Lethal Company: All Killable Monsters + How To Kill Them

Get detailed description on all killable monsters in Lethal company along with tips on how to take them down.

The Moons in Lethal Company are colonized by many strange monsters and species. Some monsters are passive, while others do not warmly welcome you. Although many are unkillable and will dominate you in a fight, some creatures can be taken down with the help of crewmates or alone. So, make sure to know about all the killable monsters in Lethal Company so you act accordingly if you come across one during your venture. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are around 17 different monsters in Lethal Company that roam around or inside the facilities of mysterious Moons.
  • Each creature has a distinct trait and shows different threat levels.
  • While many monsters can not be killed, there are some creatures that you can smack down with the help of a Shovel, Stop sign, or Zap gun.
  • Few monsters are passive; some only attack when provoked, while others charge upon sight. 
  • Learning which monsters are killable in Lethal Company can help players decide accordingly upon interacting with any creature.

All Killable Monsters In Lethal Company

Here is an overview of all the monsters you can kill in Lethal Company.

Monster NameThreat LevelLocationHow To Kill
ManticoreZeroOutdoorSingle hit with a shovel
Hoarding BugLowIndoorTwo to three shovel hits
Spore LizardLowIndoorTwo to three hits with a stop sign or shovel
Snare FleasMediumOutdoorAsk your team mate to hit it with a shovel if it wraps you around or take it outside.
Bunker SpiderMediumIndoorOne team mate can distract the spider by hitting the web while other can slam down shovel hits.
Baboon HawksMediumOutdoorTake them out separately, and stay away from their groups.
Eyeless DogHighOutdoorStay as quite as possible, turn every noisy thing down and attack with Shovel-Zap gun combo.
ThumperHighIndoorStay away from their reach, stay on high grounds, and hit them from the back.
BrackenHighIndoorAvoid eye contact for too long, use the Zapgun-Shovel combo.


Manticoil [Image Credit: eXputer]
While most of the monsters in Lethal Company are hostile and attack you on interaction, some creatures are passive and harmless. Manticoli, or Roaming Locusts, are a group of flying birds that roam around in the outdoors. This four-winged bird is one of the very few creatures that will not cause any damage. You can kill a Manticoli with a Shovel, and only a single blow will do the job.

Hoarding Bug

Lethal Company killable monster
Hoarding Bug [Image by eXputer]
The Hoarding Bugs are large insects who loves to scavenge loot as much as you do. This bug is only a threat if you provoke them. The creature seems more interested in scrap loot than attacking you. You can recognize the creature through its big red eyes and their tittering sound. 

How To Kill

  • You can easily kill a Hoarding Bug by hitting it three to four times with a shovel or a stop sign.
  • You can deal with the bug alone or completely avoid it and roam around without disturbing you.
  • Although these bugs are not a big threat, remember that they can fly as well, which creates a bit of a problem. 

Spore Lizard

Spore Lizards are more like playful creatures rather than being a threat. These Lizards have a big mouth with a dark purple orb on their tail. The creature lives indoors and does not pose much threat. Spore Lizards usually run away if you try to interact. The lizard is probably the only creature not bothered by your presence on the Moon.

How To Kill

  • Although killing the Spore Lizard is unnecessary, you can still take it down with two to three shovel hits.
  • The lizard only does minimal damage with its bite if you get too close to it; otherwise, it is harmless.
  • The only notable effect of the monster is that it releases fumes from its mouth that limit your vision and give it a pinkish touch.

Bunker Spider

All Killable Monsters in Lethal Company
Bunker Spider [Scrrenshot captured by me]
The Bunker Spiders are indoor creatures that love to hunt their prey by entangling them in big sticky webs. If you find large webs in an area, know that a Bunker Spider is lurking nearby, so make sure not to approach it. The creature is hostile and quite deadly. It only takes two bites from the spider to kill you. 

How To Kill

  • Bunker Spiders are big and slow-moving creatures, which makes them easy to kill.
  • You can avoid the spider by staying away from the webs, as stepping on it alerts the spider.
  • To take the monster down, you can get on a railing and give some good blows with a shovel or stop sign.

Snare Fleas

While sneaking into a dark room or a spooky indoor area, check the ceilings for any crawling creatures. Snare Fleas are giant bugs that usually rest on the ceilings and attack on close interactions. If you get close to the bug, it will jump on you and wrap around your head until you die of suffocation. 

How To Kill

  • If a Snare Flea wraps you, you can not kill it yourself as you’ll not be able to see or attack.
  • To get rid of the bug, your crewmate can attack with the shovel, as two to three sways on the head will kill the sneaky bug. 
  • If you’re alone, you can escape from the exit, as taking the bug outdoors will kill it.

Baboon Hawks

Baboon Hawks in Lethal Company are hoping creatures that live in outside environments. They usually like to mind their own business and live in groups. If you stay at a distance from the winged creature, they are not a threat, but if your curiosity takes you too close to them, chances are that they start to attack you. 

How To Kill

  • Baboon Hawks are hostile only when provoked.
  • To kill the Baboon, you can use a Zap Gun along with a few shovel blows to the head to take the monster down.
  • When dealing with the creature, make sure to take a crewmate with you to assist you if you are being attacked. 

Important: Avoid interactions with monsters with high threat levels. If you still want to engage, make sure to have a Zap gun to stun the creature first; otherwise, it will kill you instantly.

Eyeless Dog

Lethal Company All Killable Monsters
The Eyeless Dog [Image taken by me]
Eyeless Dogs in Lethal Company are growling creatures with bulky faces and large, pointy teeth. The dogs have poor eyesight and can barely see. However, they are very sensitive to sound, so avoid making too much noise near them as it will attract them toward you. If the dog catches you, it will drag you with its large fangs and kill you with its bite. 

How To Kill

  • To Kill the Eyeless Dog, you can use the same Zap-Shovel strategy.
  • Eyeless Dogs are very reactive to sound, so try not to create any noise, or it’ll kill you instantly. 
  • Turn the walkie-talkie off and drop any noisy item to avoid any unnecessary attention from the beast.
  • You can distract the Dog with the Zap Gun while your teammate can land some clean hits with a shovel.
  • As the monster is pretty sturdy, it takes quite some blows to take it down. 


The Thumper attack [Image Credit: eXputer]
Thumpers are weird creatures that have shark-like faces with big pointy teeth. The monster hides in dark, spooky places and catches you by surprise. I consider it a big threat as it is an aggressive monster that gets triggered upon interactions and instantly kills you if it catches you. 

How To Kill

  • Thumpers are quite swift in movements and attack in a straight line.
  • The best way to escape the chase from the shark-like creature is to take multiple turns, as it will slow it down.
  • To take down a Thumper, you can use railings to avoid its attack range.
  • Also, make sure to take your crewmates with you so you can strike it from behind while it is facing in another direction. 


Lethal Company All Killable Monsters
The Bracken [Screenshot captured by me]
Bracken is the creepiest and most fearsome monster, in my opinion. It is a humanoid figure with a dark red appearance and bright glowing eyes. Bracken is an aggressive monster and will attack any nearby player. It lives in the darkness and is found in indoor facilities. If you stare at the strange creature, it will get triggered and attack you. 

If a Bracken catches you, it wraps its hands around you and kills you immediately. It also drags the bodies of allies away in the dark.

How To Kill

  • Although Bracken is one of the high threat-level monsters, it’s still killable.
  • Do not make eye contact for too long, or the creature will charge at you.
  • To kill a Bracken, you require more than one person.
  • One of the crewmates can use the Zap Gun on the creature to stun it, while the other can attack it with a Shovel.

My Opinion

Although some creatures can be killed in Lethal company, your primary focus should be survival and accumulating as much loot as you can. If you encounter a monster, which you will surely do during your venture, you should know how to deal with it. Personally, I like to take these creatures down while looting for items, as it makes the gameplay more fun and exciting.

Now that you’ve learned about all the killable creatures, you can go through Haris Umar’s review of Lethal Company to learn better about the game. If you’re interested in exploring the most valuable spots, give the best Moons a read and discover which Moons are good options for looting and exploring.

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