Lethal Company: Best Items To Get [Top 7]

After playing Lethal Company for over 60 hours here is my recommendation on the best items.

Lethal Company, while being funny, is a survival horror game, so you would need to buy the best items to enhance your gameplay. Earning cash isn’t that easy in Lethal Company, so you will have to be careful when purchasing items as they are definitely not cheap. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are around 15 items in Lethal Company, among which the best 7 are ranked according to their worth.
  • There is no best item, according to me, as they all have a purpose. 
  • Players won’t be able to get items like Zap Gun and Teleporter in the early game as they are costly.
  • Getting items like Pro Flashlight and Walkie-Talkie early is ideal as they are useful and cost less.
  • Players can get any item they like based on their preference, but as getting scraps is not easy, they should be careful with spending it.

Best Items In Lethal Company – My Picks

According to my experience, the following are the best items in-game: 

Zap Gun400Immobilizes the creatures in Lethal Company.
Teleporter375Allows your friend to teleport you in dangerous situations, but you will lose all the items.
Boombox60Distract enemies like Eyeless Dog and Hygrodere.
TZP-Inhalant120Gives you a physical boost that increases speed and lets you carry more weight.
Shovel30It's the best early-game item that you can use to defeat some weak creatures.
Walkie-Talkie12Allows you to talk to friends or random teammates.
Pro Flashlight25Let you see clearly in dark places.

1- Zap Gun

Best Item For Difficult Moons.
Zap Gun (Image By Me)
Zap Gun400 Scraps

Zap Gun is an absolute beast as it stuns the creepy creatures. I have so many situations where a weird creature would just pop out of nowhere. In such situations, the best tactic, in my opinion, is just to run away and then come back with more preparation. However, if you are with friends, then Zap Gun can be beneficial.


  • It can immobilize the creatures in-game.
  • Stuns the enemy so your friends can use shovels to kill it.
  • It can be used to mess with friends for fun.
  • Comes in handy in many situations.


  • While Zap Gun is great, it is highly costly.
  • Using it in the easier moon would be a waste as its use is limited.

I have chosen it as the best item for difficult moons as it stuns the creepy enemies. So, you won’t have to run away from them and ask your friends to kill the enemy as you use the Zap Gun.

2- Teleporter

Best Item To Escape.
Teleporter (Image Taken By Obaid)
Teleporter375 Scraps

There will be many times when you would just want to escape the place in Lethal Company. For that situation, teleporting is the best item you can use. If you are playing solo, then the teleporter is useless as it can be operated by someone who remains on the ship. I have used it to save my friends from dangerous situations.


  • Players won’t have to do anything in order to escape.
  • It is easy to use, and the cooldown is just 10 seconds. 
  • It won’t count as an item players carry around as it will be installed in the ship.


  • It costs 375 scraps.
  • If a person is teleported, all their items will be discarded. 
  • It can be used to troll random players, which might cause frustration. 

Teleported is the best means to escape as you won’t have to do anything to get out of a dangerous situation. While it is frustrating that all of the items that you carry are lost by escaping via the teleported, it is worth it.

3- Boombox

Best Item To Distract Some Creatures.
Boombox (Captured By Me)
Boombox60 Scraps

If you are playing with friends, then you must definitely try out the Boombox. While it distracts the enemies, it will also distract, so make sure not to play around with it too much. I have used the Boombox to distract the enemies and proceed accordingly mostly. 


  • It just costs 60 scraps.
  • It can distract enemies like the Eyeless Dog and Hygrodere.
  • It can be used to have fun with friends. 


  • It can attract enemies to you if you are just having fun with your friends while using the item. 

I have chosen it as the best item to distract the creatures as I used it many times to clear out enemies from one place. I have even used it to save my friend, so it can come in handy. You can learn what the community thinks about it at the Steam Community Page.

4- TZP-Inhalant

Makes You Fast And Carry More Weight.
TZP Inhalant (Shot By Obaid)
TZP-Inhalant120 Scraps

The TZP-Inhalant is pretty helpful in Lethal Company as it is one of the best items. If you are playing solo, then it will come in handy in many situations as it gives you a speed boost and allows you to carry more weight. 


  • Increase the speed and allow you to carry more weight than usual. 
  • It helps to fight against some enemies.
  • It’s more useful at night when heading back to the ship.
  • Doesn’t cost that much scars.


  • It will cause issues with the visuals and audio.
  • Blurry visuals can cause surprise attacks from enemies.

While the TZP-Inhalant gives you a physical boost, it causes some problems that, in my opinion, are not worth it. I don’t like my visuals and audio being disturbed in a video game, as I think it’s annoying. However, if you want to escape a situation and get back to the ship, then it can be useful. 

5- Shovel

Best Early Game Item.
Shovel (Image Credits: eXputer)
Shovel30 Scraps

As I said before, running away from the creatures is a better way than fighting them. However, if you feel like killing the creatures, you can buy one of the best items, Shovel, pretty early.  


  • The cost of the Shovel is just 30 scraps. 
  • It’s a pretty good early-game item to kill some enemies. 
  • It can be used to troll a friend.
  • It can be bought as soon as you start Lethal Company.


  • Doesn’t deal that much damage.
  • It isn’t beneficial in the difficult moons.

I consider Shovel the best early-game item as it can not only kill some creatures but also help in saving your teammates. I have used the item to save my teammate, who a Snare Flea captured. 

6- Walkie-Talkie

Best Item For Team Communication.
Walkie-Talkie (Screenshot Taken By Obaid)
Walkie-Talkie12 Scraps

Playing a survival horror game with your friends requires communication. Even if you are playing with random players, it is a great item that allows you to talk to them. I have actually found it pretty useful, especially when I was playing with randoms. 


  • It just costs 12 scraps.
  • It lets you communicate with the random players.
  • Walkie-talkie can come in handy to ask for assistance when players are in a dangerous situation.


  • There are better alternatives like Discord, but only if you are playing with friends. 

I prefer playing with my friends, so I like using Discord. By doing so, I also saved some scraps. However, when playing with random teammates, a Walkie-Talkie is a necessary item that players should get.

7- Pro Flashlight

Best For Lightning Dark Enviornments.
Pro Flashlight (Image Source: eXputer)
Pro Flashlight25 Scraps

Another useful item that players can get pretty early is the Pro flashlight. I would recommend getting it early as you need it. There are many places in Lethal Company that would require you to have a flashlight. 


  • It allows you to see better in dark places.
  • Helpful in almost every moon.
  • The cost to buy the pro flashlight is just 25 Scraps. 


  • It needs to be recharged inside the ship after being used for a certain amount of time. 

I didn’t buy the pro flashlight at first as I had already bought the normal one. However, the pro one is better and more worth it, so make sure to buy it instead of the normal one. It lasts longer, meaning you will be able to do more exploration.  

Which Item Is The Best – My Take

There isn’t really a best in Lethal Company as each item has a purpose to fulfill. 

I have ranked the best seven items so you can spend your scraps wisely, as it is definitely not easy to earn them. In my opinion, the seven items are the most useful and can come in handy in most situations. I have ranked them on the basis of their worth and how much they cost in-game, so make sure to try them out.

That is almost everything you would want to know about the Lethal Company’s Best Items. I would highly recommend you play it with your friends as it is not fun playing alone. Playing with random teammates is fun, too, but there is a chance that they troll you, so be prepared for that.


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