Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora: How To Get A Canopy Root

Here is my recommendation on how and where to find a Canopy Root in-game.

Canopy Root is a material used in crafting a Heavy Bow, so it is a rare item that is not easy to find in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. Players are having a hard time finding it, and I don’t blame them. The material can be found on trees, so using the Na’vi senses can help.

Key Takeaways
  • Canopy Root is a material in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora that is used to craft a Heavy Bow.
  • You can find a Canopy Root right next to Gossamer Lakes.
  • It can be found around 300 meters south of the Tarsyu Sapling.
  • Use the Na’vi senses to be able to find the Canopy Root.
  • Players can also use inspect to find out its rarity.
  • Now, players should find an Exquisite Canopy Root and perform a perfect harvest.

If you’re looking for a visual tutorial, here’s a video from eXputer’s YouTube channel on finding a Canopy Root:

YouTube video

Where To Find Canopy Root

You can find a Canopy Root on the tree just at the right of Gossamer Lakes. 

Follow these steps to get a Canopy Root:

  1. First of all, use fast travel to whatever is the nearest to Gossamer Lakes.
  2. After that, you can either use Ikran, or you can just be on your foot as it won’t be too far away.
  3. Then pass by the Woodprite Arches, and when you are at Tarsyu Sapling, head south.
  4. Just after around 300 meters, use the Na’vi senses, and you will use the Canopy Root glowing.
  5. Before finding them, you should pin them from the Hunter’s Guide, as it will make it easier.
  6. Now, when you see a purple glowing thing via the Na’vi Senses, use inspect and see whether it is a Canopy Root or not.
    Canopy Root (Image By Me)
  7. If it is a Canopy Root, then it is time to Harvest it in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. 
  8. Inspecting will also reveal whether the material is exquisite or not.
  9. So, if you want an exquisite one, and the one you are inspecting is not, move on to the other one.
    Exquisite Canopy Root (Screenshot By Obaid)
  10. Once you find it, simply harvest it.
  11. Make sure to pull off a perfect harvest, and that can be done by pulling to the top left.
  12. I would recommend you harvest it during the day as the quality will be finest at that time.
    Perfect Harvest (Capture By Obaid)
  13. As soon as you have the Exquisite Canopy Root, you can go on and craft the Heavy Bow you wanted to craft.

My Experience With Finding A Canopy Root

Canopy Root can be hard to find, but looking at the hunter’s guide and using  Na’vi sense makes it fairly easy. 

Many players tend to ignore things like Hunter’s Guide, but it is very useful. I managed to find the Canopy Root thanks to it and the Na’vi senses. Both of these will surely help you out through the journey. So, make sure to use them from time to time. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about the canopy Root in Avatar Frontiers of  Pandora. Your goal should be to get the perfect harvest and get the Exquisite Canopy Root, and then craft the Heavy Bow you desire. You should read a complete and thorough review of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora by Huzaifa Durrani.

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