Lethal Company: How To Use & Get The Shovel

Acquire the powerful shovel for just 30 credits in Lethal Company, one of the best melee weapons the game has to offer.

The shovel stands out as the best melee weapon among the list of best weapons in Lethal Company. You must have encountered many horrors in Lethal Company and had no choice but to run. But with the shovel in hand, you can finally fight back.

Key Takeaways
  • The shovel in Lethal Company is an inexpensive melee weapon priced at 30 credits.
  • To obtain the shovel, head to the Terminal, type ‘Store,’ then ‘Buy Shovel,’ and confirm the purchase with ‘Confirm.’
  • To use the shovel, aim at the target and press the Left Mouse Button, but be cautious of its somewhat laggy attack range.
  • When paired with the Zap Gun, the shovel becomes a strong weapon, allowing players to easily defeat enemies in 5 or 6 hits after stunning them.

Why Trust Us: Haris has over 10 hours in Lethal Company, so you can trust his choices and rely on his recommendations that are derived from pure experience.

Getting A Shovel In Lethal Company

lethal company best weapons
The Shovel In Lethal Company [image by eXputer]
Players can get the shovel for 30 credit points from the terminal store in the Ship.

The shovel is a great weapon because it’s inexpensive. Priced at just 30 credits, this shovel serves as a handy melee weapon, giving you a chance to fight against nearly all the monsters in Lethal Company.

To get the shovel in Lethal Company, follow these simple steps:

  1. Head on to the Terminal and type in ‘Store.’ This will show the list of all items you can buy.
  2. Type in ‘Buy Shovel‘ and then confirm your purchase by typing ‘Confirm’.
  3. If you have 30 credits in your wallet, then the delivery of the shovel will be in bound.

Look for the delivery ship and grab your shovel from there. The delivery ship will be there making hourly trips on any planet you are currently in or are planning to land on.

How To Use Shovel In Lethal Company

lethal company shovel
Lethal Company Shovel [image captured by eXputer]
To use the shovel just aim at the target and press Left Mouse Button.

Be careful since the attack is somewhat laggy, as expected of a game in its initial release. So its kinda hard getting the hang of the attack range of the shovel. 

Make sure to not get too close to the monster you intend to hit with the shovel. I wanted to hit a spider with the shovel, but got too close and suffered a critical injury. It was not a very fun first experience with the shovel. 

The shovel comes with its set of advantages:

  • It proves effective in scaring away small enemies, making it a handy tool for dealing with less formidable monsters.
  • Additionally, its affordability as a melee weapon, priced at just 30 credits, makes it a cost-effective choice for players.
  • And it is a great tool for removing spider webs too.

However, the shovel does have its drawbacks. While it serves well in scaring smaller enemies, its utility diminishes without the support of a zap gun. Furthermore, it lacks the capability to defend against larger and more powerful enemies in Lethal Company.

Best Utilization Of The Shovel In My Opinion

The shovel is an extremely strong weapon when paired with the Zap Gun in Lethal Company. You can easily kill an enemy in 5 or 6 hits with the shovel after stunning it with the Zap Gun. So be sure to pair the shovel with the Zap gun for a more fun experience while overcoming the terrors.

There is another item in Lethal Company that can be used in place of the shovel: the road sign. Road signs deal just as much damage as the shovel, but they are free loot that can be found as scrap on the moon.

Ending Remarks

While Lethal Company currently lacks an extensive selection of offensive items, the thrill of evading monsters and gathering scrap for survival makes it a fun adventure. In this adventure, it would really help if you had a melee weapon like the shovel for dangerous situations.

Now that you know how to get and utilize the shovel, you are ready to explore the best moons in Lethal Company. While you are at it, get to know about the best items in Lethal Company for a smoother exploration adventure. Let us know your experience with the shovel in the comments below.

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