really hard to kill in one or two shots. 

6. Expert Forager I, II

The most convenient skill.
Expert Forager In AFOP
Expert Forager – [Image Captured by us]
  • Why I Chose It: You will be able to carry more items, and you won’t have to just drop the stuff.

Carrying cooking ingredients and crafting ingredients is a hassle since there is so little inventory default space for both of them. Expert Forager relinquished that problem by expanding your inventory to 10 more slots for cooking ingredients and crafting materials each. This can help you find and acquire more items to craft and cook. I know how much of a pain it was when I had to drop items for others, but Expert Forager fixes that. 

5. Sturdy Arrows 

The best bow skill.
Sturdy Arrows In AFOP
Sturdy Arrows – [Image Captured by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose It: It makes crafting arrows useless, as you can now retrieve them, and it is convenient. 

You lose a lot of arrows while aiming to kill your prey in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. Sturdy Arrows give you the ability to pick arrows back up after using them on your prey. It will save you the time and materials required to craft the arrows constantly. It is my personal favorite maker skill because I don’t have to waste my time looking for crafting materials for my hunting arrows. 

4. Stable Hands 

The best resource farming skill.
Stable Hands Skills In The Game
Stable Hands – [Image Captured by us]
  • Why I Chose It: The skill will, in turn, help you gather resources in pristine condition.

There are a lot of resources and items spread across the world of Pandora, and in order to retrieve them, you have to snatch them off of their place. If you manage to hold the resource for too long and move it too much, you can ruin its quality. Stable Hands makes gathering resources easier and, in turn, lets you gather resources in pristine conditions. It helps to make the recipes a whole lot better and exquisite. 

3. Favorite Food 

The most helpful skill.
Favourite Food Best Skill In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora
Favorite Food Skill-[Screenshot By Me]
  • Why I Chose It: Gathering favorite food for Ikran becomes worth it.

Ikran’s Favorite Foods can sometimes be hard to gather, and the buffs that come along with it feel like it’s not worth it. Favorite Food makes the length of the buff received from Ikra’s favorite food longer. It doubles the time of the buff, making you get the statistical or other buff to go for a longer amount of time. Now, with this skill, gathering and then feeding Ikran its favorite food becomes worth it. 

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2. Aerial Fishing I, II

The most fun skill.
Aerial Fishing I In Game
Aerial Fishing I Skill-[Screenshot By Me]
  • Why I Chose It: It saves so much time that would be wasted in gathering food resources for Ikran.

Gathering resources and meat for your energy and then Ikran’s energy can become exhausting. It also distracts you from your main mission since you may have to land and get items to feed your Ikran if you already don’t have it in your inventory. Aerial Fishing lets your Ikran eat fish while staying low above the water, which replenishes a lot of its energy. Aerial Fishing II lets your Ikran have more energy from the fish it eats.

1. Flying Takedown

The best skill to have.
Flying Takedown From Memories Of The Rider
Flying Takedown Skill-[Screenshot By Me]
  • Why I Chose It: It helps make Ikran really helpful during battles.

Flying Takedown is one of the best skills you can have for your Ikran because it lets Ikran get involved in battles and fight back. Ikran is now able to takedown RDA Scorpions and Samsons while they are staggered. If there is any loot or materials you can get from them, it automatically gets transferred to your inventory. I chose this because it is fun to use, and it is really effective when you want to finish off multiple Samsons and Scorpions.

My Take On The Best Skills 

My Game Hours Of Avatar
My Game Hours – [Image By Me]
I have played Avatar Frontiers of Pandora for 30+ hours, and these were the best skills that I found in the game. Each one of them is important to have because they aid you in both battles and exploration. I am an explorer myself, so I need that extra pouch space. My favorite skill has to be Expert Forager I and II from Memories of the Maker. It is up to your personal preference, but I highly suggest you have these skills unlocked in their respective skill trees. 

So these are the best skills among the 58 available skills that the game has to offer. These skills are an amazing way to enhance your gameplay experience by giving you slight edges as you progress through the storyline and exploration of AFOP. While talking about skills, Avatar Frontiers of Pandora has managed to only have the skill tree enhance your character, but its visuals enhance your wildlife photography skills, as said by some X users.

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