Lethal Company Monsters Tier List [All Ranked]

Here are my ranking of all the Monsters based on their power level, max spawn count as well as difficulty in avoiding them!

Lethal Company focuses on providing a horror co-op experience, whereby killing monsters and figuring out which ones are difficult can be a menace. In the Lethal Company Monster Tier List, I aim to rank all monsters based on their difficulty and provide a fair judgment. 

Key Takeaways

Lethal Company has a total of 19 enemies. 

  • S-Tier: Enemies that are an absolute menace to deal with cannot be avoided and can kill you easily. 
  • A-Tier: Enemies that are difficult to kill but not as difficult as the ones in S-Tier and have lower spawn counts. 
  • B-Tier: Monsters that can be avoided, can be killed easily, and can be outrun. 
  • C-Tier: Monsters that are an absolute joke and pose no threat to the player. 

Lethal Company Monster Tier List 

Below listed is a summarized version of all monsters ranked in Lethal Company: 

S-TierBracken, Nutcracker, Coil-Head, Forest Keeper
A-TierThumper, Ghost Girl, Jester, Masked, Earth Leviathan
B-TierSnare Fleas, Eyeless Dogs, Baboon Hawk, Circuit Bees
C-TierBunker Spider, Hoarding Bug, Hygrodere, Spore Lizard, Jester, Manticoil, Roaming Locust


Regarding the S-Tier, this tier includes monsters that are an absolute menace to kill. These monsters can spot you from far away, take ages to kill, have too much health, and can detonate you within a few hits. 


Bracken Approaching You LC
Bracken Approaching You
  • A 1-max spawn count. 
  • It can easily detect where the player is at any given time.


  • They can be countered by not moving for a long time. 
  • They make a lot of sounds, making it easy to figure out when they spawn. 
  • Too high of a max spawn count makes it inconvenient to deal with it together. 
  • Players can get trampled if you get too close to a Nutcracker. 
  • You need to keep your distance at all times. 


Coil-Head Standing Menacingly LC
Coil-Head Standing Menacingly
  • Players get chased around after being detected by the Coil Head. 
  • Insanely difficult to deal with. 
  • It cannot be countered easily. 
  • All parties need to be alert while facing the enemy. 
  • It cannot be kept trapped for a long time. 

Forest Keeper 

Forest Keeper Ready To Attack LC
Forest Keeper Ready To Attack
  • Stun Grenades can be used against them to stun them for a while. 
  • Can be easily detected due to their noise. 
  • They pretty much cannot be killed, no matter what. 
  • Insanely fast, making it easier for them to come after you. 
  • You need to drop your items while being chased by the Forest Keeper. 


Moving on to the enemies in the A-Tier in the Lethal Company Monster Tier List, these enemies are easier to take out than the S-tier enemies, though they still pose a threat with their power level and their max spawn count. 


Thumper Approaching The Player
Thumper Approaching The Player in Lethal Company
  • It can be heard approaching from a distance. 
  • Easy to take out. 
  • A 4 max spawn makes it difficult to deal with if they all spawn together. 

Ghost Girl 

Ghost Girl Staring LC
Ghost Girl Staring
  • Only impacts one player at any given time. 
  • She can be interrupted and stalled if you play skillfully. 
  • She can be ignored by avoiding eye contact with her. 
  • She continues chasing you around once you’re in her sight. 
  • Forces the player to run around, making facing other enemies inconvenient. 


Jester Charging Up LC
Jester Charging Up
  • Easier to deal with as compared to the Coil Head. 
  • Less likely to murder you compared to the Coil Head. 
  • Players need to evade and get out of the vicinity of the Jester to save themselves. 
  • Players can be targeted pretty quickly by the Jester. 


  • They are bad at turning, making them easy to avoid. 
  • Can be evaded by staying far away from them. 
  • Can be killed using a gun. 
  • Can only target one player at a time. 
  • They continue to chase you once they see you. 

Earth Leviathan 

Earth Leviathan Emerging LC
Earth Leviathan Emerging
  • Easy to outrun them due to their slow speed. 
  • They are easily detectable due to their size. 
  • Can be killed quite easily if you are in their radius. 


As far as the B-Tier enemies are concerned in the Tier List for Lethal Company Monsters, they can be avoided pretty easily and are easier to take out, especially the Snare Fleas or beating the Eyeless Dogs. However, some enemies can catch players off-guard if they do not have enough spatial awareness. 

Snare Fleas 

Snare Flea Attacking The Player LC
Snare Flea Attacking The Player
  • Easy to deal with. 
  • Doesn’t take a lot to kill it. 
  • Being on the lookout for Snare Fleas can make it easy to notice it. 
  • It can catch players off-guard if awareness of their surroundings is ignored. 

Eyeless Dogs 

Eyeless Dog Running After You LC
Eyeless Dog Running After You
  • Their attacks can be avoided by evading them. 
  • Any loud sounds can be used to counter them. 
  • Continue to run after you after being noticed by them. 
  • They take a lot of hits using a shovel to murder them. 

Baboon Hawk 

Baboon Hawk Terrorizing You
Baboon Hawk Terrorizing You In Lethal Company
  • They can be avoided by not making eye contact with them. 
  • A max spawn of 15 makes them a nuisance if they spawn together. 
  • It can be a problem to deal with if they are in crowds. 
  • They can steal your best items

Circuit Bees 

Circuit Bee Ready To Explode At The Player LC
Circuit Bee Ready To Explode At The Player
  • They can be ignored and avoided. 
  • They don’t deal a lot of damage on their own. 
  • Circuit Bees can be dangerous if not dealt with properly. 


These enemies are practically a joke in the Lethal Company Monster Tier List as they are very easy to kill, have a lower max spawn count, can be ignored and players practically can outrun the enemies due to their slow speed and ease of dealing with them. 

Bunker Spider 

Spider Chasing You
Spider Chasing You In Lethal Company
  • Bunker Spiders don’t deal a lot of damage. 
  • They can be ignored and avoided. 
  • Their 1-max spawn count makes it so that they can’t spawn again. 
  • Tends to spawn while exploring. 

Hoarding Bug 

Hoarding Bug Hoarding The Players
Hoarding Bug Hoarding The Players in Lethal Company
  • Low power level. 
  • Hoarding bugs are significantly easy to kill. 
  • Take 2-3 hits from a shovel to kill them. 
  • High spawn count, but most of them don’t spawn together. 


Hygrodere Chilling On The Floor LC
Hygrodere Chilling On The Floor
  • It can be easily avoided by going around it. 
  • Does not deal any damage to the player. 
  • 2 max spawns make sit easier to deal with. 
  • They can be trapped behind structures. 
  • It cannot be killed and stays in the same position no matter what. 

Spore Lizard 

Spore Lizard Chasing Players LC
Spore Lizard Chasing Players
  • Pretty harmless as an enemy. 
  • Very unlikely to kill you if it approaches you. 
  • None 


Jester Charging Up LC
Jester Charging Up
  • Cannot physically kill you. 
  • The Jester practically poses no harm to the player. 
  • None. 


Harmless Manticoil Flying LC
Harmless Manticoil Flying
  • Low damage dealt to players. 
  • Easy to avoid. 
  • Can only kill you if you manage to annoy it. 

Roaming Locust

  • Very easy to deal with. 
  • Does not pose a threat. 
  • None. 

My Criteria For This Tier List  

When it comes to ranking the monsters in S-tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, and C-Tier, there are a few things that need to be considered, such as the max spawn count of each enemy or the power level, as well as the speed of each enemy, and how easily they can be trapped. 

All in all, dealing with these enemies should not be an issue, and their ranks can be changed based on the awareness of players; different playstyles can also make or break how easy it is to take out a monster. With that, let’s wrap up the Lethal Company Monster Tier List!

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