The Best Weapons In Lethal Company [All Ranked]

After spending 50+ hours in Lethal Company, here are my picks for best weapons and who they are for.

The list of best weapons in Lethal Company is small because this game is still in early access. There are not a lot of options to tackle the horrors that you come across on the various moons currently. But I am sure that more items will be added as Lethal Company gets updated.

Important: There are not a lot of options in terms of offensive items in Lethal Company currently.
  • Why Trust Us: I have clocked in over 60 hours in Lethal Company and experimented with all guns, and therefore, you can easily rely on my judgment and ranking of weapons here. 

Best Weapons In Lethal Company With Comparison

Here is a list of all the weapons, their price, and what they can do with comparison;

Zap Gun400 CreditsIt can stagger enemies using electricity for a longer duration and can be recharged on the ship.
Shovel30 CreditsIt is a melee weapon that can be used with the zap gun to kill the staggered enemy.
Stun Grenade40 CreditsAllows you to escape if you get cornered as it stuns the enemy for a short duration.
Road SignsFree And Found While ExploringThese road signs are the worse versions of the shovel but can be used as melee weapons until you can afford a shovel.

1. Zap Gun

The Only Gun In Lethal Company Currently.
arsenal of weapons
The Zap Gun In Lethal Company (Image Captured by Us)

The Zap Gun is not only the most expensive weapon on the list but it is also the best one. You might need to grind a few runs before you are able to afford the zap gun, and that too for 1 person. The cost of the weapon is actually 400 Credits, but you can also get it on sale for 280 Credits if you’re lucky.

As for the weapon itself, it cannot directly kill any enemy. But it can stagger an enemy for a long duration if you use the gun directly. You can basically use the weapon to stagger an enemy while your teammate finishes it off using a shovel. As for the ammo, the zap gun is powered by a battery that can be recharged on the ship.


  • Staggers enemies for a long duration.
  • It can be recharged on the ship.


  • Really expensive.
  • Hard to use.

2. Shovel

Strongest Melee Weapon In Lethal Company.
lethal company best weapons
The Shovel In Lethal Company (Image Captured by eXputer)

The shovel is probably the first offensive item that every player is going to purchase, as it only costs 30 Credits. Now, the shovel is a strong melee weapon, but it is quite useless on its own, in my experience. I would die almost every time trying to defend myself against large enemies using the shovel.

It only works well paired with the zap gun, as you can easily kill an enemy in 5 or 6 hits with the shovel while they are stunned or staggered. On its own, it is really hard to put down an enemy using the shovel, but you can still scare away small enemies and insects.


  • It can scare small enemies.
  • Cheap melee weapon to purchase.
  • Can be used to remove spider webs.


  • Almost useless without a zap gun.
  • Cannot be used to defend against large enemies.

3. Stun Grenade

Last Chance For Escape In Hostile Situations.
lethal company best weapons
The Stun Grenade In Lethal Company (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

You cannot really deal damage with the stun grenade, as it can only be used as an escape option during deadly situations. The stun grenade also costs around 40 Credits a piece and that is the basic price without any form of sale additionally.

It basically stuns the enemy for a short amount of time, which allows you and your teammates to run away from the danger easily. However, you really need to be close to the enemy in order to stun with this grenade, as it wouldn’t work otherwise, in my experience.


  • Good item to escape easily.


  • Expensive for a single-use item.
  • Has a low range and blast effect.

4. Road Signs

Temporary Replacement For The Shovel.
lethal company weapon
The Yield Sign In Lethal Company (Image Captured by eXputer)

The stop and yield road signs can be found while exploring the facilities of Lethal Company. These signs can be used as a melee weapon like the shovel. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing so because these are much heavier to carry around and really not practical for offense. Instead, you should just save up for a shovel and use these signs only if you don’t have a shovel yet.


  • Free to obtain.


  • Really heavy.
  • Uses more load to carry around as a weapon.
  • The Shovel is just a better melee weapon.

Ending Words

Lethal Company’s arsenal of offensive items is still not that great, and it needs many more additions. However, I cannot deny that running away from monsters and collecting scrap for your survival makes for a really good experience. Especially if you add in the multiplayer factor as well, which further elevates the experience.  

This concludes my guide on the best weapons that you can find in Lethal Company. There are not a lot of options yet, but I hope that the guide was helpful in learning about the best weapons that are currently available. Let me know if you’re enjoying your time surviving on the moons of Lethal Company in the comments below!


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