5 Best Moons In Lethal Company [Expert Picks]

Explore the best moons in Lethal Company, and learn how to select and navigate through them for an exciting co-op survival horror experience.

Lethal Company has 8 special Moons, apart from The Company Building, where players can explore for fun or profit. Figuring out which Moon is the most enjoyable and which brings the most profit can be tricky.

Key Takeaways
  • Lethal Company features eight unique moons for exploration, each with distinct monsters, environments, and scrap.
  • Among the paid moons, Titan is recommended for experienced players due to its high hazard level and valuable scrap.
  • Dine and Rend are also paid moons, with Dine having a higher risk but abundant loot, while Rend is cheaper and provides good value.
  • March is a free moon and serves as an intermediate level, making it suitable for newer crews transitioning from Experimentation.
  • To select a moon, use the console command ‘Moons’ and then type ‘Route [Moon Name].’
  • Titan is considered the best Moon for a challenging experience, while Experimentation is recommended for beginners in Lethal Company.

Why Trust Us: Haris has over 60 hours in Lethal Company, so you can rely on his recommendations and trust his choices that are derived from experience.

Moons are planets or places that crews can explore in Lethal Company. Each Moon has its unique monsters, environment, and loot. The weather on each Moon can also be different each time you land.

Important: There are 8 unique moons in Lethal Company that players can explore: Experimentation, Assurance, Vow, Offense, March, Rend, Dine, and Titan. The company building is not really a moon since players can only sell scrap there.

Best Lethal Company Moons To Land On

all moons in lethal company
Lethal Company: List of All Moons [image by eXputer]
Among the 8 Moons, the following is the list of the 5 best Lethal Company Moons:

NamePrice Hazard Level

5. Dine

A cheaper and less challenging version of Titan.
lethal company dine
Landing on Dine in Lethal Company [image by eXputer]
Dine is quite similar to Rend, but its Main Entrance is a bit farther from your ship. It’s also a bit more expensive than Rend, coming in at 600 credits. This also indicates that the loot will be abundant. However, with the increased prices comes a greater risk of death.

Both Rend and Dine require following the lights from your ship to find the Main Entrance. They both offer a lot of scraps to sell, but they have harsh terrain, indoor and outdoor threats, and difficult creatures. 

Dine has an S hazard level, just second to Titan, making it one of the toughest to survive. It’s advisable to come to Dine with a full crew to ensure you don’t waste your 600 credits on a simple visit.

Name: Dine
Population: None
Conditions: Frozen, rocky. Its planet orbits a white dwarf star.
Fauna: Unlikely for complex life to exist.

4. March

Best for transition from Experimentation to higher difficulty moons.
lethal company march moon
Rainy March Moon [image captured by eXputer]
March acts as a stepping stone to tougher moons after Experimentation and is a decent middle-ground choice. Unlike the harsher moons, March is more relaxed and doesn’t throw tough challenges like the Jester or ghost girl in the red dress at you.

What’s excellent about March is that it’s the easiest Moon in Lethal Company to navigate, though you need to be careful of the ravine and the lake to the right of the ship front. March has three Fire Exits and may spawn Bee Hives.

Being one of the free moons, March is a good choice between the free and pricey options. There’s a chance of running into Circuit Beehives or the Forest Keeper, but overall, March is an excellent pick for a free moon.

Name: March
Population: Abandoned
Conditions: Expansive. Constant rain.
Fauna: Diverse

3. Rend

Best Cheapest Moon.
lethal company rend moon
Landing on Rend Moon in Lethal Company [image by eXputer]
Rend is a great map because it’s easy to find the main entrance, thanks to the lights, even in foggy and blizzardy weather. Compared to the other two paid moons, Rend is the cheapest at 550 credits but still provides good loot.

Rend has a shorter path from the ship to the main entrance, and reaching the Fire Exit doesn’t require extra equipment. This makes Rend an excellent choice for a budget Moon with good scrap. 

Overall, Rend is better than Dine because of its price to scrape value, but it is not as good as compared to Titan.

Name: Rend
Population: None
Conditions: Frozen, rocky. Its planet orbits a white dwarf star.
Fauna: Unlikely for complex life to exist.

2. Experimentation

Experimentation comes just second due to the convenient ship landing and beginner friendly difficulty.
lethal company experimentation
Landing on a rainy Experimentation Moon [image credits: eXputer]
Experimentation is a good moon to start with at hazard level B. What’s great is that when you step out of your ship, you just walk straight ahead, and there’s the Main Entrance. Also, the fact that it’s free.

Unlike other easy and free moons where finding the entrances is tougher, Experimentation is easy to navigate. You can easily move your scrap to and from the main entrance; everything is readily accessible. The higher hazard level adds to its appeal. 

Experimentation is the default moon for new players, and in my opinion, it is the best Moon in Lethal Company for beginners, among other moons.

Name: Experimentation
Population: Abandoned
Conditions: Arid. Thick haze, worsened by industrial artifacts.
Fauna: Dominated by a few species.

1. Titan

Best Moon For High Value Scrap.
lethal company titan moon
The foggy atmosphere of the best Moon in Lethal Company: Titan [image credits: eXputer]
Titan takes the top spot, even though it has the highest hazard level at S+. The good thing is it’s packed with valuable scrap worth a lot of credits. The main entrance to Titan is conveniently right behind your ship, so there is no need to trek any harsh terrain.

Due to the high quality and high value of the scrap available on Titan, it is without doubt the best Moon in Lethal Company.

Despite being the smallest map, it’s not a walk in the park. Be cautious when exploring Titan, especially since it costs 700 credits to enter. The monsters here are the deadliest, but the abundance of high-quality scrap makes it worth the risk. For players that need a challenge, Titan provides them with one.

Name: Titan
Population: None
Conditions: Frozen, rocky. This Moon was mined for resources. It’s easy to get lost here.
Fauna: Dangerous entities have been rumored to take residence in the vast network of tunnels.

How To Select A Moon In Lethal Company

Now that you know about Lethal Company Best Moons, many newer players might not know how to route to a different moon. For that, just follow these steps:

  1. Head on to the Terminal and type in ‘Moons.’ This will show the list of all Moons you can explore.
  2. Type in ‘Route [Moon Name]‘ to set your route to your desired Moon.
  3. Confirm your choice by typing in ‘Confirm‘, and the autopilot will be set in.
  4. Note that some moons may cost you credits, so make sure you can afford a trip to that Moon before selecting it.

After the console setting, just head to the brake lever and pull that to start your exploration on that Moon. Keep in mind that you must be in orbit and not currently on any pilot for the autopilot to work.

My Thoughts On The Best Moon

In my opinion, for experienced players looking for a challenge in Lethal Company, the Titan is hands down the best Moon choice. On the other hand, Experimentation is a decent choice for beginners who want to get a knack for how Lethal Company works.

Lethal Company is a super fun co-op survival horror game, and I’m having a great time playing it with friends. It’s all about collecting items in dark facilities on an alien planet while being chased by scary monsters, which makes it a really cool game. 

With that, you are all ready to go adventuring on all the different moons in Lethal Company. While you are at it, learn about the value and location of Apparatus in Lethal Company to give yourself an edge on the budget. Do try out all moons and let us know which Moon gave you a hard time.

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