Lethal Company: Laser Pointer [How To Get & Use]

Learn how to get the Laser Pointer and discover new means of communication in the game!

Lethal Company provides a lot of the best items to assist you; one of these items is the Laser Pointer. The laser pointer in Lethal Company has no such important use and is more of a fun item to use. Because it cannot bought, you need to explore different moons to find it.

Key Takeaways
  • The Laser Pointer emits a beam of light and has a battery time of almost 2 minutes.
  • You can find the laser pointer on moons with higher levels of hazards.
  • It cannot be bought like other usual items from Lethal Company.
  • The item can be used for pointing out objects and serving as a means of communication.

How To Get Laser Pointer

Place to find Laser Pointer [Image By ME]
You can’t buy the Laser Pointer in the Lethal Company store. Instead, you might get lucky and find it as loot while exploring facilities. It’s different from other stuff you find, as it doesn’t have a special use. It’s just a cool little item you might come across during your adventures. So, keep exploring, and who knows, you might snag a Laser Pointer.

I suggest you explore moons that have higher levels of hazards as moons with higher hazard levels have more loot, and the probability of finding the laser pointer increases on these moons. Although the chances of finding the laser pointer become elevated, you are never assured that you will find the item. 

How To Use Laser Pointer

To use the laser pointer in Lethal Company, press the Left button of your mouse to switch it on or turn it off. The battery timing of the laser pointer is two minutes, and the range is almost 20 meters. Its pros and cons can be described as follows:

  • It can be used to point out something and help players who do not use voice chat to communicate.
  • It can be used to get an estimate of the length of dark hallways, but still, a flashlight is a better option compared to the laser pointer.
  • The laser can be pointed at monsters to have fun.
  • You can sell the laser pointer for credits and use credits to buy other items.
  • It can provide you with at least 30 credits and a maximum of 100 credits upon selling.
  • The laser pointer cannot be used as a reliable source of light.
  • It might attract monsters with its sound when switched on, so be careful when using it.

My Takeaways

My experience tells me that the Laser Pointer is a useless item in Lethal Company.

A better option is to use the flashlight instead of a laser pointer in Lethal Company. But if you only want to enjoy pointing out monsters or other objects, the laser pointer can be fun to use. Also, I would recommend keeping it with you if you don’t use a voice chat for communication. Otherwise, use it as a scrap and sell it to get credits and buy useful items. 

This is all about how to get a laser pointer and the different uses of a laser pointer in Lethal Company. To learn more about items in Lethal Company, you can head over to Lethal Company Items Tier List by Huzaifa Malik.


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