Tekken 8 Rage Art Tier List [All Cinematic Moves Ranked]

I have ranked all the special attacks of each character in Tekken after spending over 25+ hours in the game.

In my Tekken 8 rage art tier list, I will rank the rage arts of each character according to how cool they look in battles. Rage arts are basically special attacks or supers that can be executed when your character’s health drops below 25%. It deals devastating damage and can be used to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 32 characters in the base roster of Tekken 8, each with his/her special rage art.
  • S-Tier: Coolest rage arts with amazing presentation and dialogue choices.
  • A-Tier: They’re not the best of the best, but they’re still amazing supers with well-done attack animations.
  • B-Tier: Serviceable rage arts, which do not try to do anything special but are still ok to look at.
  • C-Tier: Bottom-tier rage arts, which almost don’t even feel like final moves or special attacks.
  • Author’s Note: I’ve clocked in over 25 hours+ in Tekken 8 and have played with each and every character that the base roster has to offer so that you can trust my ranking regarding the rage art of each character. 

Complete Rankings

Here is a complete ranking of all the characters with their rage arts and tiers;

No.Character NameRage ArtTier
1Kazuya MishimaDemonic CatastropheS
2RavenWild Hunt X-ecutorS
3Lee ChaolanThe Marvelous RoseS
4Alisa BosconovitchRadiant Pegasus BombS
5HwaorangSky BurialS
6KumaType 38 Eradication Weapon AramakiS
7Devil JinDevil Dimension: Tainted ChainsS
8YoshimitsuTrailokya PilgrimageS
9ReinaSacred Dismantle SparkS
10Jin KazamaPolar Demon GougeA
11LiliLa Vie en Rose fortississimoA
12Nina WilliamsDeath by DegreesA
13Lars AlexanderssonZeus UnlimitedA
14Feng WeiEnlightened Yellow Dragon PalmA
15PandaClose Call! Panda Storming FlowerA
16Bryan FuryTotal VandalizationA
17Jun KazamaAmatsu IzanamiA
18Sergei DragunovWhite Angel of DeathA
19Victor ChevalierCoup de ChevalierA
20Marshall LawFate of the DragonA
21ZafinaSemper Avarus EgetA
22Asuka KazamaNaniwa Peacemaker KnuckleB
23Jack-8Terraforming CannonB
24Claudio SerafinoLa Luce Di SirioB
25Azucena OrtizAlegría del CaféB
26ShaheenNajim AlshamalB
27Leo KliesenTranscendent BlowB
28Paul PhoenixBig Bang Phoenix SmasherA
29KingAnger of the BeastC
30Steve FoxDear Land of HopeC
31Ling XiaoyuWang's Celestial EpicC
32Leroy SmithDark Dragon CommandmentC

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rage art tier list tekken 8
S-Tier Rage Arts In Tekken 8 (Image Captured by Us)

The S-Tier includes the characters with the flashiest rage arts, which are so cool that they will even make your opponent go wow. The animations, dialogue, and everything else for these rage arts are done so perfectly that they form a staggering super that can be initiated at below 25% health. These rage arts are stunning to look at and complement the character they are made for.

Following is a list of all the characters that have S-TIER rage arts;

No.CharacterRage Art
1Kazuya MishimaDemonic Catastrophe
2RavenWild Hunt X-ecutor
3Lee ChaolanThe Marvelous Rose
4Alisa BosconovitchRadiant Pegasus Bomb
5HwaorangSky Burial
6KumaType 38 Eradication Weapon Aramaki
7Devil JinDevil Dimension: Tainted Chains
8YoshimitsuTrailokya Pilgrimage
9ReinaSacred Dismantle Spark


rage art tier list tekken 8
A-Tier Rage Arts In Tekken 8 (Image Captured by eXputer)

The A-Tier rage arts also feature a pretty awesome presentation which is just a cut below the best of the best in Tekken 8. These rage arts are also specially made and feel like a reference to something, sometimes including old Tekken games. The breathtaking factor for these supers is also really high and will startle anyone who witnesses these rage arts for the first time. Some of these specials are also silly but look flashy in battle.

Following is a list of all the characters that have A-TIER rage arts;

No.CharacterRage Art
1Jin KazamaPolar Demon Gouge
2LiliLa Vie en Rose fortississimo
3Nina WilliamsDeath by Degrees
4Lars AlexanderssonZeus Unlimited
5Feng WeiEnlightened Yellow Dragon Palm
6PandaClose Call! Panda Storming Flower
7Bryan FuryTotal Vandalization
8Jun KazamaAmatsu Izanami
9Sergei DragunovWhite Angel of Death
10Victor ChevalierCoup de Chevalier
11Marshall LawFate of the Dragon
12ZafinaSemper Avarus Eget


rage art tier list tekken 8
B-Tier Rage Arts In Tekken 8 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

The B-Tier is where the quality starts to fall for these rage arts, and you’ll start seeing the downgrade here. Supers are either too short and do not have that many flash moves or are just the culmination of the said character’s basic attacks. The presentation of B-Tier specials is also not up to par with the S or A Tiers.

However, even with all of these problems, these rage arts are not the actual worst ones in Tekken 8, and you can see that at least some effort was put in for these characters. 

Following is a list of all the characters that have B-TIER rage arts;

No.CharacterRage Art
1Asuka KazamaNaniwa Peacemaker Knuckle
2Jack-8Terraforming Cannon
3Claudio SerafinoLa Luce Di Sirio
4Azucena OrtizAlegría del Café
5ShaheenNajim Alshamal
6Leo KliesenTranscendent Blow
7Paul PhoenixBig Bang Phoenix Smasher


tier list of the game
C-Tier Rage Arts In Tekken 8 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

The C-Tier rage arts are definitely the worst supers in Tekken 8, and these look extremely bland both in presentation and execution. These characters don’t even try to do anything special or staggering in their rage arts, which results in poor performance for their final attacks. Thankfully, the list of such characters is not that huge, and I’m happy to say that the majority of the base roster in Tekken 8 received amazing rage art.

Following is a list of all the characters that have C-TIER rage arts;

No.CharacterRage Art
1KingAnger of the Beast
2Steve FoxDear Land of Hope
3Ling XiaoyuWang's Celestial Epic
4Leroy SmithDark Dragon Commandment

Tekken 8 Rage Art Tier List Criteria

I have crafted this tier list after spending over 25+ hours playing Tekken 8. I went into practice mode and experienced the rage arts of each character multiple times before ranking them in my playlist. My analysis of each and every rage art is based on presentation, dialogue, and how cool it looks during execution in the game.

This concludes my Tekken 8 Tier list. I hope you agree with my judgment, which ranks all characters based on their strengths and weaknesses.


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