Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora: How To Use SID

SID or System Interrogation Device is an important gadget that you will have in your Arsenal and you must know how to use it!

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora provides you with various gadgets and devices to help your Ra’vi character, and SID is just one of these devices. It is an unmissable gadget because it becomes available to you during the main storyline missions. It is an essential device that you need during the exploration of Pandora to hack multiple enemy gadgets and make it easier for you to infiltrate multiple RDA facilities and buildings. 

Key Takeaways
  • SID is a gadget given to you by Alexander Treymayne during the “Welcome to the Resistance” mission.
  • You can use SID to hack different doors, open RDA crates, reroute power, and disable enemy turrets.
  • In order to hack the devices, you must play a line tracing mini-game.
  • The mini-game will get more difficult as you progress.
  • Stealth is essential while hacking enemy devices during a battle.
  • You may choose to avoid the mini-game entirely by automating it in the settings. 

Here’s a hands-on experience from eXputer’s YouTube channel to using Sid to Find the Frequency and solve the puzzle:

YouTube video

How Do You Get SID?

Doctor Alexander In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora
Doctor Alexander Tremayne – [Image Captured by me ]
You get SID during the first main storyline mission called “Welcome to the Resistance”. 

  1. Upon reaching the Resistance Head Quarters, you will have a tour of the Head Quarters.
  2. After meeting multiple allies and mentors, you will eventually meet a scientist called Alexander Tremayne.
  3. He is a human scientist and will help heal your fellow Ra’vi mate, So’lek.
  4. Alex will introduce you to the SID gadget, and you won’t have to do much to get it.
  5. Once you’re done with the introduction to SID, you will have to do a tutorial on fixing nodes using the SID in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. 

How Do You Use SID?

Frequency Tracking
Frequency Stacking – [Screenshot by me ]
You can use SID by pressing L1 + Triangle on PlayStation, LB + Y on Xbox, and 5 on PC. 

  1. It is the only way to bring out the SID in the game.
  2. Once you pull it out, you must aim at the electronic device like the Wrench Node you want it to hack.
  3. After you aim it at a device like the electrical nodes, you must press the Fire button to match the frequency.
  4. There will be two circles.
  5. One expands, and contracts, and the other circle remains stationary. 
  6. Overlap the circles by pressing the fire trigger or button with the right pressure.
  7. Once it overlaps, release the button to confirm the matched frequency. 

How To Hack With SID? 

Mini Game Using SID
Mini Game With SID – [Image by me]
You must play the line tracking minigame in order to hack different types of electronic devices. 

  1. After following the wire path to the faulty node, you must once again match the frequency. 
  2. You must aim back at the faulty node after matching the frequency to start a minigame.
  3. It will be displayed with a blue square projection with a timer on top of it.
  4. You must follow the right path to the green dot displayed on the screen in order to complete hacking.
  5. There will be a few dead ends you will have to watch out for.
  6. The timer and difficulty will change after you progress more in the storyline.
  7. My advice is to take a step back, analyze the right path, and then move to cursor so you don’t waste time.
Important: You can automate the hacking by setting it to auto-complete in Settings, as it will let you use SID without having to solve the puzzles.

What Is The Purpose Of SID?

Hacking Machines In Game
Hacking A Generator – [Screenshot by me ]
The purpose of SID is to hack different types of enemy devices during infiltration and other missions.

  1. You can use SID to open up different RDA crates for mechanical spare parts, food, and other resources. 
  2. Another use for SID is to open up different doors.
  3. The main one is to reroute power by following a path of wire and fixing malfunctioning nodes.
  4. In battle, there will be different enemy turrets that you have to disable using the SID in battle.
Important: Remain Stealthy when on the battlefield and using SID because you will be vulnerable during the hacking state.

So this is how you use and equip SID without much effort. You will have to get used to the puzzles and mini-games since they will get more difficult ahead. Players are gathering up on X to admire the aesthetics and different exploration features of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora


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