Soul Knight Tier List [All Characters Ranked]

Learn about the Soul Knight Tier List, see where each character stands from the best to worst tier in the game!

Soul Knight is a pixel roguelike RPG that seamlessly blends adrenaline-pumping shooter action with elements of rogue-like adventure. You can experience dungeons teeming with crazy weapons, where every run promises an endless and unpredictable adventure. There are 27 characters, each with distinct abilities, including rogues, elf archers, and magicians, allowing you to fine-tune your playstyle. That is why I have curated this Soul Knight tier list and ranked all characters in the game based on their overall performance.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 27 characters in Soul Knight.
  • Each character possesses distinctive statistics, abilities, and initial weaponry.
  • Certain characters can be obtained through in-game gems, while others are exclusively available for purchase using real currency.
  • S-Tier: These are the most powerful characters with excellent stats and abilities that dominate. 
  • A-Tier: They are not absolute or top-notch characters, but they are still second to none.
  • B-Tier: Very situational characters that require mastery over abilities and an understanding of timing the moves.
  • C-Tier: These are weak characters compared to B-tier ones and perform below average than most characters from higher tiers. 
  • D-Tier: Very underwhelming and underperforming characters in the current meta of Soul Knight right now. 

All Soul Knight Characters Ranked

Here is a full roster ranking of all Soul Knight characters based on health, armor, energy, critical chance, melee damage, and starter weapon.

Serial NoCharacterTier HealthArmorEnergyCritical ChanceMelee DamageStarter WeaponSkills
1PaladinS-tier1 (2)8 (9)120 (140)04Sacred FlailEnergy Shield, Holy Warrior, Splash Ɛ Bash
2AssassinS-tier4 (5)4 (5)180 (200)105Blood BladeDark Blade, Doppelgänger, Invisibility
3NecromancerS-tier3 (4)5 (6)240 (260)04Staff of PlagueNightmare, Omen Stone, Souls Resurrect
4RogueS-tier5 (6)3 (4)180 (200)105Jack and MarryDodge, Iaido, Cartwheel
5Special ForcesS-tier5820054S.O. FirearmSpecial Operation
6PhysicistS-tier4 (5)4 (5)180 (200)104Ion ExcitatorEM Field Device
7EngineerA-tier5 (6)5 (6)180 (200)53H2OGun Turret, Armor Mount, Interceptor
8KnightA-tier6 (7)5 (6)180 (200)54Bad PistolDual Wield, Superior Fire, Chaotic Strike
9Interdimension TravelerA-tier232154Dimensional GripDimension Jumping
3 (4)
6 (7)180 (200)03Satellite Floating GunElectric Overload, Drone Swarm, EMP
11TaoistA-tier4 (5)4 (5)180 (200)54Tao SwordGenesis of Swords, Bagua, Sword Fly
12Trap MasterA-tier5 (6)5 (6)200 (220)04Grappling GunTelecontrolled Bomb, Master's Trick, Hat Trick
13AlchemistA-tier5 (6)5 (6)180 (200)54Dormant Bubble MachineGas Grenade, Elemental Potions, Concoction
14AirbenderA-tier4 (5)6 (7)160 (180)154Qian-kun PunchPulsating Blow, Orbiting Stars, Meridian Sword
15WerewolfB-tier11 (12)1 (2)120 (140)55Flaring ClawBerserk, Blood Thirst, Devour
16VampireB-tier3 (4)4 (5)120 (140)53Crimson Wine GlassBat Swarm, Alien Swirl, Immortal
17ElfB-tier5 (6)4 (5)180 (200)54Ancient BowFocus Fire, Arrow Rain, Guardian Elf
18Time Traveling NinjaB-tier5521054Molecule IchimonjiTime-Space Shuriken
19PriestessB-tier3 (4)5 (6)200 (220)03Wooden CrossRegeneration Pact, Pray, Moon Shadow
20WitchB-tier3 (4)5 (6)240 (260)03The CodeLightning Strike, Piercing Frost, Firestorm
9 (10)3 (4)150 (170)55Boxing GlovesRage, Free Style, Leap
22The BeheadedC-Tier
7420054VorpanSpartan Sandals
4 (5)5 (6)213 (233)04Key of the Faint StarAmii's Burning Body, Helping Hand: Eligos, Amon's Protection
24DruidD-Tier6 (7)3 (4)130 (150)55Crispy BoneFrostfire Wolves, Venom Vines, Fuzzy Bear
25Element EnvoyD-Tier4432054Visage of Elemental PowerTablet of Elements
26MinerD-Tier5 (6)4 (5)200 (220)54PickaxeUnderground Operations, Cart Delivery, Sandworm Storm
27OfficerD-Tier5 (6)5 (6)180 (200)54Nemesis of VillainsGun Spin, Bounty Tag, Close Air Support


Soul Knight Tier -S

The S-ranking characters in the Soul Knight tier list are now the top performers in the game.

If you are a new or returning player to the game, play with these characters, and you will have a blast! Compared to lower-tiered characters, these are much better at controlling the field and have powerful skills.  

Paladin is one of the best characters in Soul Knight. With the highest armor and the lowest health, Paladin minimizes the player’s reliance on health potions. This character features a limited energy pool, underscoring the significance of making rapid weapon selections.

There are also high-stake characters as well in the S-tier, such as The Assassin. This character exhibits slightly diminished health but compensates with slightly elevated armor compared to other heroes, rendering him susceptible to damage. The Assassin shares the second-highest critical hit chance with the Rogue and Werewolf.


Soul Knight Tier -A

Soul Knight A-tier list characters bring unique strengths to the battlefield, offering diverse playstyles for seasoned and novice players.

The Engineer stands out with stats closely mirroring the Alchemist, boasting melee damage and a distinctive ability to fully heal individual, permanent armor mounts upon passing through portals.

Meanwhile, the Knight emerges as a stalwart force with one of the highest health pools in the game, making him resilient and ideal for beginners. His average energy and a powerful starting buff enhance his defensive capabilities, although reliance on weapon damage leaves him vulnerable to evasion.

Conversely, the Robot compensates with the game’s second-highest Armor stat after the Paladin. Sharing a 0 critical chance and low melee damage with the Wizard and Priest, the Robot thrives in durability.

Lastly, the Alchemist proves formidable with high HP and armor, surpassing most characters in at least one of these aspects. Collectively, these A-tier characters present a dynamic selection, each offering a distinct blend of strengths and strategies for players seeking a competitive edge in Soul Knight.


Soul Knight Tier – B

Soul Knight’s B-tier characters bring a mix of strengths and weaknesses to the gaming experience, offering players diverse options for strategic gameplay.

In contrast to the Paladin, the Werewolf boasts the highest health but the lowest armor, requiring careful consideration of healing skills to offset vulnerabilities. Limited energy further complicates weapon choices, demanding a thoughtful approach to resource management.

The Vampire, with overall stats below par compared to other characters, finds redemption in average armor. His unique Bat Swarm ability unleashes a horde of bats, attacking enemies and restoring health, energy, and armor under specific conditions.

Elf introduces versatility with the Guardian Elf skill, each elf type—Fire, Wind, and Water—bringing distinct elemental attacks and support abilities to the battlefield. Collectively, these B-tier characters offer varied gameplay styles, challenging players to master unique skills and tactics in the ever-engaging world of Soul Knight.


Soul Knight Tier -C

Soul Knight’s C-tier characters offer a mix of strengths and limitations, providing players with unique challenges and playstyles.

The Berserker, featuring the second-highest base HP after the Werewolf, pairs formidable melee damage with the second-lowest Armor stat. While his aggressive playstyle is marked by high damage output, the Berserker grapples with energy-consuming abilities and a limited Energy pool. However, expertly chaining normal attacks with bursts makes him a formidable force in the game.

The Beheaded, fully upgraded upon unlocking, boasts high health, average energy, and bare-hand damage but with a low armor count and base critical chance. This character introduces a balance of attributes for players seeking a versatile yet challenging gameplay experience.

The Demonmancer stands out with a unique ability—summoning a Fiery Imp upon enemy kills. This imp is a protective shield against bullets, offering a distinctive advantage exclusive to the Demonmancer. As players experience Soul Knight with these C-tier characters, they must adapt to each character’s strengths and weaknesses.


Soul Knight Tier -D

The D-tier Soul Knight characters are not what you need in the game. I highly recommend you save some gems in unlocking characters from the higher tier or invest real-world money in better characters than these. 

Soul Knight Tier List Criteria

This tier list is curated by ranking all characters based on the following elements in the game:

  • Health
  • Armor
  • Energy
  • Critical Chance
  • Melee Damage
  • Starting Weapon

That is everything you need to know about the complete Soul Knight Tier List. Before you go, I recommend visiting The Finals: Gadgets Tier List, Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List, MW3 Weapons Tier List, and Fortnite Chapter 5 Tier List.


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