Tekken 8: Best Ways To Get Fight Money [Tried And Tested]

After 10+ hours, I was able to unlock special cosmetics for my characters quickly using these Fight money farm methods.

Fight money plays a crucial role in the overall customization options available for your best characters in Tekken 8. Having a lot of fight money will allow you to purchase more outfits for your characters and thankfully, the game provides many methods to earn this currency.

Key Takeaways
  • Most of the skins and accessories needed to customize your character cost fight money.
  • Some skins are really expensive which is why you’ll need a lot of money.
  • Thankfully, almost every type of battle mode nets a good chunk of money in Tekken 8.
  • Some modes can be used to farm money while others offer a large sum as a reward upon completion.
  • Author’s Note: I have spent around 10 hours in Tekken 8, and have personally used all the methods mentioned in the guide to earn large sums of money.

Best Ways To Get Fight Money In Tekken 8

Here is a list of all the methods and the amount of fight money they net;

No.MethodFight Money Gained
1Character Episodes1,000,000G per episode.
2Online Fights30,000G+ per match.
3Arcade Battles30,000G+ per battle.
4Arcade Quest30,000G+ per NPC avatar defeated.
5Main Story10,000,000G upon completion.

1. Character Episodes

best ways to get fighting money tekken 8
Getting The 1,000,000G Reward After Completing Azucena’s Episode In Tekken 8 (Image Captured by eXputer)

This is probably the best method of obtaining the maximum amount of fight money in a short span of time. There are basically 32 character episodes for the complete base roster that you can play through. Each episode makes you fight 5 different enemies.

The reward for completing these episodes is almost 1,000,000G per episode. And the five rounds do not even take that much time to complete which is why this method is also quick. However, you cannot use it to farm for fight money since there are only 32 episodes that can be played. I would recommend completing all character episodes before going for the other methods of obtaining fight money.

2. Online Fights

item in the game
Earning Fight Money Through Online Battles In Tekken 8 (Image Captured by Us)

Multiplayer has always been the essence of Tekken since you get to test your skills against other players worldwide. It is undoubtedly the best mode in Tekken 8 because it was the most fun for me, especially if I played with a friend.

Thankfully, you will also get rewarded for participating in every online match. You will receive an average reward of above 30,000G per match, but it can be increased depending on how well you play. This might not sound like a lot, but once you dive into multiplayer, you will play many matches since the mode is so addictive. Ranked matches also offer much better monetary rewards.

Important: There are three different types of online battles, and playing each once will reward the player with 1,000,000G per battle type.

3. Arcade Battles

best ways to get fighting money tekken 8
Starting Arcade Battle In Tekken 8 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

This method is quite similar to character episodes but it nets way less fight money and consumes much more time. However, it can be used to farm money over and over again. You can also play arcade battles with any character that you want. Basically, you’ll have to beat 7 enemies and a boss in a single run.

Each normal enemy you beat will net you above 30,000G on average and the final boss drops more than 100,000G in rewards. I recommend using arcade battles to farm money after you run out of character episodes in Tekken 8. You can also set the difficulty to high to practice your skills or low if you want to finish the matches quickly.

4. Arcade Quest

best ways to get fighting money tekken 8
Playing Through The Arcade Quest In Tekken 8 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

The Arcade quest mode is actually a mode for your personalized avatar. You can basically enter tournaments with your avatar and fight bosses and other NPC avatars in battle. You can obviously choose your main fighter in this mode and play against the fighters of other avatars. Defeating the fighter of each NPC avatar nets above 30,000G on average and more money can be earned by defeating bosses in the arcade quest mode.

5. Main Story

item in the game
Starting The Story Mode In Tekken 8 (Image Captured by eXputer)

The main story of Tekken 8 is actually really good, and without spoiling much, I would say that you should absolutely play it if you haven’t already. Aside from its quality, Tekken 8 also rewards the player with a huge sum of money once the main story is completed.

The amount is around 10,000,000G which is the maximum amount of money that you can earn in a single reward. However, the story is time-taking but you can play it on easy difficulty to make things easier.

Uses Of Fight Money

best ways to get fighting money tekken 8
Using Fighter Money To Customize My Character In Tekken 8 (Image Captured by Us)

Fight Money has a lot of uses in the customizations tab for your characters. Everything from new accessories to hairstyles to costumes costs a specific sum of money in Tekken 8. Sometimes, the amount can be a lot, ranging in millions, as with alternate costumes. However, you can easily purchase anything you want once you follow the methods I mentioned above.

Tekken 8 is an amazing fight game with such a huge base roster that there is a character for every type of player. It is also packed with content and there are so many different modes that you can enjoy. The story is also well-written and worth playing through.

This concludes my guide on the best ways to get your hands on fight money in Tekken 8. I have listed the five best methods that I found helpful in my playtime. I hope that these methods help you purchase the costumes that are crazy expensive. Let me know if you’re enjoying Tekken 8 in the comments below!

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