One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List [All Characters Ranked]

Having played One Piece Bounty Rush for 30 hours, here is my take on ranking of all characters in the game!

One Piece Bounty Rush is a free mobile game. While it doesn’t have a detailed story like One Piece, the characters in the game feel like they belong in the One Piece world. It is a gacha-style game. You can build your team with a roster of heroes and antagonists from the One Piece series, showcasing your tactical skills and strategies. That is why I have created a One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List and ranked these characters. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are 49 notable characters in One Piece Bounty Rush.
  • S-Tier:  Powerful characters that stand out from the ordinary in my 2023 One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List.
  • A-Tier: Reliable characters delivering strong performance with a balance of effectiveness and versatility.
  • B-Tier: Adequate characters, moderately effective and suitable for specific strategies or support roles.
  • C-Tier: Characters with notable limitations, lacking the power and versatility of higher tiers.
  • D-Tier: Weakest characters grappling with significant drawbacks and challenges in One Piece Bounty Rush.

All Notable One Piece Bounty Rush Characters Ranked

Here is a complete ranking of all the notable One Piece Bounty Rush characters showcased along with their type, skill 01, skill 02, HP, ATK, DEF, and CRT. 

No.CharacterTier TypeSkill 01Skill 02HPATKDEFCRT
1Eustass KidSDefenderWe Do Things Our Own Way!!!Punk Iron Vortex836720912427+11.00%
2UsoppSRunnerGreen Star Sleep-GrassSpecial Attack Green Star Exploding Pine Cones855317772028+9.00%
3Monkey D. LuffySAttackerGear Four Snakeman King CobraGear Four Bounceman King Kong Gun763620861784+11.00%
4KaidoSRunnerConquer of Three Worlds RagnarakuEntertain Me939420902323+11.00%
5Akainu (Sakazuki)SAttackerCrimson Hound BiteMeteor Volcano929224092100+11.00%
6Don Quixote DoflamingoSAttackerParasiteSpiderweb Godthread977724161933+11.00%
7ShanksSAttackerI've Come to Put an End to This War!!!Griffon Slash881224172106+11.00%
8Marshall D. TeechSDefenderBlack VortexBlack Hole" "Liberation"975221192342+11.00%
9JimbeiADefenderSpear Wave MurasameDemon Brick Fist959020782391+11.00%
10Charlotte KatakuriADefenderBuzz Cut MochiPunch Mochi899023102129+11.00%
11Monkey D. LuffyADefenderGum-Gum Elephant GatlingGum-Gum Fire-Fist Pistol Red Hawk943018792430+11.00%
12Don Quixote DoflamingoARunnerParasiteSpiderweb Godthread977724161933+11.00%
13VistaARunnerI'll Take Care of It!Rose Rondo863520702344+11.00%
14ReijuARunnerPink ShelterPink Hornet910221732317+11.00%
15YamatoAAttackerNamuji Glacier FangDivine Swiftness: White Serpent908121732245+11.00%
16Nico RobinAAttackerGigante Fleur: Sea Serpent Snapdragon
Tres Mano Freesia776721731842+9.00%
17Trafalgar LawAAttackerRadio KnifeAmputation923521732140+11.00%
18Vinsmoke JudgeAAttackerGamma KnifePuncture Wille954419052333+11.00%
19KillerAAttackerInvincibleGauntlet Spinning Move783122461772+9.00%
20SanjiAAttackerPoele A Frire SpectreIfrit Jambe: Boeuf Burst873723222124+11.00%
21NamiBDefenderLighting BlastThunder Lance Tempo904620542167+11.00%
22BrookBDefenderPhrase d'Armes: OrchestraI've Cut You with the Icy Chill of Hell!!810716462084+9.00%
23JozuBDefenderBrilliant PunkDiamond Jozu820316332126+9.00%
24MonetBDefenderYuki Yuki no Mi DevilDevil's Fruit Abilities925620332369+11.00%
25Eustass KidBDefenderWe Do Things Our Own Way!!!Punk Iron Vortex836720912427+11.00%
26GarpBDefenderPrepare for a World of Pain!!!Giant Iron Ball930720512287+11.00%
27ShikiBRunnerSlicing WaveI've Had Enough830417582133+9.00%
28Monkey D. LuffyBRunnerGear Four Snakeman King CobraGear Four Bounceman King Kong Gun904019242530+11.00%
29KobyBRunnerI Have to Fight or I'll Never Change!A Few Seconds of Courage961519972050+11.00%
30Charlotte LinlinBRunnerSpecial HomiesSoul Manipulation814118851990+11.00%
31IdeoBRunnerKnock Back on EnemiesDestruction Cannon842817612025+9.00%
32SanjiBRunnerSky WalkSo Fast That Nobody Notices Me!!!924421682095
33SaboBAttackerSorry, Ace! I'm gonna use your move...Flame Dragon King895622312030+11.00%
34UsoppCRunnerGreen Star Sleep-GrassSpecial Attack Green Star Exploding Pine Cones855317772028+9.00%
35Kin'emonCDefenderFoxfire Style Blaze SliceFire-Willow Flash868720362198+11.00%
36SugarCDefenderHeadcracker DollLittle Black Bears986119022223+11.00%
37Tony Tony ChopperCAttackerCloven Rose PalmRoar776022281817+9.00%
38BartolomeoDDefenderHomage Holy Fist Barrier-Barrier PistolBarrier-Barrier Fruit835017162234+11.00%
39Nightmare LuffyDDefenderShadow of a Skilled Navy SwordsmanGum-Gum Storm793718052088+11.00%
40JimbeiDDefenderSpear Wave MurasameDemon Brick Fist816617482160+9.00%
41Edward NewgateDDefenderDrop Your Valuable and Leave!!Are You Trying to Steal My Family From Me?!!875619752295+11.00%
42CrocodileDDefenderCrescent CutlassSables895619902315+11.00%
43PeronaDDefenderNow You Meet Your End!!!Negative Ghost!!769515992162+11.00%
44KawamatsuDDefenderRiver of RetributionYagura Ryuo805816572257+11.00%
45Aokiji (Kuzan)DDefenderIce AgePheasant Peck783517282108+11.00%
46KayaDDefenderWhat's Today's Adventure?Medical Training715614422069+11.00%
47Cat ViperDRunnerThe Intruders Will Not EscapeMrowrrgh!!!!773914731845+9.00%
48KoalaDAttackerFish-Man KarateWe're From the Revolutionary Army!!
49ZorojuroDAttackerNigiri Tower Climb RippleUltra Tiger Hunt889522862143+11.00%


S Tier Characters of One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List
One Piece Bounty Rush Best Characters [Image by Me]
S tier is like the top tier, and it means ‘Superb’ or ‘Super.‘ It’s the best rank you can get in my tier list and includes the absolute best characters in One Piece Bounty Rush’s current meta.

In One Piece Bounty Rush, Eustass Kid stands as a potent green defender, surpassing even Shanks in offensive prowess. His ability to dispatch foes solo elevates him to a high tier, showcasing dominance in clashes with Trafalgar Law. Savior God Usopp, a non-EX runner, earns acclaim for massive damage against green units like Roger and Oden, securing his status among the game’s best characters.


Good Characters in OPBR
One Piece Bounty Rush Good Characters [Image by Me]
A tier One Piece Bount Rush characters are like the second-best and are really good. It stands for ‘Awesome’ or ‘Amazing.’ My A Tier includes some great characters in One Piece Bounty Rush that work well in the current game meta

Jembie shines as a formidable defender in One Piece Bounty Rush, boasting an impressive 80% damage reduction and the unique ability to nullify status effects at 80% treasure area control. With a 30% defense buff and increased damage against power users, Jembie excels against foes like King, Akainu, and Big Mom, achieving an astonishing 170% damage reduction during his second skill activation with the right medal set.


Average Characters in One Piece Bounty rush
One Piece Bounty Rush Average Characters [Image by Me]
B rank is the next level down, and it’s solid. It stands for ‘Good’ or ‘Great.’ My tier list features good characters in One Piece Bounty Rush in this tier, and they can hold their own in the current game meta.

In One Piece Bounty Rush, Nami emerges as a strategic defender, utilizing dodges to gain a 10% speed boost for 20 seconds and acquiring damage reduction with over 70% HP, particularly effective against attackers.

Brook introduces disruption with a freezing ability, immobilizing opponents for 20 seconds upon knockdown, attack, or skill activation. Jozu, a robust Defender, boasts resistance, anti-knockback, anti-status effects, a counter, and impressive 80% damage resistance, disrupting enemy strategies effectively.


Below Average Characters in OPBR
One Piece Bounty Rush Below Average Characters [Image by Me]
C rank is a decent tier, representing okay but not outstanding characters. It stands for ‘Competent’ or ‘Capable.’ In my tier list, these characters in One Piece Bounty Rush might not be top choices, but they can still contribute.

Usopp faces issues in Challenge Battles due to his post-stun treasure retrieval at level 5, landing him in C Tier despite overall competence. Kinemon, classified as a defender, leans toward an attacker role, requiring team synergy for effective flag defense, creating a unique gameplay dynamic.


Bad OPBR Characters
One Piece Bounty Rush Below Bad Characters [Image by Me]
D rank is the lowest tier, and it means ‘Below Average’ or ‘Disappointing.’ Characters in this tier in One Piece Bounty Rush may struggle in the current meta, and there are usually better options to consider.

In the D Tier, Bartolomeo wields the Barrier-Barrier Fruit for defensive barriers but faces challenges from Nightmare Luffy in the current meta, diminishing his competitiveness. Jimbei’s fun but matchup-dependent playstyle makes him less preferred in competitive settings, catering more to personal preferences in casual play.

One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List Criteria 

The characters in this tier list are ranked based on the following factors: 

  • Skill 01 in the game
  • Skill 02 in the game
  • HP
  • ATK
  • DEF
  • CRT
  • Overall effectiveness in the current meta

In my One Piece Bounty Rush tier list, I tried to help you pick the great characters and identify the ones you can skip, but for better results, take this tier list as an initial well-informed introduction to these characters and try to learn how the game works. Each character has a class and type for a reason, and experimentation will greatly help you in the game.


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