Tekken 8: Best Character Customization Ideas [Personal Favorites]

After 40+ hours, are are my favorite customization ideas for characters from other media and games.

Tekken 8 allows you to recreate your best character ideas with its amazing customization mode. It is probably the best character customization that I’ve seen in a fighting game, so much so that most other fighting games would sell you the outfits that you can create for free in Tekken 8.

Key Takeaways
  • The character customization in Tekken 8 is perfect, allowing you to recreate your favorite ideas.
  • Players can change not only the outfits but also the characters’ hairstyles and accessories.
  • Very few fighting games give this level of freedom, and most paywall the costumes that Tekken 8 allows you to customize for free.
  • Players can literally alter the entire appearance of a character and completely change their design.
Important: To unlock most items for customization, you’ll have to accumulate large amounts of fight money in Tekken 8.
  • Author’s Note: I have played over 40 hours in Tekken 8, and most of my time has been spent customizing various characters, so you can put your trust in my choices.

1. Nina As Ada Wong

tekken 8 customization ideas
Creating Ada Wong By Using The Model of Nina Williams In Tekken 8 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Outfit: Alternate A
  • Hair: Short Bod and Bangs

Nina’s new design in Tekken 8 not only looks really good but is also extremely useful for customization. I recreated Ada Wong from the original Resident Evil 4 by only changing two customizations. It is so easy to turn Nina into Ada, and the outcome also looks pretty amazing.

Make sure to change the color of Nina’s alternate A costume to red and the color of her bangs to black. The default glasses actually complement Ada’s style, and the knife accessory on the outfit should also not be swapped out.

2. Victor As Venom Snake

character in game
Creating Venom Snake By Using The Model of Victor In Tekken 8 (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Outfit: Combat Style
  • Hair: Claudio Style Hair
  • Glasses: Eyepatch
  • Accessory: Single Horn

Another easy customization in Tekken 8 is changing Victor to the popular Venom Snake from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The Combat Style outfit already makes Victor look like Snake, and you’ll just have to make a few more tweaks after that. Choose the Claudio Style Hair and color it brown.

Make sure to change the color of the facial hair to brown as well, but keep the default facial hair as it suits Snake’s look. The Eyepatch plays an important role here, as well as the Single Horn accessory. Position the horn correctly on Victor’s face and change its size as I’ve done in the image above.

3. Lee As Sanji Vinsmoke

character in game
Creating Sanji Vinsmoke By Using The Model of Lee Chaolan In Tekken 8 (Image Captured by Us)
  • Upper Body: Unbuttoned Blazer
  • Lower Body: Slacks
  • Shoes: Leather Shoes
  • Hair: Leo Short Hair

Sanji is my favorite One Piece character, and one of Lee’s traits about love really reminds me of him. Thankfully, with the amazing character creator, I can also make Lee Chaolan look like Sanji Vinsmoke in Tekken. Instead of using alternate outfits, you must purchase separate upper-body and lower-body costumes.

Also, remember to change the color of these clothes to black, except for the shirt, since I’m going for the Fishman Island Sanji look. Additionally, keep the default color for the hair.

4. Jin As Leon S. Kennedy

character in game
Creating Leon S. Kennedy By Using The Model of Jin Kazama In Tekken 8 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Upper Body: Aviator Jacket
  • Lower Body: Jeans
  • Shoes: High Top Sneakers
  • Hair: Short Curtain Hair
  • Accessory: Pouch

I’ve seen a lot of Leon Kennedy’s online in Tekken 8 and decided to make my own variant of the character using Jin Kazama. Creating this character from Resident Evil 4 requires the most customization out of all the characters that I’ve listed.

You must purchase a separate jacket and jeans for the upper and lower body. Additionally, make sure to color the entire outfit black except for the jacket, which should be colored with Leon’s signature brown color.

5. Paul As Johnny Bravo

tekken 8 customization ideas
Creating Johnny Bravo By Using The Model of Paul Phoenix In Tekken 8 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Hair: Tekken 7 Style
  • Glasses: Teardrop Sunglasses
  • Upper Body: T-Shirt
  • Lower Body: Jeans

Johnny Bravo is an iconic cartoon character that most of us have grown up watching. Surprisingly, you can create the perfect Johnny Bravo by choosing the Tekken 7 hairstyle for Paul. After that, it’s just a matter of equipping a simple T-shirt and Jeans and giving both of these the perfect colors that suit the character. Creating Johnny Bravo is also really easy, and it looks amazing for something that you can create with minimal effort.

6. Reina As Lara Croft

tekken 8 customization ideas
Creating Lara Croft By Using The Model of Reina In Tekken 8 (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Upper Body: Tank Top
  • Lower Body: Ripped Shorts
  • Shoes: High Top Sneakers
  • Glasses: Teardrop Sunglasses
  • Hair: Jane Hair Style

If you’re a fan of the Tomb Raider franchise, then you’ll love creating Lara Croft in Tekken 8. Getting the cosplay right is tricky, but you can do this with almost all of the female characters. With the right combination of colors on the Tank top, you can create the perfect original look of Lara Croft. Additionally, Jane’s hairstyle plays an important role in completing the cosplay.

7. Hwoarang As Geto Suguru

tekken 8 customization ideas
Creating Geto Suguru By Using The Model of Hwoarang In Tekken 8 (Image Captured by Us)
  • Upper Body: Haori
  • Lower Body: Leather Pants
  • Hairstyle: Default
  • Shoes: High Top Sneakers

Geto Suguru is a really popular character from the critically acclaimed Shonen Anime, Jujutsu Kaisen, and you can easily create him using Hwoarang’s model in Tekken 8. Just equip everything I’ve mentioned above and set the color of all these items to black. You will then end up with Geto Suguru’s high school look, almost making Hwoarang look like an evil character in Tekken 8.

My Take On Tekken 8’s Customization

Tekken’s customization has always been really good, but Tekken 8 goes above and beyond in creating the best character customization that I’ve seen in a fighting game. You can create almost any character that you want here with the tools that the character creator provides. If I’m tired of a certain look on my main, then I just customize a new look within minutes, and that keeps me hooked on Tekken 8.

This concludes my guide on the best customization ideas in Tekken 8. I have listed my favorite character customizations that you can also easily create. I have also entailed all of the necessary items and outfits that you’ll need to create the characters in my list. Let me know if you’re enjoying playing Tekken 8 in the comments below!


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