Lethal Company: Items Tier List [All Items Ranked]

Having played Lethal Company for 30+ hours now, here is my ranking for all the items in the game.

To navigate the abandoned places and mysterious Moons in Lethal Company, it’s crucial to know which items could prove useful and help you survive. As you wander across the desolate lands, you will come across many items and equipment. Some of the items are useful, while others just occupy space in your inventory and must be sold out. After testing out different items, I’ve made a Lethal Company items tier list and ranked them according to their usage. 

Key Takeaways
  • Lethal Company features about 14 usable items that you can purchase or find to help you out in your exploration. 
  • The items are ranked according to their usage, versatility, and convenience. 
  • The S-Tier features the best items that are worth investing in. 
  • The A-Tier are useful items that prove useful during the explorations.
  • The B-tier are least useful item that could be ignored. 
  • Author’s Note: I have clocked in over 60 hours in Lethal Company and experimented with all the in-game items, and therefore, you can easily rely on my judgment and rankings. 

All Lethal Company Items With Tiers

Here is the Tier List of all Lethal Company useable items. For further details on each item, head over to its respective Tier.

Serial NumberItem NameTierShort Description
1Pro-FlashlightS TierLights up dark places with a powerful flash.
2Walkie-TalkieS TierUsed to communicate wirelessly.
3ShovelS TierMelee weapon to attack enemies.
4Radar BoosterS TierUsed as an addition camera point.
5LockpickerS TierCan unlock any door.
6Stun GrenadeS TierStun and distracts the enemies.
7BoomboxA TierAttracts enemies with music.
8TZP-InhalantA TierDecreases stamina consumption and gives speed boost.
9FlashlightA TierLights up dark places but less illumination.
10Extension LadderA TierHelps you reach inaccessible vertical and horizontal places.
11TeleporterA TierTeleports teammates to specific places.
12Loud HornB TierProduces loud sound to signal crewmates.
13Inverse TeleporterB TierTeleports to any random location.
14Jet-PackB TierFlies you in the air.


Lethal Company Items tier list
S-Tier Items [Image captured by me]
The S-Tier includes all the best items that you can use in Lethal Company. These items proved quite useful for me in many situations and will help me out while exploring the mysterious Moons, full of dangers and monsters. Having these items is essential as they will increase your chances of survival and assist you in your ventures. 

Serial NumberItem NameWeightCostDescription
1Pro-Flashlight5 Pounds30 CreditsIlluminates dark places with a bright and powerful ray of light. It has a more light spread, better range, and is much brighter than the regular flashlight. The battery lasts for 4 mins 45 seconds.
2Walkie-Talkie0 Pounds12 CreditsCan be used as a means of communication with the teammates over long distance. Battery lasts for 13min 40 sec. Also attracts monster and eyeless-dogs when turned on or off.
3Shovel19 Pounds30 CreditsUsed as a weapon to attack enemies and damage teammates. It can be used against monsters such as Manticolis, Brackens and Snare flea. it is the ;ightest melee weapon available.
4Radar Booster19 Pounds50 CreditsServes as an additional camera point. Creates an audible ping of it's location and prevents you from getting lost. it cannot be shifted back to the ship by using the teleporter.
5Lockpicker16 Pounds20 CreditsCan open any locked door without searching for its key. It will not be consumed like other when used and can be utilized unlimited times.
6Stun Grenade11 Pounds40 CreditsStuns the monsters for three to five seconds and help you escape. The grenade triggers after five seconds of pulling the pin out.


A-Tier Items
A-Tier Items [Image captured by me]
All the items that I mentioned in the  A-tier list add decent value. These equipment are also must-haves as they are the backbone of a successful exploration and provide reliable support for survivability. Be it an offensive tool to attack the monsters or a communicating device to stay in touch with your teammates, these items will surely prove handy. 

Serial NumberItem NameWeightPriceDescription
1Boombox16 Pounds60 CreditsPlays music to allure or distract the enemies. Can be used as a source of entertainment for crewmates as well.
2TZP-Inhalant0 Pounds120 CreditsReduces the amount of stamina consumption while jumping and running and gives you a small speed boost. The more you inhale, the more your vision will get disoriented.
3Flashlight0 Pounds15 CreditsLights up dark places. Illumination level is considerably less than Pro-Flashlight. Battery lasts for three hours and fifteen minutes.
4Extension Ladder0 Pounds60 CreditsUseful in climbing certain places which can not be reached with normal jump. Also, useful in crossing a horizontal area where you need to jump across.
5Teleporter375 Pounds0 CreditsTeleports the crewmates to different locations. Useful for reaching and exploring distant locations. Takes ten seconds to recharge.


Crew members
Lethal Company Ship [Image taken by me]
The items mentioned in the B-tier are the ones that I find least useful and the ones that are not worth the price or risk. These are the least favored items and are not very useful. They are not completely worthless, but the ones that are not as flashy as S and A-tier items. 

Serial NumberItem NameWeightPriceDescription
1Loud Horn0 Pounds150 CreditsUsed to give signal to crewmates through a blaring horn. Can be used to warn or call the crewmates back. It attracts eyeless dogs as well.
2Inverse Teleporter0 Pounds225 CreditsTeleport the user to a random place. It will not teleport the help items and could place you anywhere. Only teleports out and not back.
3Jet-Pack52 Ponds700 CreditsFlies you in the air and lets you explore different locations while in the air. If thrust is held for more than 5 seconds, it will explode.

How I Curated Lethal Company Tier List

I’ve put a substantial amount of time and effort into playing Lethal Company. After using these items, I’ve ranked them into different tiers according to their abilities and usefulness. These are the most prominent items that you will come across while playing Lethal Company. The developers might add more with the upcoming updates to make your ventures more exciting and thrilling. 

If you’re having any difficulties in finding the Value of the Apparatus, check out the detailed guide on where to find it. Also, you can learn from Obaid’s guide about How To Open Ship Doors In Lethal Company.

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