Lethal Company: How To Spot & Deal With The Ghost Girl

Learn how to spot the Ghost Girl's presence and how to deal with one if you or your teammate ever encounter it.

In Lethal Company, the Ghost Girl, also known as DressGirlAI, stands out as the rarest and most formidable monster, making encounters with her more challenging. You could face the Lethal Company Ghost Girl at any place and time, but these encounters are rather rare and are most likely fatal.

Key Takeaways
  • Ghost Girl is the rarest and most dangerous monster to face in Lethal Company.
  • She tends to attack those who spend a lot of alone time in the dark.
  • The presence of the Ghost Girl can be spotted by flickering lights and eerie giggles.
  • Only one teammate can see the Ghost Girl at a time as she moves on to the next teammate after killing one.

Who Is Ghost Girl 

lethal company ghost girl
The Ghost Girl [Image by Me]
The Ghost Girl is the rarest and most dangerous monster you encounter in Lethal Company.

She is easily the worst monster you can encounter in Lethal Company. She drops signs of her following you, and soon, you can expect to encounter her as a ghost girl in a red dress. Unlike other monsters in Lethal Company, there’s no fixed spawn point for the Ghost Girl. She finds you randomly, adding an unpredictable element to the game. 

Selective Visibility: What sets Ghost Girl apart is her selective visibility. Only one player can see her at a time. If you find yourself facing her, your teammates might remain unaware of her presence as they can’t even see her. 

How To Spot Ghost Girl’s Presence

The presence of the Ghost Girl can be spotted by flickering lights and eerie giggles.

The Ghost Girl’s appearances are extremely rare, but some indicators can signal your impending encounter with the red-dressed nightmare. If you see flickering lights, giggling, and muffled sounds, run from that place, as the Ghost Girl will spawn shortly after that.

How To Avoid Encountering The Ghost Girl

Don’t wander alone [Captured by Me]
You can avoid being the Ghost Girl’s target by sticking with your team and avoiding wandering alone in dark places.

Prolonged isolation in the dark increases your Insanity Level. It is believed that the Ghost Girl tends to attack those with higher insanity levels. To minimize this risk, stick to groups and maintain constant communication with teammates using the Walkie-Talkie to keep your insanity level in check.

While it remains uncertain whether she only attacks players with higher insanity levels, teamwork, and communication are your best shots at avoiding facing the Ghost Girl’s relentless haunt in Lethal Company.

How To Deal With The Ghost Girl

The only way to deal with the Ghost Girl is to run. You can not defeat her, so escaping the moon is the only option.

Of all the monsters in Lethal Company, the Ghost Girl ranks among the deadliest. She flickers and teleports around the targeted player before randomly delivering a fatal blow. Defeating her is out of the question, so survival hinges on a quick escape.

  • Sprint to Safety: Move quickly towards the ship to evade her relentless pursuit.
  • Team Rally: Gather your teammates to enhance your chance of survival.
  • Escape the Moon: As the Ghost Girl can teleport onto your ship, fleeing to another moon is the only option.

Should a crew member fall victim to her, the Ghost Girl will redirect her focus to another player. Escaping her clutches is near impossible, and conventional weapons like the Zap Gun prove futile against this formidable foe.

My Thoughts

The Ghost Girl is easily the most dangerous monster in Lethal Company. You just can not defeat her, and the worst part is that your teammates can’t even help you. So, if you are unlucky enough to be on the Ghost Girl’s list, your best chance of survival is to run for your life and escape that moon. 

That’s about it from my side regarding the Ghost Girl in Lethal Company. To learn more about the game, head over to eXputer’s review of Lethal Company.

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You can run if she starts chasing you but she will do it for a while before disappearing so drop everything and run

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