Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora: How To Heal [All Methods]

There are various methods to replenish the lost health and therefore it is wise you grasp the idea how to heal!

Healing is one of the important features in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora that allows your Na’vi to survive any threat in Pandora, be it RDA or otherwise. However, there are limitations to healing in the game. That is why it is imperative you learn how to heal in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora so that you continue fighting against threats and die less.   

Key Takeaways
  • Avatar Frontiers of Pandora emphasizes healing for survival against threats.
  • Immediate healing options include consuming Dapophet Pods and Medkits.
  • Dapophet Pods, found near water, can be upgraded for increased capacity.
  • Medkits, rarer and found in RDA bases, have a limited carrying limit like Dapophet Pods.
  • Food items indirectly replenish health by restoring Energy.
  • Maintaining stocked Energy is crucial for passive healing and fast travel.
  • Increasing base health is the best strategy for better survival.
  • Rare Bellsprig flowers, discovered through exploration, permanently boost base health.

For additional help, check out eXputer’s video tutorial on healing in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora:

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How To Heal

Consuming Dapophet Pods and medkits are two direct ways to heal instantly in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. 

You also regain the lost health once outside the combat, and this mechanic is triggered passively. Similarly, consuming food items to replenish the lost Enery meter also heals your Na’vi in the game. 

1. Dapophet Pods

Dapophet Pods [Image By eXputer]
The Dapophet Pods are abundant in the wilderness of Pandora and will mostly be found near watery areas of the game. This is a plant whose head is blue, and the rest of the body has glowing little tendrils, as seen in the image here. 

You will get Dapophet Pods every time you interact with this plant in the game. This item goes into your inventory as a health pouch and remains there until you use it. The catch is you can only hold two Dapophet Pods at a time by default, and more can be carried by increasing the health pouch. 

Important: For starters, players can unlock two upgrades to increase Dapophet Pods carrying capacity: Larger Healing Pouch I and Larger Healing Pouch II. Every time you upgrade, you will be able to increase the pouch by one healing item. 

2. Medkits

Alternatively, when you’re away from the watery areas and venturing into RDA bases or places that require indoor infiltration, then Medkits are the items that heal you. These are a bit rarer than Dapophet Pods and are not easy to spot as well.

Look for small green containers or boxes while exploring RDA bases. If you find one, grab it, and you will find a Medkit item in your health pouch afterward. Medkits replenish the same amount of health as Dapophet Pods, and getting them while clearing RDA bases is one of the best ways to heal your Na’vi.  

Similar to Dapophet Pods, you can carry only two Medkits, so again, this also limits the potential to heal on the fly and restricts you from being reckless in combat. 

Food Items

Cooking Meal For Food [Image by Me]
While Dapophet Pods and Medkits are the direct methods of healing your Na’vi in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, eating food items to replenish Energy is an indirect way of recovering lost health.

If your Energy meter is drained fully, you cannot fast travel or heal passively. That is why I highly recommend you keep stocks of food items and keep Energy up so that slow and passive healing stays active whenever you need it.  

You can always use a cooking station to cook meals and keep them with you whenever your Energy meter is about to get drained. Each meal involves a primary ingredient and a secondary modifier that gives the type of buff you get after consuming this particular meal. 

How To Increase Health Bar

Bellsprig Flower [Image by eXputer]
While survival hinges on the default two healing items in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, it is wise to increase the base health as well. If you have more health, you get enough space to keep hitting enemies hard and not worry much about dying frequently.

In Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, you can’t increase your health by doing quests or moving through the story like usual. The best way to boost your health is by finding and interacting with Bellsprig trees.

Finding and interacting with the rare Bellsprig flowers increases the base health permanently. These plants are hard to find, but seeking them out while exploring the world of Pandora is a worthy reward. 

Important: One of the early Bellsprig flowers you can find is up the Western cliff of Dyer’s Bowl. A blue dot will appear on the map if you have explored an area containing this plant but did not get a chance to interact with it.

Another method to boost your health quickly in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora is using the skill tree system. Go to the Survivor Tree’s Memories section and unlock the three Vitality perks. Consider finding saplings and Bellsprig Flowers simultaneously for an even better outcome.

My Take On Healing

I find the healing mechanic in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora a complex system that forces players not to rush enemy encounters. The difficulty is forced upon players and emphasizes investing more hours in upgrading health pouches and base health, which I find unnecessary. 

Additionally, you can’t know your current health or how much tougher you become with a permanent increase in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. Despite the mystery, having more health is always beneficial, especially for upcoming battles with the RDA. Keep an eye out for Bellsprig trees to boost your health.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about how to heal in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. Before you leave, I recommend going through how to use SID, how to unlock Co-op, and is there romance in the game guides to enrich your game knowledge. 


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