Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora: How To Complete Gatherer Gone

Here is the fastest and most easiest way to complete Gatherer Gone an find the gatherer!

Gatherer Gone is a really fun quest that requires incredible detective skills to solve the challenges the quest throws at you in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. The quest itself wasn’t hard for me to complete, but there was a lot of guessing instead of actually doing groundwork to solve the challenges of Gatherer Gone. This is why a guide is needed to complete the entire quest without having to waste hours wondering where the next clue leads!

Key Takeaways
  • You get the Gatherer Gone quest after meeting Neytu at the Aranahe Clan Home Tree in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.
  • Vu’an is Neytu’s sister, and you must her by tracking her down from her Gathering Spot.
  • Following Na’vu’s Herb bag trail will lead you to her in a cave in Wildwood Den.
  • Kill some Viperwolves and meet Na’vu back at the Shaded Grove Clan Tree to complete Gatherer Gone.
  • You will get Vu’ans Sleeve Armguard,  Its crafting recipe, The Gatherer Gone body paint pattern, one skill point, and three Clan Favors in AFOP.

Make sure to also explore eXputer’s video tutorial on completing the Gatherer Gone quest:

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How To Complete Gatherer Gone

Gatherer Gone Quest In Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
Gatherer Gone Quest – [Image Captured by me ]
In order to unlock Gatherer Gone, you will have to meet the Aranahe Clan in their Hometree located In Silk Woods. 

  1. Once in the Weaver’s Den, you will have to speak to Neytu
  2. On the western side of Weaver’s Den, you will find Neytu, which is located in front of Koranu.
  3. Koranu is the Na’vi Character from whom you buy armor and other items, so he is easy to spot.
  4. After speaking with Neytu, you will find out that her sister, Vu’an, is missing, and her last spotted location was Shaded Grove. 

Shaded Grove Camp

Shaded Grove Camp Location In AFOP
Shaded Grove Camp Location – [Image Credit Copyright: me]
Track the mission so you are able to head to the Shaded Grove Camp if it isn’t already unlocked for fast travel. 

  1. Shaded Grove manually can be found on the south-western side of Gossamer Lakes.
  2. Go inside and toward the side wooden terrace of the tree.
  3. You will find a Na’vi named Lurei by the bongos. 
  4. Lurei will lead you to another place where Vu’an could be since she can’t hear her music.
  5. She will tell you to head toward the North as she saw Vu’an gathering herbs there.

Vu’an’s Gathering Spot

Wisdom Lake Location In AFOP
Wisdom Lake – [Image by me]
  1. You will have to get down the Shaded Grove Camp and start heading north.
  2. Mount your Ikran to fly toward the north until you reach Wisdom Lake.
  3. Reach the northern side of the lake, where there’s a bent-over tree trunk.
  4. Get on top to be inside the investigation quest area.
  5. The gathering spot will have signs of an investigation.
  6. You have to know to pair up a bunch of clues that lead to the inquiry of what happened at the spot.

Finding Clues

Investigation Point In AFOP
Vu’an’s Herb Bag – [Image Credit Copyright: me]
There are four clues to find at the Gathering spot, which you can find using your Na’vi Senses:

  • Scattered Arrows
  • Slashed Herb Bag
  • Broken Bow
  • Dead Viperwolf
  1. Drop down from the fallen tree trunk, and you will find the Slashed Herb Bag just underneath the trunk in the lake.
  2. Just behind the bag, you will see some Scattered Arrows.
  3. Now, head down into the woods on the southwest side of the jungle, where you will find Dead Viperwold.
  4. Right next to the Viper, you will see that there is a Broken bow towards its right as well. 
  5. Now, you will have found all the clues, and you just have to pair the clues with each other.
  6. Pair Slashed Herb Bag with Dead Viperwolf
  7. Pair Broken Bow with Scattered Arrows
  8. You will now be able to track Vu’an’s scent. 

Tracking Scent

Track Scent In Game
Track Scent – [Screenshot by me ]
  1. The next step is to track the scent of the herb bag that Vu’an was carrying.
  2. With the help of your Na’vi Senses, you will easily be able to track down the scent.
  3. Players have complained about the navigation system of AFOP on X, but Na’vi Senses is the best tool for it.
  4. Eventually, you will find Vu’an sitting in Wildwood Den at the north of the Wisdom River.
  5. She will ask you to clear out some Viperwolves.
  6. I suggest you use a superior Jackhammer to kill them.
  7. After clearing them out, you will have to kill some more on the western side using your best weapons.
  8. Land on them using Ikran’s best skills as well, so they get staggered.
  9. Eventually, you will have to meet Vu’an back at Shaded Grove hometree.
  10. Speaking Vu’an again will have completed the quest, and you will get rewarded.

Gatherer Gone Rewards

Quest rewards For Gatherer Gone In Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
Quest rewards – [Image by me]
You will get the following rewards for the completion of Gatherer Gone:

  • Vu’ans Sleeve Armguard and Its Crafting Recipe
  • The Gatherer Gone Body Paint pattern.
  • One skill point
  • Three Clan Favor

This is how you complete Gatherer Gone in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. If you follow these exact steps, you will be able to complete the Gatherer Gone extremely easily. Do check out our review of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, where we dig deep into the game to tell you whether it’s worth it or not. Also, check out our recently published article on how to get a canopy root written by our Guide Writer, Obaid ur Rehman. 


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