Lethal Company: Who Is The Tentacle Monster [Quick Guide]

Learn who the Tentacle Monster is in Lethal Company and all the different ways to interact with this entity.

I don’t think anyone expected to be greeted by a tentacle when they visited the Company for the first time to sell their scrap and fulfill the quota. This mysterious entity has confused and piqued the curiosity of many players alike. Therefore, players who are interested must know all the information currently available for the Lethal Company Tentacle Monster.

Key Takeaways
  • The name of the Tentacle Monster in Lethal Company is Jeb.
  • Players can interact with Jeb at the company by putting all their scrap on the counter and ringing the bell. 
  • After grabbing the loot, Jeb will reward the players with credit.
  • Jeb has a short temper, so if players were to ring the bell multiple times, Jeb would get angry and kill the nearest player to it.

Who Is The Tentacle Monster In Lethal Company

tentacle monster lethal company
Putting all the scrap on the counter [Image Taken by Me]
The tentacle monster goes by the name of “Jeb” and acts as the representative for the company.

It is the only entity players can interact with when they visit the company to sell their scrap. In case you are unsure of how to make Jeb appear to actually take your scrap, then the method is very straightforward.

  • Simply grab the loot from your ship and start putting it on the counter next to the bell.
  • Once you have put all your loot on the counter, prompt Jeb to collect the scrap by ringing the bell, as Jeb is quite shy and won’t come out otherwise.

A while after ringing the bell, the Tentacle Monster will come out and quickly take in the scrap while awarding you with credits/ money that you can use to buy different items from the shop in the game.

Different Ways To Interact With Jeb

tentacle monster lethal company
Angry Jeb [Image Captured by Me]
Even though Jeb is quite shy, don’t start poking the bee hive, as Jeb also has a short temper. If players start ringing the bell continuously, Jeb will get angry and grab the nearest player to it and pull them in, as you can see my friend experiencing in the image above.

Do keep in mind that Jeb will get mad at any loud noise, not just the continuous ringing of the bell, meaning that loud noises caused by a horn may also result in your demise. So, while you are in the Company, mind your noise and keep the Tentacle Monster happy during your visit. 

But with that, my guide comes to an end. I hope my guide helped you out in learning more about this mysterious monster. For now, it is all the information we have, but Lethal Company is still in early access, so we might get new lore on Jeb with new updates or after the full release.

Consider reading the How To Open Doors From Ship guide and the How To Move Object From Your Ship guide as well while you are at it, but that is all from me. Are you playing Lethal Company with friends? How are you enjoying it so far? Let me know in the comment section below.

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