Lethal Company: Value of the Apparatus & Location

The apparatus is one of the many scrap items that you can sell in Lethal Company but it has a really high value.

The Apparatus in Lethal Company has a really high value when compared to other scrap items, especially during your runs on the very first moon. It is one of the earliest items that can be collected and sold to pay off your drowning debts in the world of the game.

Key Takeaways
  • The apparatus is one of the many items that you can collect in Lethal Company.
  • You can then sell it off at The Company for 80 Credits to pay off your debts.
  • This item only spawns inside the facilities of the various moons, and it also powers these facilities.
  • In my playtime so far, I have yet to find another item with as high of a value as the apparatus.
  • It is also really hard to find the apparatus itself while exploring a facility.
Important: The apparatus is the main source of electricity inside a facility, and collecting it will make the facility hard to navigate.

What Is The Value Of The Apparatus

apparatus value lethal company
The Value Of The Apparatus (Image Captured by Us)

The value mentioned for the apparatus was 80 Credits, which is honestly pretty high if you ask me.

As you can see, after finding the Apparatus, I brought it back to the ship and was instantly notified with a message. It told me both the value of the apparatus and that I could sell it at the company building later.

I was not able to get another item that was as valuable as the apparatus, even after exploring three different moons. Additionally, I was only able to find the apparatus a few times, which makes it one of the most precious items to get your hands on currently.

How To Get The Apparatus

apparatus value lethal company
My Teammate Found The Apparatus On Experimentation (Image Captured by eXputer)

You can obtain the apparatus while exploring the various facilities of the different moons in Lethal Company. Experimentation is the first moon that you will explore, and my teammate was able to find the apparatus inside the facility of the very first moon.

However, the spawn is just random, and it is extremely hard to come across the apparatus inside a facility. You should also note that once you collect the apparatus, it will stop powering electricity to the facility, and everything inside will become dark and hard to navigate.

Lethal Company is an extremely fun Co-op survival horror and I am honestly enjoying my time with three other friends. The concept of collecting items in dark and unknown facilities while you get chased by various monstrosities makes for a really good title. 

This concludes my guide on the value of the apparatus in Lethal Company. I hope that the guide was helpful in learning about the number of credits that you’ll get by selling the apparatus. Let me know if you’re enjoying the survival-horror experience provided by Lethal Company in the comments below!

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