Lethal Company Moon Tier List [All Moons Ranked]

I have ranked all 8 moons based on their scrap count, map size as well as enemies that players can encounter!

Lethal Company with its 8 moons has a rather perplexing design for each of them, and each moon has something different to offer. In the Lethal Company Moon Tier List, I aim to rank all 8 moons based on their enemy count, as well as how much loot each moon offers. 

Key Takeaways

Lethal Company has a total of 8 moons.

  • S-Tier: Moons that are one of the best for exploration, and enemy killing as well as have the best loot. 
  • A-Tier: Moons that are still pretty good, though don’t compare to ones such as Assurance. 
  • B-Tier: Average moons that have a lower complete scrap count, or have more difficult enemies. 
  • C-Tier: Horrible moons, less payout for the scrap collected, smaller map, enemies that are a nuisance to deal with. 
  • D-Tier: An abomination in the name of a moon. 

Lethal Company Moon Tier List 

Below listed is a summarized version of all 8 moons ranked:

S-TierAssurance, Rend
A-TierMarch, Dine
B-TierVow, Titan


The S-Tier in the Lethal Company Moon Tier List ranks the moons that are only the best of the best, offering a good amount of loot upon traversal on it, and the enemy count is also enough to handle for the player. 


Assurance Moon
Assurance Moon In Lethal Company
  • The total quality of the loot that can be gathered is high. 
  • Loot count significantly increases compared to other moons which makes it highly viable. 
  • A better chance of bees spawning randomly. 
  • The fire exit is the closest to landing as compared to other moons. 
  • Has the same map size as Experimentation. 


Rend's Mansion LC
Rend’s Mansion
  • One of the best moons to explore in Lethal Company
  • Lower power levels as compared to other maps. 
  • Insanely high scrap count in comparison to other moons. 
  • The scrap prices are very good. 
  • Enemies such as the Nutcracker or the Bracken have a chance to spawn, which are annoying enemies. 


As far as the A-Tier is concerned for Lethal Company’s Moon Tier List, it contains pretty good moons, but not the best of the best. The moons are easy to travel on, the enemies are worthwhile to kill, as well as the loot makes the effort worth it to travel there. 


March Moon
March Moon
  • The total loot count is really good and clashes with Assurance. 
  • The map size is comparatively larger as compared to the Experimentation. 
  • Extra fire exits are present due to the large size of the map. 
  • There is an excellent chance of bees spawning due to high RNG. 
  • Higher power level both inside and outside. 
  • Higher chance of giants spawning in March. 


Dine Moon's Interior
Dine Moon’s Interior in Lethal Company
  • The total weight of each loot item is pretty good. 
  • Larger map size, making it a lot more fun to explore around. 
  • The fire exit can be easily located from the main entrance on Dine. 
  • Insanely high power level, making monsters a menace to murder. 


When it comes to the B-Tier moons, they are pretty much ranked as average. The monsters on the moons are typically annoying, the loot isn’t all that great, and there are better alternatives if you want to explore around. 


Vow's Bridge Leading In
Vow’s Bridge Leading In
  • The map size is bigger in comparison to Experimentation, making exploring more fun. 
  • Players can find the fire exit easily upon landing on Vow. 
  • The total weight of the loot is better on Vow. 
  • The total loot count is less as compared to moons like Assurance. 
  • A higher chance of giant monsters spawning. 
  • Enemies are more difficult to kill due to the high power level. 


Titan's Factory Interior LC
Titan’s Factory Interior
  • One of the highest loot counts.
  • Pretty large map size, making exploration more interesting. 
  • Dangerous map due to a high count of monsters. 


Moving on, the C-Tier moons are not worth it to travel on at all, unless you are trying to explore and 100% Lethal Company. The loot that is offered isn’t worth it at all, and the enemies are difficult to deal with. 


Offense Moon
Offense Moon in Lethal Company
  • Loot count is a bit better as compared to S-tier moons. 
  • Map size is bigger when put side by side with Assurance. 
  • Insanely high power level, making it hell to explore. 
  • It’s probably one of the worst loot weights compared to other moons. 
  • Monsters like the Thumper have a higher chance of spawning. 
  • The Coil-head can spawn at any given time.


C-Tier is typically where the rankings end for Lethal Company’s tier list, but the Experimentation Moon is so bad that it deserves its tier. 


Experimentation Moon LC
Experimentation Moon
  • The enemies that spawn are harmless and generally pose no threat to players. 
  • One of the smallest maps in-game. 
  • Does not offer a lot of exploration. 
  • The max scrap that can be acquired is 10, that too being low quality. 
  • Spider is the most common enemy 

Lethal Company Moon Tier List Criteria 

To make a fair ranking for all the moons that are present in Lethal Company, a few things need to be considered such as the loot count on each moon which determines how many items players can pick up upon exploring. 

Alongside that, enemies are another threat on the moon which can be a menace to deal with, and the higher the power level, the worse the enemies will be. Apart from that, the map size can either be a positive or a negative experience for players looking to 100% Lethal Company. With that, let’s wrap up the Lethal Company Moon Tier List! 

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