Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora: How To Unlock Co-op

Learn everything about the co-op mod and how to unlock it with some other details below.

Co-op Mod is available in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, but it is not accessible at the start. You can play with your friends, but for that, you will have to play the main story and do The Aranahe Clan quest in order to unlock the co-op.

Key Takeaways
  • In Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, the co-op mode can be unlocked after doing the main story.
  • Players will have to finish The Aranahe Clan quest to unlock co-op.
  • The progression in co-op will be the same as the progression while playing solo.
  • The difficulty, in some cases, depends on the difficulty that the host sets in-game.
  • Avatar Frontiers of Pandora features a crossplay between all the platforms on which it has been released.

How To Unlock The Co-op 

Co-op In Avatar Frontiers In Pandora (Image By Me)

You can unlock the co-op by doing The Aranahe Clan quest in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.

The quest won’t make you wait for a long time as it comes petty early. The first few missions in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora aren’t hard. So, you might be able to reach the quest soon enough. It is the sixth main mission, where you will meet an Aranahe Clan envoy, and you will have to convince the clan to join the resistance. 

The mission can take some of your time, so I will advise you to look for Aranahe Hometree in Silk Woods as soon as possible. After that, just progress with the mission accordingly, and the co-op will be unlocked. 

Progression & Difficulty In Co-op

Open World (Screenshot By Obaid)

If you want to have a solo experience in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, then I wouldn’t recommend you play in co-op. You can go into the world of another player who has unlocked the co-op and can partake in the earliest missions. It implements even if you are almost near the end. 

Any progress that your friend helps you to make, whether in the main mission or the open world, will be considered permanent. So, if you are having a hard time with a mission, you can ask your friend to help you out. 

  • Regarding the difficulty, the player’s in-game difficulty setting matters.
  • However, that will not always be the case.
  • If you have settings set to normal and your friend’s settings are set to higher difficulty, and your friend is the host, then in some instances, the world will adapt to higher difficulty for you, too. 
  • It means that in some missions, the enemy’s power level will be measured by the difficulty of what the host has set in-game. 

Is There Crossplay In Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Yes, Avatar Frontiers of Pandora is crossplay supported between all the platforms it has been released. So it doesn’t matter if you are playing on a PC, Xbox, or a PlayStation. You will be able to play it with your friends despite the platform differences. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about the co-op in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora and how to unlock it. I have spent over 10 hours playing Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, and the open world fascinates me. On top of that, playing with a friend enhances the overall experience. So, I would highly recommend playing it with your friend for a better experience. 

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