Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora: How To Get Blaze Fruit

Learn how to get Blaze Fruit and its exquisite version in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora and carry this rare ingredient in the game.

Crafting gear and cooking meals are some of the interesting core mechanics in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, and both require items or ingredients to make a product. Blaze Fruit is one such rare cooking ingredient that can be obtained after you have unlocked your flying mount in the game. 

Key Takeaways
  • Blaze Fruit, a rare cooking ingredient, becomes available after unlocking the flying mount in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.
  • Obtain Blaze Fruit by harvesting the Whip Leaf plant located south of the Resistance Headquarters in the Rising Spires region.
  • Identify the distinct plant with yellow-green tendrils on tall rocky structures while flying on Ikran.
  • The rare Blaze Fruit is exclusively found at high altitudes and on the outer walls of tall stones, requiring the Ikran flying mount.
  • Obtain Exquisite Blaze Fruit by approaching the Whip Leaf plant during rain or manually changing the weather at the firepit.

I’d suggest watching eXputer’s video guide on finding Blaze Fruits for a more hands-on experience:

YouTube video

How To Find Blaze Fruit

High Altitude rocks containing White Leaf plant that gives Blaze Fruit [Image by Me]
The best place to get Blaze Fruit easily in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora is finding the Whip Leaf plant south of the Resistance Headquarters in the Rising Spires region.

That is because there is no plant named “Blaze Fruit” or Blaze that could yield this ingredient after looting. Only harvesting a Whip Leaf plant gives you Blze Fruit. 

  • After you have found tall rocky structures, try looking at the outsides of these stones, and you will find a distinct plant.
  • Find the flora with yellow-green tendrils carrying red fruit.
  • Once you have spotted it while flying on Ikran, approach it closely and harvest the plant to get Blaze Fruit in the game. 

Additionally, you need to unlock the Ikran flying mount first before you can get Blaze Fruit in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. That is because this rare item is only found at very high altitudes and on the outer wall of tall stones. It makes harvesting Blaze Fruit without Ikran an impossible feat. 

If your inventory is full or you have a weapon equipped while riding Ikran, the Blaze Fruit ingredient can not be acquired while getting close to the Whip Leaf plant. 

How To Get Exquisite Blaze Fruit

Whip Leaf [Image by eXputer]
The higher the quality of Blaze Fruit, the better ingredients it makes for while cooking in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. That is why you should always try to get exquisite rarity instead of the common one. 

To get the highest quality Blaze Fruit, players must approach the Whip Leaf plant when it rains. The weather in the game cycles automatically; just in case you do not see it rain, go to the firepit and change the weather to rain. 

After that, venture to the altitude of the mountains or these stone places that I mentioned above and there will be a high chance you find a Whip Leaf plant that gives Exquisite quality Blaze Fruit. 

How To Unlock Ikran

You need your mount to get Blaze Fruit and to unlock Ikran in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora to complete the Take Flight main quest. At the end segment of this main mission, you will get your flying mount, and after that, exploring Pandora from the sky becomes available.  

My Take On Blaze Fruit

Blaze Fruit is not just an ingredient, but donating this at Clan Contribution in Na’vi camps and larger settlements gives you Clan Favor. A single piece would just do it instead of other items where you contribute a larger quantity. While there are merits of going at length and acquiring Blaze Fruit in the game, I, for one, do not recommend players going out of limb just for the sake of farming this material. 

That is everything you need to know about the Blaze Fruit and Whip Leaf plant in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. Now that you know about this adventure, I suggest you also read how to destroy the generator, how to change appearances and cosmetics, and how to find bark in the game. 


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