Lethal Company: How To Get Circuit Bee Hive

Learn about the circuit bees and how to steal the Circuit Bee Hive and sell it for extra credit.

In Lethal Company, you will come across various monsters while exploring different moons. Some of these creatures are not very harmful and can be avoided without much trouble. However, you may encounter Circuit Bees during your journey in Lethal Company, which are dangerous and have the potential to cause serious harm or even kill you. Nevertheless, if you manage to escape from them, there’s a chance to obtain a valuable item.

Key Takeaways
  • Circuit Bees in Lethal Company are similar to Honey Bees.
  • They are more dangerous and can kill you in a few seconds.
  • You should maintain your distance from the Circuit Bee Hive to avoid any danger.
  • If you plan to steal the hive and sell it for credit, it is recommended to do so with a teammate.
  • The Circuit Bee Hive is worth up to 149 credits

What Are Circuit Bees?

Circuit Bees
Circuit Bees [Image By Me]
Scientific Name Crabro-Coruscus
Other Name Red Bees
Danger Level 90%
Value Range 60 – 149
Weight 0 lb

The Circuit Bees, also known as Red Bees, closely resemble Honey Bees but are more dangerous and harmful. They have developed wings that allow them to produce electric discharges by rubbing their wings together, making them a significant threat to you and your team. If provoked, they will aggressively attack their target and eliminate them in a matter of seconds.

To avoid any potential danger, it’s important to maintain a safe distance while dealing with bees. When a hive is approached, it triggers a defensive response from the bees, leading to an attack. However, by simply stepping back, you can avoid engaging in combat with the aggressive swarm. You must keep in mind that if a hive is stolen, the bees will start targeting and attacking anyone in their path until the stolen hive is recovered.

How To Steal A Circuit Bee Hive?

circuit bee hive
Stolen Hive [Image By Me]
If you’re looking to earn some extra credits, obtaining a Circuit Bee Hive can be a profitable option. However, it’s important to exercise caution and attempt it only towards the end of the mission. This is because stealing the hive will cause the Circuit Bees to relentlessly pursue you and your team, putting everyone in grave danger. To acquire a Circuit Bee Hive, follow these steps:

  1. To successfully steal from Circuit Bees, it’s important to work together with your team.
  2. Make sure you keep a light inventory and maintain full stamina, as you’ll need to enter the radius cautiously.
  3. Once inside, sprint towards the ship, as the bees will start following you.
  4. Have one of your teammates quickly steal the hive.
  5. When the bees are following you, your teammate can take the hive to the ship without any trouble.
  6. After reaching the ship, your teammate must drop the hive inside and be prepared to close the door.
  7. Once you are inside, make sure to close the door immediately, as the bees can also enter the ship.
  8. Then, take off as soon as possible to leave the bees behind.
  9. Keep in mind that Circuit Bees may linger at the door, so it’s important to make a quick getaway.

Solo Approach

If you’re playing solo or have no teammates, you can still steal the hive. Follow these steps for a successful theft:

  1. To lighten your load, store all items from your inventory.
  2. When approaching the hive, make a note of your escape route.
  3. Attract the Circuit Bees and begin running away.
  4. When a clear path appears, dive back to the hive and grab it.
  5. If your stamina drops to 1/4, drop the hive.
  6. Repeat this process until the Circuit Bees calm down and you are close to the ship.
  7. Once near the ship, drop the hive on the ship’s railing or inside the ship.
  8. Move inside the ship and activate the control lever to depart.

Remember, the Circuit Bees cannot go through doors. Once you’re inside the ship and the doors are closed, you can rest assured that you’ll be safe.

Important: Circuit Bees are not affected by the Zap Gun or Stun Grenades. Shovels and other items do not work on them either.

My Opinion

I have attempted to steal the hive multiple times and also died a few times while trying. Therefore, I recommend you avoid Circuit Bees as they are highly dangerous. However, if you plan on stealing their hive, you are advised to do it with a team. Keep in mind that attempting to steal the hive on your own could result in death. The hive is worth up to 149 credits, which may make the risk seem worthwhile.

This is all about the Circuit Bees in Lethal Company. Following the steps in this guide will help you to steal the hive and sell it for credit. While you are at it, you should also read Best Ways to Make Money Faster in Lethal Company. It would be best if you also read about the Best Moons in Lethal Company to discover interesting things and items to collect and meet the quota requirements. If your game is crashing, read the guide on Lethal Company Crashing On PC Fix to fix the problem.


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